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Why do I have chest wrinkles? Could smoking, UVRs, Tight clothing, and side sleeping be responsible? How can get rid of them? Could treatments such as laser therapy, ultherapy, use of breast pillows for sleeping, wrinkle pads or anti-wrinkle skin creams help?


For many centuries, major complaints of wrinkle cause have been exposed to the sun for longer durations. What actually happens is a loss of collagen (protein in nature) and elastin. With age both elastin and collagen is lost as more cells are lost because of decreasing multiplication rate.

Having wrinkles on your chest isn’t exciting especially during romantic moments or when these areas are exposed. In fact, most people will try hiding them whenever you realize you have them. So, what are some of their causes?

Tightened top clothing

The confident feeling of being supported in extra fitting tops (push-up bras, sports vests, swimming costumes, and shirts) could have a negative bearing as far as wrinkled on the chest are involved.

For instance, in women and ladies, your lower area and base of breasts begin to form short lines due to pulling and pushing forces. When it grows into a habit, they will begin to appear.


 Every puff of smoke tobacco and cigar highly contribute to the formation of wrinkles not just around the chest including the upper side but on your face, neck, etc. Blood vessels are denied sufficient oxygen supply hence leading to deprivation of core nutrients and resultant shrinking of the top skin layer.

Imagine if you will start to smoke say at 25, you may end up with chest wrinkles at 30! In fact, how to stop them from this cause is to quit smoking.

Lack of moisturizers

The other reason why you are likely to have them could be lack of moisturizer application. To prevent dehydration, especially after washing and cleaning try to smooth-line your skin with an appropriate body lotion.

Sleeping habits

Another possible cause of this problem is side sleeping. Side sleeping mostly contributes to the development of creases to wrinkles in both men and women. In women, depending on the side laid on more frequently, breast weight has an impact on the base or in between them where lines begin to appear. The lines easily deepen and become more visible.

Other causes of a wrinkled chest

Besides the above, this problem could be a result of unbalanced and poor diets, exposure to UVR radiations, aging, genetics, among other causes.

Treatment – How to get rid of them

Having looked at some of the common causes, it is time to look at ways to get rid of chest wrinkles. Popular approaches include the following:

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is beneficial improving the pigmentation of the skin and encouraging it to grow new collagen. Individuals with this skin problem can receive treatment through the laser resurfacing. By carefully directing a regulated beam light from a laser equipment, professional dermatologists can get rid of wrinkled skin (top layer).

Laser therapy can be used on much-damaged skin, in order to make it look healthier and younger. When used on the chest area, it can actually improve the appearance of fine lines and annoying creases.


Dr. Repta advises an alternative to laser for deeper skinned men who are more liable to wrinkles (on their chests). “The doctor uses a wand to apply ultrasound waves to the skin, and the waves penetrate the deepest layers of skin, where collagen growth is stimulated,” he says. []. Even though, patients have complained the procedure being painful.

Anti-wrinkle creams and products

As an alternative to laser treatment, there is a spectrum and good range of products and lotions/creams that can help. Before you decide what to go for, is it an important thing to put into consideration certain factors (cost, time,) at the expense of your health? The creams you opt to go for should be absorbable and contain growth factors, retinoids, vitamin A, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), kinetin, or copper peptides.

These are the brand names sold over the counter:

  • RoC Retinol Actif Pur Anti-Wrinkle Treatment,
  • Derma e Alpha Lip acidoderm Alpha Lipoic acid
  • Avalon Active Organics Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 15,
  • Nutra-E Pure Vitamin E Skin Cream,

Before buying any product, read reviews of each and see what users are saying about each of these products. This will ensure you go for not just be the best cream but something that will work well.

Other treatments

Other popular treatments include dermabrasion, micro fat grafting, chemical peels, etc. Let your dermatologist help you in deciding which treatment will be ideal depending on their severity and the results you expect to get

Remedies and prevention

For women, when they are this part of your body can be bothering and frustrating. No matter how large your bosom or breast area is these are some of the means to prevent it.

Breast pillows for sleeping

Breast pillows have a special feature in that they separate and support each of the breasts while you sleep. Each type of sleeping pillows ought to have straps so that it stays intact in place without causing disruptive movements. In this way, therefore, lines/wrinkles that may form during side sleeping are curbed.

Use of application sunscreen

As it has been mentioned in the introduction, their formation due to free radicals in UVRs may be prevented through the regular application of physical sunscreens (zinc oxide and titanium). It is advisable to use those rated SPF 30 or more. Here are some of the best sunscreen products and moisturizers sunscreen.

Wrinkle bras

Some night-preventing wrinkle bras are not restricted tonight use. The ability of these items to stretch for sure allows for separation and therefore provides individual support to either breast. Specifically made for prevention only, existing chest lines are not removed by this bra.

Lately, a UK plastic surgeon offered smiling news to thousands if not millions of ladies reasons to smile through the invention of NightLift. According to [], “NightLift’s slightly odd appearance is down to its ‘sling configuration’, which cradles each breast individually and keeps them separate to avoid one putting pressure on the other, regardless of sleeping position.” The report says.

Abandon smoking:

If you have been under intense peer pressure and influence to smoke sooner, the good news is that it is not going to solve your issues. Are you currently smoking or have been smoking? You may visit a psychotherapist to provide tips or go to rehab. All these lay bases for your skin health improvements and avoiding instances of wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle skin products

It is always recommendable to use prescribed creams and lotions. Or else you can buy (OTC) over the counter products whose content has active retinol ingredients to boost and stimulate collagen synthesis. Examples of these products include peptides and topical retinoids.

Wrinkle pads

Another great way to reduce their appearance is using these pads. The item you see in the photo provided below is a (woman) chest wrinkle pad.

Wearing particular chest pads for wrinkles helps not only to prevent but they assist in reducing lines formed around the chest.

For example, silicone décolleté pads are designed for the upper part of the chest known as décolletage while you sleep on your side and stomach. Some of the Pros of pure medical silicone include:

  • soft and flexible enough
  • Washable
  • Re-Usable
  • No allergy/ Chemical-free
  • Non-adhesive/ Self-Adhesive
  • Lasts approx. 30 days
  • Worn both day & or night


From the discussion, it still proves that prevention deemed vital. You should continue with the routines and make them habitual. Indeed, relying on regularly balanced diets with nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids will be significant. Both the external and internal factors of the immediate environment must be balanced strategically to enable it to protect against us from excessive UVR radiation. As it were, prior to any treatments in doubt e.g. surgical methods you are allowed to consult any professional therapist or qualified surgeon.

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