Under Eye Wrinkles Causes, Treatments, Best Creams & Remedies Including for Dark Circles

Under Eye Wrinkles

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If you are looking for a solution for wrinkles under your eye, then take a seat here. This piece is for you. By the end of it, we shall have figured out the best ways to remove them. From plastic surgery to natural remedies you can do at home to eliminate every one of them.

Under Eye Wrinkles


In a perfect world, everyone one should have a perfect wrinkle-free under the eye, and the only bags we should be totting around should be designer, preferable Prada. But alas, it is not a perfect world. I know because I still don’t own that designer bag, and there are wrinkles under my eyes that annoyingly increase when I smile.

I know there are many of us afflicted by creases and crinkles under the eyes. The degree may vary, as do the causes for wrinkles on the skin below the eye.

Age, or if you like time is not kind to the collagen and elasticity to our skin. When we lose these two, we get the wrinkly saggy skin.  The sun, dryness, and smoking and poor nutrition also lead to thinning of the skin which will result in this problem. Because the skin around this area is delicate and already quite thin, you may notice wrinkles here first before anywhere else.

Also, people naturally look at your eyes when they encounter you. We tend to focus on the eye area when looking at ourselves in the mirror, meaning we are more likely to notice wrinkles around the eye more than on other parts of the face.

How you sleep, rather sleeping with one side of your face squashed into the pillow always can also give you eye wrinkles even in relatively young people.  Repeated actions of the muscles around the eye and cheeks like squinting can also give you creases under the eyes prematurely. This could be the reason you begin seeing wrinkles below your lower eyelid as early as your 20’s.

Heredity also makes a play here, not in whether the skin under your eye will wrinkle, that is pretty much a given (see above paragraph) but on the how it will. In short, the pattern of how they will form is determined by heredity.

Yes, go check out your parents, see how the wrinkles under their eyes are laid, are they deep, shallow, webbed?  Start making peace with it, because you are likely headed down that road. Or you can calm down and read on for ways to stop them in their tracks and if this doesn’t work, how you can reverse them.

Get rid, fix, remove, reduce them

Some are medical treatments, others are over the counter products, while others are home remedies. What they have in common is they are meant to minimize or from your under eyes.

1. Botox

Botox injections will help these kinds of wrinkles albeit that the results will last only a few months. This treatment relaxes the muscles around the face resulting in a smoother look. But be sure to get a specialist with great reviews. The amounts of Botox injected into your under-eye has to be just so. Too much and you will end up with a droopy under the eye, a whole new problem.

2. Laser for under eye wrinkles

Laser surfacing is a popular treatment.  The procedure uses light to peel off the top droopy layer of the skin exposing the smoother inner layer and stimulating it to produce collagen.  It can be done on an outpatient basis and is one of the surest ways to get rid of under-eye wrinkling without surgery. It works best on fine wrinkles so consider having an assessment before choosing laser.

3. Fillers for wrinkles beneath eyes

These are injectable and boost the skin under the eye which will reduce or remove fine wrinkles. They go under several brand names. You may have heard of Juvederm or Restylane, to name some of the more popular ones. Dermal fillers will remove fine creases beneath the eye fast, but the results are not permanent.

They are also used along with other treatments, say laser and or Botox for deeper lines and for a longer-lasting result. Read more on these fillers at before deciding ongoing for them.

4. Surgery

Although the aforementioned treatments will give you results and are often used together for a triple threat approach to wrinkles appearing under the eye, they have their limits. For one, they will do little for a deeply wrinkled under the eye. This is why surgery takes the cake as the best treatment for severe wrinkles.

5. Fat Injections

When you think fat injections, think dermal fillers but with results that last longer. The fat which is injected in the wrinkled part of your under-eye is drawn from your thigh. Because of this, you can expect to take a little longer than you would be getting regular filler jabs.

Best eye creams to use

You have two choices of removal creams.

1. Prescription creams

These will typically be prescribed by a dermatologist. They will remove fine wrinkles and creases from under the eyes. Other benefits include thickening the skin around the eye and slowing down the breakdown of collagen which essentially slows the sagging that will cause them. You can go to this to read more about how prescription creams fight wrinkles on this area and other parts of your face and what the active ingredients in those that work are.

2. over the counter creams

There are several options to choose from, whether you are a luxury brand junkie or a drug store product die hard. You certainly do not need a prescription for these, but neither can you fully rely on the advertising catchphrases.

To avoid losing your money and being sorely disappointed when the cream does not remove all under eye wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and bags instantly as advertised,  we recommend you look at,, and for ratings of the best creams and serums to give a try.

Removing them and dark circles naturally.

There are several home remedies for wrinkles under your eyes that are all-natural and perfectly safe. The news gets better, most will erase fine lines really fast and the ingredients are likely already in your kitchen. Just remember to combine them with drinking enough water, quit smoking, a healthy diet low in refined sugar, enough sleep, regular moisturizing and minimal exposure to sunlight for general skin health and to stop new ones from appearing on this area or anywhere on your face.

1. Tea bags

Told you, you had what you need to clear wrinkles in your kitchen! Just wet two tea bags with some water, place them in the fridge. Apply the cold tea bags to the area below your eye and leave on for a bit. You will notice reduced wrinkling and even feel more relaxed. For best results, do this often.

2. Cucumber

We bet you saw that one coming. Cucumber features often as an effective home remedy for dark circle and lines under eyes. You can either mash the pulp of this vegetable and apply it around the area and leave for not less than 20 minutes, or cut thin slices and do the same. The skin under your eye will appear plumper and any wrinkles less noticeable. This cucumber mask will also remove, lighten dark circles these area.

3. Papaya and honey

Don’t worry that you are feeding the fine lines under your eyes better than you do yourself. Anything kitchen remedy that promises to melt away under-eye creases is worth a shot. So here goes, mash a small piece of papaya, add some honey and spread over those crinkles that have colonized that area.

 4. Pineapple

Wondering what to do about the wrinkly skin below your lower eyelid? and just happen to be near a ripe juicy pineapple? Don’t eat it all, leave a slice to rub onto this area. Do this several times a week to decrease those fine lines under your eye.

5. Bananas

You can use bananas to make an antioxidant and mineral-laden natural mask. Mash one banana, a slice of ripe avocado and mix with a little honey. Use this mask by spreading it and leaving it on for not less than thirty minutes and rinsing off. You will see fewer creases in this area.

6. Natural Oils

Massage a natural oil of your choice to minimize fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes. This tip is also great for preventing them from forming in the first place.

You can always use natural oils along with any of the above remedies as it will help keep your skin from getting dry. Moist supple skin is less likely to wrinkle. Coconut and olive are popular and usually readily available in most places. But you can also use grapeseed, argan, castor, almond, any natural oil you can get at home.

Hiding them with makeup

Sometimes even the best remedy may not give you the results you want.  Or maybe you have not gotten around to trying any treatments.[adsense:block:HGTop]

It may be a long shot, but with the right skills and a few tips on how to go about it, you can conceal creases on your under the eye. Let us explore how you can hide them in two parts.

1. Before makeup

Covering them up normally starts with moisturizing properly. You can then reach for the makeup primer which will temporarily fill in skin imperfections. Primers are silicon-based, usually clear and should go over your moisturizer but right under your make up. In the case of you have those lines, a primer will create an even base for the makeup. In the next section, you will see why this smooth even base is absolutely necessary when you are trying to camouflage them.

2. With makeup

Even the most carefully applied make up tends to fall through the under-eye creases highlighting the very thing it is supposed to hide. That is why the makeup primer is all-important if you are looking to conceal the wrinkles on your under the eye.

As tempting as it may be to go to town with the layers, heavy makeup only makes them stand out more by settling into the wrinkles and creases. Fight the urge. The best makeup for covering up such imperfections should offer light coverage. Apply a dab of concealer on problem areas and invest in a loose powder with light-reflecting properties. The reflecting plays tricks on diminishing the creases.

The best under eye concealer for wrinkles should combine staying power, subtleness and hydrating qualities. For a step by step guide on how to cover them up, and of course, eye bags, check out There are also some useful tips

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