Causes and How Get Rid of Cellulite on Calves?

Excercises may help reduce calf cellulite

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Of all the body parts, having cellulite on your calves and lower thighs is nothing anyone will want to end up with, especially women and people who prefer short clothing. You will all agree that calves are more exposed than other body parts. One can comfortably live with or hide cellulite on the abdomen and thighs, but not on calves.


Many people, men, and women spend huge amounts of money on various anti-cellulite treatments including creams. In fact, how to get rid of cellulite is a commonly searched for terms. This can show you the pressure and emotional stress this skin condition brings to many people.

Excercises may help reduce calf cellulite

Let’s not assume that everyone understands what calves are. The calf is the back of your lower leg, just below the knee. It is that back part of your lower leg that you can hold. It feels lumpy on holding.

Generally, calves are made of muscles. Some people talk of cellulite on quads or on the lumpy calf muscle. The region contains muscles that are attached to the knee, ankle, and toes. It is believed that this calf also accumulates a lot of fats. This makes the region more susceptible to this problem.

What causes it this dimply skin on your calves?

The development of cellulite, unlike stretch marks, occurs on your inner skin layers i.e. according to, “the puckering of skin happens when the layer of fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue and bulges, causing the characteristic orange-peel or cottage cheese appearance”.

It is not a dangerous condition but aesthetically unappealing and it affects about 90% of the women while only about 10% of men suffer from this condition.

Medics attribute skin dimpling to many triggering factors. According to, the causes of cellulite on calves range from environmental, lifestyle to genetic factors. Cases of your calves are attributed to the following risk factors:

One’s age

It is quite rare to find this dimply skin on young children. However, it begins showing some among the teenagers and adolescents. Most people who are past the adolescent age are more susceptible to cellulite on calves.

As one advance in years, the connective tissues in your calves become less elastic. Because of this reduced elasticity, more fat is deposited on your lower limbs. Consequently, your connective tissues are put under pressure and cannot stretch. They, therefore, push outwards causing the orange-peel appearance.


This argument has been in the health arena for some time. Research has shown that some people will just get cellulite on their calves, no matter how much they exercise. Even without weight gain, some people will always complain of this condition. In such cases, some genes may be making you susceptible to it.


Being female is a major risk factor for this problem. Female bodies have the ability to accumulate fat in specific body parts such as abdomen, butts, thighs, and calves. This may not be the case in men. Therefore, being a woman puts you at a higher risk of getting cellulite. The structural difference between men and women could also put women at a higher risk.

Hormonal changes

It is believed that women get cellulite on calves at specific times and periods. For example, women who use contraceptives can’t escape it or some when they are pregnant. This can only be explained in terms of hormones.

How you live can also determine whether you will have cellulite or not. Generally, cases on calves is less common compared to others. Therefore, some lifestyle-related factors such as diet and exercises play an essential role in causing it

How do you get rid of cellulite on calves?

You don’t need to be depressed if your legs have cellulite. You do not have to go for some of the best cellulite treatment which may also be costly. You can treat yourself at home. According to, you can get rid of this problem fast by use of simple home remedies.

Below are some of the things you can try to get rid of this orange peel looking skin on your calves and legs:

Embark on rigorous calf exercises

In fact; this is the best remedy for cellulite on any part of your legs. Calf exercises target the calf muscles. As we age, these muscles lose elasticity. This loss of elasticity creates room for fat deposits. Fat deposits are the primary cause of this condition. To help deal with it, exercises help in tightening calf muscles. You can embark on the following exercises:

  1. Running
  2. Swimming
  3. Cycling
  4. Rope skipping

These exercises also help in opening up your muscles for supply of oxygen. When this happens, fats are broken down during workouts.


Although diet mainly contributes to cellulite on abdomen and thighs, it can also be a cause. Therefore, checking what goes through your mouth is essential in losing cellulite on calves. In terms of dieting, please observe the following:

  1. Take a lot of fruits, whole grain, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats among other foods
  2. Avoid alcohol, fatty foods, sugary foods and red meat among other foods

With proper diet, it will amaze you how fast you will lose cellulite on calves. However, dieting should come along with other measures. Dieting alone may not have much impact.


There are times when this dimply skin is too conspicuous. Why can’t you just try water? When your skin is hydrated, it becomes less conspicuous. This can work for you even as you seek other remedies.

Regularly massage your calves

This is done by use of massage brush. Massage helps in relaxing calf muscles. This, in turn, helps in enhancing elasticity. With enhanced elasticity, cellulite disappears naturally. This method, however, requires patience since its impacts take long to manifest

Use the best cellulite creams

This may not be home-based but can help when all the above remedies have failed. There are many anti-cellulite creams in the market today. However, the best cream is the one that does not irritate your skin, thus causing further complications. Some of the creams brands you can use include:

  • Clarins
  • Soap and glory cream
  • Bliss
  • Shiseido
  • Etat Pur
  • Institut Esthederm

One remedy may not be effective in dealing with this problem. You may, therefore, be required to combine more than one remedy. However, these remedies will guarantee a reduction of cellulite not only on calves but also in other body parts.

Handheld-Cellulite Massager

It’s not only a back massager, thigh massager, neck massage, shoulder massager, electric foot massager, arm massager but is also a body shaping machine, cellulite machine, cellulite machine reducer, cellulite remover, and cellulite roller.

The massage machine can target the whole body at any point. It uses the principle of physical high-frequency vibration, which is similar to a human hand massage, with different massage ways and adjustable vibration speeds.


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