Dressing a Pear-Shaped Body: Best Ideas for Dresses, Pants, Tops, Jackets & More

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Do you ever visit the shop and not know what to shop for? Do you ever buy clothes but on wearing them, you are like, No! I can’t wear this. Figuring out what would look best on you is a personal journey. It helps to know what body type you are and what clothes will look flattering on you. If you are pear-shaped, then you are in the right place. We will arm you with what to wear and what to avoid so as to show off your curves and celebrate your shape.

Who are pear-shaped women

If you have this body shape, then it means that you have curvy hips, a full rear, and thick thighs. You also are the proud owner of a small bust, defined waist, and narrow shoulders.

The best dresses for your figure will de-emphasize your lower body and draw eyes to your upper body. Petite pear-shaped women are short and curvy with narrow shoulders and a defined waist.

Woman body types. Apple, pear, rectangle, hourglasses shapes
Woman body types. Apple, pear, rectangle, hourglasses shapes


Celebrities with this body type include Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, and Christina Aguilera.

Styling & dressing Secrets

When dressing it, draw attention to your upper body with push-up bras, bold jewelry, and bright blouses. Use dark colors, minimal details, and loose bottoms to accentuate your hips

Best dress styles should:

Focus attention upward

This means that the clothes you chose for your pear-shaped body should draw the eyes to the upper half of your body. This means going for slim button-down, fitted tops and fitting cardigans and shirts. Go for detailed tops with big collars, patterns or breast pockets.  Horizontal stripes will also widen your upper body to balance your hips. Shoulder pads, that are correctly fitted will also widen your shoulders.

Layer up.

This will add interest and balance to the top half of your pear-shaped body.

Embellish on the neck

Shirts and dresses need to have embellished necklines. This focuses attention towards your slimmest parts of the body.

Go for structure

Pants will look better on you if they skim the thighs and hips. Go also for structured pants.

Go wide

Pants, skirts, and dresses for this body figure need to be wide so as to balance the pear-shaped visually.

Choose A

Choose A-line dresses for your pear shape since they emphasize your upper body and slim your wide hips.

Best tops and shirts

Choose tops that have bright colors and prints. Use bold colors with big prints since they draw attention to your torso by making your chest and shoulders seem broader.

Wear tops with wide necklines since they emphasize the bust and broader shoulders. Go for scoop-necks, boat-necks, cowl necks and sweetheart’s necks. Strapless tops also make the bust look fuller and widen your shoulders but they may not be comfortable for some pear-shaped women.

For this figure, wear tops that are tight around the waist so as to highlight the hourglass figure. They should also just skim over the hips so as to mask the wide hips and extend your torso. If you wear loose tops, make sure they are long so as to cover your hips and provide your shoulders with substance. Make sure that shirts and tops you choose to highlight your waist and shoulders.

Layer your tops to add bulk to your torso. This will even out the body shape proportions. You can use layers of blouses, tank tops and cardigans to give an illusion of added size and create visual interest. If you decide to use multiple layers to take away the small waist, use thin belts so as to get the hourglass figure.

Wear embellished tops to elongate your neckline and shoulders while drawing attention away from the bottom part of your pear-shaped body. Look for shirts with adornments near the neck like beads, collars or bows. The adornments can be large or small; they both accomplish the same task. You can also use a scarf for the same effect.

The best tops also have wide sleeves e.g. Kimono and bell sleeves. The wide sleeves will add volume to the arms while making the rear and hips look balanced and proportioned. You can also choose to wear shirts with scrunched or rolled-up sleeves. They also add volume to the arms.

Avoid these tops if pear-shaped

  • Low necked tops
  • Spaghetti strap tops
  • Avoid hemlines that will reach your thighs since they make the wide parts of your legs wider.
  • Crop tops also draw attention to your midsection which is not flattering since it’s too close to the hips.

Best pants

Go for dark colors since they give the pear-shaped figure a slimming effect. They are also distracting and the eye will tend to skim over them. You can wear Denim but a dark wash. Choose shades of gray, navy, black, olive green and brown. They are also a bonus since they can match with most of the shirts in your closet.

Choose pants that are the right shape so as to create a proportion in your legs and the rest of the body.  Pants for this body shape are flared at the bottom, bootcut, wide-legged or straight leg. This creates full volume for the bottom half. You can also wear knee-length shorts with angle pockets.

For the petite pear-shaped ladies, a classic bootcut trouser that fits is elongating. You can also wear flares, that is floor-grazing and fit over the heel.

What to avoid when buying pants for this body shape

  • Skinnies and tights
  • Large pockets
  • Horizontal patterns or stripes
  • Pleating or extra bulk at the waist
  • Cropped pants that end at the curves
  • Cigarette style pants
  • Embroidered or beaded pockets
  • Glitzy pants and belts
  • Pant whose rear or hips are embellished with gemstones, buttons, bold embroidery or sequins

Best skirts

Choose dark-colored skirts for that slimming effect. Wear flattering skirts that hit the ankle or knee.

Wear skirts that start near your waist and just above your hips. They should not be shorter than just above the knee. Pear-shaped ladies can also wear skirts with ruffles or beads along the bottom hem to draw attention to the curvy bottom. This gratefully does not add bulk to the hips, yeah! The details are also okay if they appear at the knee or lower than the knee since they balance out your hips.

Don’t wear these skirts if you are pear-shaped

  • Tight-fitting skirts
  • skirts that reach the calves
  • horizontal stripes
  • large pockets
  • pleated or bulky skirts
  • low-density prints

Best dresses

Dresses are your best bet if you are a pear-shaped lady. They create a tight waistline, cover your midsection and draw eyes towards your torso.

A-line dresses are your best bet. You can also choose those with a tulip skirt. If there is a band around the waist and cover the shoulders, then you get a flattering look for this body shape.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to dresses; the open backs, embellished necklines, dramatic sleeves, maxi styles or the occasional belted style.

Choose hemlines that hit below the knee to elongate your frame and make the hips and thighs slender.

Best dresses to go for
Best dresses 

What to avoid when choosing dresses for the pear shape

  • Dresses that are bulky at the hips or with pleats
  • Super fitted dresses
  • Plunging necklines
  • Halter dresses
  • Strapless dresses

Jackets and coats

A jacket’s hemline makes all the difference when it comes to styling the pear-shaped lady. Wear Waist-length jackets, A-line and princess cuts. Boxy coats are also a good choice but choose a cropped style to emphasize your waist.

Wear double-breasted jackets with shoulder pads. A trench coat is also a good choice for the pear shape. Find one with lots of details at the top and plain on the bottom.

Best undergarments

Wear good push-up or padded bras since they add volume to your bust. They also accentuate the hourglass waist.


Choosing the best shoes

Shoes can change your appearance. Look for shoes with pointed toes since they make your hips proportional and elongate your legs. High heels will be flattering for your pear shape since they add height and sculpt your leg muscles.

Bold and colorful shoes are also a good choice since they draw eyes away from those regions considered unflattering. Straight boots are also a good choice since they cover the chunkiness of the calf.  High boots are flattering for your pear shape.

Styling accessories

Wear bright and bold necklaces that hang low. This draw attention to the upper half of the body. Necklaces with extra details make the bust look fuller and keeps your body proportional. For example, collar-style necklaces add width to the shoulders and neck and highlight the upper body.

Bold earrings also draw the eyes to the upper body and away from the hips. The bigger the better! Choose dangly or chandelier earrings.

Wearing a scarf as an accessory also adds dimension and volume to your torso. The extra detail created by the neck prevents the eyes from focusing on your bottom half. Choose from a variety of scarves until you get the best style that defines your full figure. For example, the use of a circle scarf will prevent the eyes from traveling downwards to your bottom half.

Formal dresses and gowns

Choose dresses with a V-neckline to draw attention to the top half of your body. Choose an A-line skirt with a tailor-fitted waistline. Choose long dresses with line skirts and flattering bodices.

An off the shoulder or cold shoulder gown will draw attention to the torso and emphasize shoulders.

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