Different Ways to Spy on Someone Undetected

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There are many reasons as to why people spy on others. They include infidelity suspicions, keeping an eye on a child, an entitlement to know what your other half is up to or just pure jealousy. The reasons are many, but the good news is that there are so many ways to spy on someone. You can either choose to follow them around like a private Investigator, or hire one, or you can use electronic eavesdropping. These days, everyone has a phone and truth is, it’s always right there close to them every time.

The good thing about spying is that it helps you uncover secrets people are trying to keep from you. The art of this habit, however, is to remain undetected.

How to spy on someone
Spying on someone

How to spy on someone.

As I said, there are different methods you can use and we will look at each of them individually. The reason why it’s called spying is that you want to find out what someone is doing without them knowing and you want to do it without getting caught.

Before you pick out your gear and start surveilling on someone, know that it’s a federal offense. You can go to jail for it. This is because you will be infringing on the other person’s right to privacy and chances are that if you are caught spying on our other half, it’s going to do more harm than good.

How to spy on someone without them knowing

If you decide that you do not need a PI, then you must master the basics of spying. Whatever location you choose for your spying, be it the mall or at home, you have to act casual and be cool. No ridiculous disguises, nervousness, carrying colorful equipment or drawing attention to yourself. No!

  • Act casual by staying relaxed. Avoid fidgeting too much and keep eyes ahead. Nervousness will be the first thing people notice and the trick is not to get noticed.
  • Act cool like you are waiting for someone or wrapped in your own thoughts. No loitering, constantly looking up and down or searching. This will be too obvious.
  • If they spot you, pretend it’s no big deal. Say hi to them or nod in acknowledgment. Running off will alert them to your tricks.
  • If they catch, have an excuse ready. Although the trick is not to get caught, sometimes things happen and you should have to have a likely story to give. For example, “I lost an earring,” if crouched down on the floor spying. If out in public, you could say, you came to get your phone fixed. Best to keep the story boring and normal and avoid indulging in a deep story.
  • Blend in with the crowd or surroundings during your spying mission. Make yourself inconspicuous by picking clothes that fit your environment. You could also do what everyone else is doing. For example, if you’ve followed them to a bookstore, act like you are searching for a book too.
  • Pick good shoes with rubber soles. They should be quiet and light in case you need to run. Make sure you test them out before going on this mission and practice walking without making a sound.
  • Carry a notebook or recorder and jot down everything that happens. The tiny things that may not make sense at the moment may fill a huge part of he puzzle when looked at later.

For inspiration and to get clues from experts, watch spy movies like James Bond or read novels like the Bourne Trilogy. Do some practice spy work before the real thing. This will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. If you get caught, then you know what to do the real thing to avoid getting caught. You can get a partner to help you discover the information you may not get on your own. Look for one you can trust though, in case they blow your cover.

How to spy on someone’s phone

There are different apps available today that help you spook on someone’s phone without them knowing. Today’s cell phone apps are many, affordable, readily available and easy to install. These apps can be used by concerned spouses, for business, to protect data and to monitor your kids.  The type of app you need depends on why you are spying. There are different apps available including My Spy and FlexiSpy. I would recommend former since it has many features available for spying on another’s cell phone.

Using my spy

This app allows you to view someone’s messages and chats through the apps social network control panel.  It can also be used to spy on messages, text, photos, recordings, and videos from iMessage.

If you suspect your partner is using Skype, then you can monitor their calls and chats. It also allows you to spy on someone’s calls, photos, text messages and group chats via Viber and WhatsApp.

How do you install a spy app on someone’s phone?

This is not easy but hey, if you want to know the truth, then it’s worth it.

  1. Download the app of your choice from your phone’s app store
  2. Click install on both your phone and the one you want to spy on. You may have to steal the intended phone for some few minutes.
  3. Log In to your app account and confirm that the app has installed on both devices and that they are registered to your account.
  4. Send a text message from the phone you want to spook on to confirm that the app is working.
  5. Make a test call to confirm the same then delete both the call and text.

These steps will allow you access to the target phone. Make sure that both phones have access to either data connection or WIFI network. Now you can see all the messages, calls, chats, WhatsApp, Facebook messages, emails and also track their GPS location on their phone.

Make sure that the spy app you install can be uninstalled remotely in case the target gets suspicious. These apps have a control panel that shows how to uninstall. Others can be uninstalled remotely by sending a coded message to the phone you are spying. Some of the apps you can remotely uninstall include flexiSpy, mSpy, TruthSpy, Spyera and Hello Spy. A spy app that can remotely be uninstalled is good because it minimizes the chances of you getting caught.

Spy on someone’s phone without having it

Other apps like DDI Utilities allow you to spy on a cell phone without having it in your possession. The app remotely accesses data from the phone you want to spook on and displays them on your phone or computer. It does this virtually and from anywhere. All you have to do is remotely connect to the target phone. The app helps you look at someone’s text messages online, their calls, track their GPS location and access their social media pictures and messages.

This app also allows you to spy on someone through their phone camera. How cool is that? Creepy even, come to think of it but hey, very possible. You do this by sending a command to the target phone to take a picture. The program snaps a picture using their phone and sends it to you.

The app also has a ‘listen to surroundings’ feature that allows you to listen to the conversations happening around the target phone. You can listen in as if you are standing there yourself.

Buying and using spy app tips

  • List down the things you want to spy on so that when purchasing an app, it has features that cater to all your needs.
  • Check out what the laws in your country say about spying and using spy apps without someone’s permission. Most of these laws are for adults and in most countries, for kids is encouraged.
  • Use an app that has customer service or technical support in case you have issues with the app.
  • Make sure you carefully read the installation guidelines. This will help you know if you need to jailbreak the phone or can access it remotely during installation. The same applies for uninstallation
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