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It’s every woman’s dream to get rid of those extra pregnancy pounds the minute the baby arrives. And go back to wearing your favorite, sultry LBDs.

With celebrity moms strutting breathtaking svelte, silhouette bodies barely weeks after birth, it’s no doubt new moms are eager and confused at the same about what to expect post-delivery.

Weight loss after pregnancy
Losing weight after childbirth

The truth of the matter is no one, not even celebrity moms can just snap back to their pre-pregnancy weight or body that fast!

Post-delivery weight can be such a pain in the neck! It is vital that you give yourself a break. Work with your doctor to ensure that your post-pregnancy weight goals are healthy, safe and reliable.

Weight loss after pregnancy differs between individuals, as some new moms would start naturally cutting back as early as 6months after delivery, others don’t. Therefore, consideration should be put on other factors such as metabolism, age, activity levels, and natural metabolism notes what to expect.

Facts and fiction about post-partum weight loss

Immediately after delivery, you are guaranteed to lose 10 pounds. The 10 pounds come from the weight of the baby, blood and amniotic fluid as noted in the fitness magazine.

1. Breastfeeding helps in losing weight.

Exclusively feeding your newborn baby on breastmilk is guaranteed to help you shed off that extra post-pregnancy weight. This is because babies require an approximate of 500 to 800 calories in a day for robust growth and development as noted in the fitness magazine.

Therefore, if you are breastfeeding, the calories required by the baby come from your milk which means that you are putting out on the calories reserve in your body which equals to loss of weight. However, the process is gradual so keep your expectation in check.

Additionally, according to what to expect, breastfeeding vitalizes the release of hormones that assist in shrinking the uterus and the post-baby pooch.

2. Post-pregnancy diet and nutrition

No matter how eager you are to squeeze into your sultry pre-pregnancy LBDs, don’t even think about dieting.

Your body requires abundant rest and nutrition to fully recuperate post-delivery, fight infections and feed your bundle of joy, the baby.

fitness magazine notes that the need to eat more is a myth. This is because the calories present in your milk come from your body reserves, that extra layer of fat you added during pregnancy. Focus on losing at least one pound per week until you reach your weight loss goals.

However, it is vital to watch your diet and aim to eat a wholesome diet composed of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and lean proteins.

3. Exercising

According to fitness magazine, new moms should not wait a few months before exercising, but can do simple exercises such as Kegels and abdominal bracing which include contracting the lower muscles, abs and buttock muscles: and gradually revert back ( baby steps!) to their old work out routines

Simple ways to lose baby weight at home

The baby is here, your schedule is swamped, you barely have time for yourself anymore! Not forgetting the fact that you are exhausted from barely sleeping a wink of sleep the previous night… don’t worry you are not alone!

New moms all over are faced with the same challenges as you and have come up with ways to work around their schedules and squeeze in a min or two of a workout sess however minimal it is, notes parents.

  1. Dance! It doesn’t have to be fancy, a choreographed routine, no! Get out your 90s fav jams and bust out your silly dance moves (we all have them). The best part about this is you can multitask and carry out other duties around the house and did I mention it can be fun? Coz it is!
  2. Walk: Gradually ease back into exercising with simple routines that allow you to include your child. Take a walk to a nearby park, down the street or even to the grocery store. You can also look for a baby-friendly gym that offers babysitting services, this will guarantee cutting back on those extra baby weight, give you a grip of your sanity c’mon nobody wants to be away from their little adorable monsters(pun intended!) that long, no matter how much they kept you up last night, yeah? Here you can work out and check up on your baby as often as you please.
  3. Diet but don’t starve yourself. Ensure that your diet contains adequate amounts of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains which should be dependent on the weight you want to lose and how active you are. Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean having a boring diet, spice it up, and interchange instead of oatmeal grab that English muffin.

How to lose weight after pregnancy

With the onset of delivering a new baby, new moms are faced with the pressure of taking care of the baby, making time for herself; shedding of extra baby weight, and getting at least a reasonable amount of sleep. All these can be quite overwhelming!

Considering the rate at which our fav celebs showcase perfect silhouette bodies’ just weeks after giving birth, it can be pretty daunting.

1. Patience is key

Be patient with yourself; it took you nine months to add those extra pounds, slimming down will require some time also. And yes, your fav celeb went from delivery room to a size zero in a matter of what may seem like a minute, but it doesn’t mean they did it in a manner that is healthy for their body. So don’t compare yourself to celebrities!

2. Have realistic weight loss goals

However much you will work towards achieving your pre-pregnancy body or weight, you need to understand that pregnancy is responsible for some permanent changes as noted in Medline plus.

Instead of focusing on returning to your previous body, aim for a healthy, happy and potentially different shaped version of you with possibly wider hips or a larger waistline.

3. Avoid dieting

Ensure that you eat a balanced wholesome diet. Do not a crash diet(not having enough food) or a fad diet(limiting certain types of foods or nutrients) as these will, yes, help you reduce weight but not the right kind of calories which makes it easy for you to easily gain back this mass as noted in Medline plus.

Also, crash dieting will convince your body that it is starving especially when you are breastfeeding which forces the baby to go on a diet as well: this will ultimately slow down your metabolism making it hard to shed off any extra pound notes what to expect.

According to WebMD, try not to go below 1800 calories a day especially if you are breastfeeding, east a balanced diet and keep a variety of snacks around the house to prevent hunger and give you sufficient energy.

4. Breastfeed

Medline Plus notes that breastfeeding burns calories which help in losing weight naturally.

However, some studies indicate that for some women, breastfeeding does not do much when it comes to weight loss after pregnancy notes WebMD, on the bright side! it has ample benefits for your child.

5. Hydrate

Some studies indicate that water actually speeds metabolism which is good for weight loss notes WebMD. Moreover, water helps to keep you hydrated and fills you up so you don’t have to eat as much.

6. Exercising

Once you get a green light from your doctor, include some aerobics or strength training workout sess to help you lose weight.

Exercising will not only help you with postpartum weight loss but it will also help you to manage depression, sleep deprivation and stress notes Dr. Johnson in WebMD.

7. Get enough rest

It can be pretty challenging to get a whole night worth of sleep with a baby in the picture. But sleep depravity can make it even harder for you to shed off those extra post-pregnancy pounds.

WebMD. highlights that being tired triggers the release of cortisol and other stress hormones that actually promote weight gain.

The weight loss plateau

Many new mothers experience a period of time where weight loss is very minimal. While it is hard to determine when exactly weight loss slows down, experts claim that new mothers retain at least 10 pounds permanently notes what to expect.

With a baby in the picture, coping with your crazy schedule, less sleep and not forgetting taking care of a baby means having less time for yourself, therefore, shedding off those last pounds can be more of a challenge.

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