6 Step Guideline on How to Overcome Masturbation

How to overcome Masturbation

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By now, you already know about the many effects that masturbation can cause. But you just can’t stop jacking off even though the problem has affected your life. You don’t have the courage to approach a girl. You hate yourself because recently you have been picturing your pastor’s wife naked before masturbating!!

I understand this kind of feeling, I know very many people who are in this darkness and are unable to get out. Honestly, you can’t just wake up one day and say I will stop masturbating because you can’t. Masturbation is some kind of addiction, just like smoking. All smokers know the dangers of tobacco, but they still smoke.

How to overcome Masturbation

How do you overcome it?

Let us see some tips on how to reduce your masturbating habits and lead a normal life again.

Start slow

You’re a chronic masturbator and have just decided that it is time to quit!! Congratulations, but how do you go about it? Do you wake up just one day and decide, ‘I am quitting from today?’. Most people do this, yet it is wrong and will never work.

Like I said earlier, masturbation should be treated like a special addiction. If you stop it abruptly, you are bound to get withdrawal symptoms and the urge to jack off will come back even stronger.

The first step is to reduce the time you spent on this act. Tell your mind that it is ok to masturbate but you can do it only at night. Yes, you can masturbate as much as you want but only at a scheduled time. You should consider late night as a perfect time for this activity.

You will masturbate in the first few days but with time you will find out that you are so tired to jack off and therefore just sleep. Now, this won’t stop masturbation on its own but it’s a step in the right direction. Remember your problem is a mental issue which can be resisted with the right techniques.

Identify the triggers, and avoid them

Every person has their own triggers to masturbation, some people watch porn while others may look at nude pictures of their favorite girlfriends.

You can avoid watching porn by installing porn-blocking software on your computer. You should also resist the temptation to visit porn websites or storing pornography videos on your phone. This is one of the hardest steps but needs drastic measures.

Stop texting girls all day and asking them for nudes. By doing this, you won’t have anything to fantasize about before self-stimulate. You should resist anything that triggers the urge to jack off.

Keep yourself busy by engaging in fun activities

Remember you have told yourself that it should masturbate at certain times only, you are also trying to avoid the triggers. This means you have a lot of time on your plate. You need to find something exciting to keep you busy so that you don’t backslide due to idleness. I will advise you to spent time doing an engaging and exciting activity.

Remember your new year resolutions? One of them was to stay fit, right? This is the right time to hit the gym. You can also register for those piano classes you have always wanted to attend. The activity you choose to engage in should be more exciting than the jacking off the gloom.

You can engage in an activity that involves other people, like going camping or riding with your boys or your girls. This way, your mind won’t have the time to think about masturbation. You will also be spending more energy in these activities and will have nothing left onanism.

Stop feeling guilty

I must warn you that sometimes the urge to self-stimulate may overcome you even when you try the remedies above. This will happen especially at the beginning. But don’t feel guilty over that. Avoid feelings of self-condemnation when if you slip and go back to what you were supposed to do.

Sometimes the guilt makes you feel so bad about yourself and you end up masturbating to get over the guilt. Feeling sorry about your situation won’t help you. This is an addiction, and you don’t have to blame yourself. Focus on the successes you have achieved so far and use them to fuel your will-power.

Join a support group

Talking to people facing the same problem really helps. First is that they won’t judge you. Second, they will know what works and what doesn’t. A person going through the problem understands what you are going through more than just any other person. There are a lot of online chat rooms and groups where people discuss such conditions. Feel free to find one.

Feel free to seek professional help

Masturbation is not a normal condition. It is a psychological condition and should be given the seriousness it deserves. It is a condition just like diabetes, depression and even pneumonia.

You should not blame yourself for what you are going through or feel guilty because that doesn’t really help. If the above remedies don’t work, then you should seek help from a professional psychologist or therapist. The psychologist will help you get over the problem.


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