Best Tips or Ways to Cover and Hide Stretch Marks

How to hide stretch marks

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It feels stressful when you can’t wear your favorite attire just because of stretch marks or striae on your body. They are red, purple or pink straight streaks that appear on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts because the body grows faster than the skin can keep up with. Some of their causes are pregnancy and rapid weight loss. Even though they are painless and rarely a sign of a medical problem, they are ugly and a great cause of sleepless nights for most people.

How to hide stretch marks

How can you hide them?

These marks will often disappear on their own, though the time it takes for this happens will depend on your skin type. I also understand that there are certain ways to get rid of stretch marks, but this too takes time. The only way you can deal with this menace at the moment is hiding them. I have therefore decided to share with you tips on how to hide stretch marks. Hope they will be of great help.

How to cover stretch marks

Hiding them depends on a lot of factors. One of them is where they are prominent. If they are in your abdominal area, you can simply cover them with your clothes. Wearing a pantyhose can hide those on your legs. Another crucial factor is the activity you are going to do. How do you cover up them if you’re going to swim for example?

Use tanning lotion

Spray tans reduce the appearance of striae as it deepens the color of your skin by interacting with amino acids in its uppermost layers. Some experts have also suggested that spending some quality time sun tanning can reduce the appearance of these marks. But not all of us have that luxury, you should, therefore, buy a sun tanning lotion and try it out on your skin. Tanning can also hide cellulite.

Use hot mineral water and a loofah to exfoliate remove dead skin

Hot mineral water is a good temporary cover-up. It helps to improve blood circulation and can instantly fade stretch marks. Ensure you scrub your body using a loofah when taking a bath. This will exfoliate the dead skin thus reducing their appearance.

Mederma Stretch Mark Cream

Are you pregnant? Is your belly causing a lot of stress to your skin to a point you are developing stretch marks? You don’t need to have to endure these ugly lines because this Mederma cream is here to prevent and treat them. The manufacturer claims that this cream reduces their appearance and improves the overall texture of the skin leaving it feeling smooth. It is the best thing that has ever been created for these marks especially for pregnant mothers. People who have used it say that it is non-sticky and odorless which makes it the best among its peers. You can also continue using it even during breastfeeding. Mederma goes for around 50 dollars on Amazon.

Dermology Stretch Mark Cream

This is a cream that is specially formulated to remove these marks. The cream contains ingredients that help reduce their appearance and improve the texture of your skin. The ingredients include Aloe Vera and vitamin E which are known to nourish and heal skin. Dermology also increases skin’s elasticity thus preventing their appearance in future. This is one of the best budget body cream you can go for because it comes in different sizes.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

Moisturizing your skin is the best prevention for stretch marks and there is no better moisturizer available on the market than Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. This cream helps increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent further skin damage. You need to apply the cream at least twice a day for the best outcome.

Makeup concealers

Body makeup is waterproof stretch mark concealers that can cover up the bright color of these marks, making them less noticeable. This way, you can go swimming without worrying about exposing yourself to beach-goers. Body makeup concealers usually come in liquid form and can be purchased from the drug store.

Tattoos for stretch marks

Tattoo over stretch marks to cover them

Tattoo over them

Problems are meant to trigger our imagination so that we can find solutions. A tattoo artist by the name Rodolpho Torres was imaginative enough and found a way to make these marks disappear instantly by using tattoos. Mr. Rodolpho uses ink the color of your flesh to fill in the lighter lines of the contours of these marks. This way, they will look the same color as your skin. Even though his works have been criticized by dermatologists who claim that it could lead to other complications, he has gained a large following on Instagram where he currently has 1.4 million followers.


Treating or hiding stretch marks is not easy. Yet this is natural scars that remind you of the tough journey that your skin has gone through. So, what about you stopped worrying about what people will say about your body. Because honestly there is no person that can claim to have a perfect flawless skin. People have pimples, cellulite, eczema, bumps and a myriad of other skin conditions, I don’t see why yours should cause you a lot of stress.

The other option would be to prevent these ugly scars from forming in the first place. That is easier than covering them up. To do this, you need to maintain a healthy diet that will rejuvenate your skin and ensure it remains young and healthy. You need to consume Vitamin-rich foods that will heal damaged skin. Drink a lot of water and sugar-free juices to hydrate your skin. Another way to prevent these is to prevent weight gain by heating the gym. You need to shade that body fat. I know it is hard, but it is better than having to deal with concealers and expensive creams that may not even work in the long run.


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