Prevention and Remedies to Fix Sagging Skin on Face

Before and after - loose skin on face

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Our face is the most visible part of the body, and that is perhaps the reason why most people are obsessed with having a flawless face. Most cosmetic and makeups are made for the facial area. But you will agree with me that it is almost impossible to have a flawless face. Trying to hide the flaws is also very difficult.

One of the biggest causes of stress and agony for most people is the facial wrinkles caused by loose skin on the face. To be honest, they are dreaded because they are unsightly. How this is a very common problem, blame it mostly to unhealthy our lifestyle. In this article, I will discuss in detail the best way to deal with this nightmare so that it can not affect the general quality of your life.

Remedies for sagging skin on the face

Before and after - loose skin on face

Before and after

Challenges make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. The problem of sagging skin on your face will no longer be a challenge if you follow the following remedies.

Smile more often

Did you even know that there was something called facial exercises? Don’t worry because I didn’t know too, but according to some experts, it is the best facelift pack. And facial exercises are not complicated, they are things that you do every day or choose to ignore. The simplest of them all is smiling. I know it is funny but because smiling is supposed to be voluntary, but some people just don’t want to smile yet that is a face tightening exercise. Try to smile more often and say goodbye to wrinkles in your face.

Wiki has written a whole article on how to exercise facial muscles

Egg white

Egg white is a natural astringent. This makes it a good remedy for loose skin on the face. It also contains hydro lipids which can help you get a firm radiant skin on your face. Whisk two egg whites, apply it on your face and leave it for at least 20 minutes. You will need to persevere their smell. Rinse it with clean water after 20 minutes. Do this consistently at least once every week.

Aloe Vera

This magic plant has got so many medicinal purposes. I think it is the most important plant in the world. Aloe Vera contains malic acid which helps improve the elasticity of your skin and thus get rid of wrinkles. The juice is also a very strong natural moisturizer.

You need to extract the juice from the plant then apply it on your face. Leave it for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Aloe Vera plant is one of the best natural face firming cream.

Face firming masks

I know I should have started with face firming creams because they are the very famous. I am sure you have heard about these face tightening creams, maybe you have even tried using one before and maybe you didn’t get the desired results. That’s exactly why I didn’t start with it.

There are so many creams on the market that it is impossible to find the best face firming cream. Some will even worsen your situation while others will not work at all. You see, manufacturers know that you are desperate and will do anything for a radiant face, they have therefore taken advantage of that to sale rubbish products at exorbitant prices.

I am not a big fan of creams, but I am aware that there are good products out there like Radiant Beauty Anti-Aging cream which is said to stimulate natural collagen synthesis, thereby plumbing up wrinkled skin tissues. have reviewed the best skin tightening creams and given their pros and cons. You should seek professional guidance from a dermatologist on which cream is best for your skin type. Better still, you should check the ingredients of a cream and the possible side effects before using any cream. I know of people who have suffered immense skin damage and blemishes in the hands of facial creams.

Facelift surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming more common especially among the celebrity community. But anyone can really have it. The cosmetic surgery to remove loose skin on the face is called a facelift, clinically known as rhytidectomy. This is a procedure aimed at reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. A plastic surgeon will lift and tighten the underlying facial muscles to create pleasing contours and rejuvenate facial structures.


If you are interested in a facelift surgery, I recommend that you see a qualified cosmetic specialist who will advise you on the best treatment for an option for you. A facelift surgery can immensely boost your self-esteem and roll back the years.

How to prevent sagging skin on the face

The main cause of loose skin on the face is aging. Because as you age, your facial muscles weaken. This causes loose and saggy skin. But there are things you can do to prevent this from happening to you. Some of them include:

Eat a balanced diet

You should eat foods rich in vitamin E. Vitamin is a strong anti-oxidant that naturally delays aging. Vitamin E also strengthens the capillary walls and improves moisture and elasticity of the skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin E also fights against skin inflammation and helps the healing process of the skin. You should also drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and moisturized. This will keep the wrinkles away.


This is especially if you are overweight. Obesity is the mother of many problems, including a sagging skin. Rapid weight loss is also a major cause of loose skin. You should, therefore, hit the gym and exercise to maintain or lose weight gradually. Exercising can also help remove toxic substances from the body.

Change your lifestyle

Smoking is bad for the elasticity of the skin and therefore you should quit the vice. Tobacco contains nicotine which reduces blood flow leaving your skin dry and discolored. Tobacco also depletes your skin of Vitamin C which helps protect and repair it when damaged. You should also quit alcohol because it contributes to this problem. Alcohol dehydrates the body thus causing a dry skin. Alcohol also damages the liver which is responsible for detoxing the body.

Learn to manage your stress

Stress symptoms can affect your body in unimaginable ways. Stress can contribute to conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, acne, and wrinkles. Stress can also aggravate skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. You should, therefore, manage your stress before it messes with your appearance.





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