Chafed Thighs Causes Remedies that Will Help You

Chafed thighs causes and how to get rid

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Thigh chafing especially inner thigh chafing that might extend to the groin area (balls and labia) is a common problem that affects many people. Depending on its severity, it can result in skin redness and damage. Obviously, this is a painful and unpleasant experience and one can end up with a chafed thigh rash.

Why does it happen? The answer is obvious. Constant rubbing in this area that leads to friction and skin irritation. The rubbing happens on either be between your two thighs, or between your thighs and clothes.

Chafed thighs causes and how to get rid

Why does it occur?

The most common type of is inner thigh chafing. Unlike the outer, your inner thighs are often exposed to rubbing, either between themselves and or clothes.

Besides the thighs, it can occur in other body parts such as:

  1. Nipples
  2. Inner glutes
  3. Armpits
  4. Groin
  5. Balls
  6. Labia

All the above body parts, alongside inner thighs, are exposed to severe rubbing. Prolonged exposure to this rubbing results in friction burn.

How do you tell if chafing has occurred?

The symptoms of chafing are easy to identify. Generally, it accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • A strong burning sensation on touching. When you gently touch the skin around the affected area, it stings
  • The skin also gets painful
  • The skin may swell
  • You may see some rashes around the thighs
  • Severe redness in the affected areas


Inner or chafing between thighs, comes along with not only physical but also emotional pain. Walking becomes impossible, especially when the skin is severely irritated.

According to, most causes of thigh chafing are preventable. Therefore, understanding the cause is the primary step towards healing any chafed area.

Generally, this problem is attributed to the following factors:


Did you know that people who are obese are at a higher risk of getting chafed thighs? Obesity is all about weight gain. Weight gain comes along with deposition of fats. Most of this fat is deposited in this region. As a result, it increases in size, thus increased friction.

Tight clothing

The effects of tight clothes, especially on thighs, are obvious. Wearing tight trousers and inner wears put you at a higher risk of getting this skin problem. Normally, tight clothes increase the friction between them and the skin.

Types of fabric use

Some fabrics are known to irritate the skin. The skin around the thighs and groin region is very sensitive. Wearing synthetic fabrics may cause this problem.

Excessive physical activities

It is normal for one to end up with chafed thighs from running, doing workouts or after walking. These activities increase the rubbing between the thighs.


When you sweat, there is an increased likelihood of increased friction. Sweat, especially between thighs, makes the clothes to cling on the skin. Any attempt to walk, therefore, results to vigorous rubbing, thus friction burns.


A dehydrated skin is more likely to get chafed than a normal one. Dehydration makes your skin scaly. This increases the rubbing between it and the clothes.

7 Remedies that will heal chafed thighs

Are you wondering whether chafing treatment is possible? Are you looking for chafing remedies inner thighs? You are in the right place. You can, indeed, keep this issue at bay.  You can also prevent and stop inner thigh chafing.

Prevention will entail adopting some simple practices and avoiding others. On notes that this problem can be managed without even going to the hospital. You absolutely do not need treatment since unless you deal with what triggers it, it is likely to happen again.

Below are some of the remedies that will heal your chafed thighs:

Always stay hydrated

This sounds simple, but it works well. Dry skins are highly susceptible to chafing. A cracking skin can easily get rashes. Therefore, always keep your body hydrated.

This can be done by increasing the intake of fluids such as water, juice, and energy drinks. You can also apply moisturizers on your skin. This is one of the best ways of stopping chafing inner thighs.

Check what you wear

Like earlier noted in this article, this is closely related to what you wear. There are two things that are involved in what you wear; the nature of your clothes and the type of fabrics.  Firstly, consider wearing baggy clothes, especially skirts and trousers.

Furthermore, consider wearing soft clothes. Some fabrics will rub against your skin. For example, synthetic and nylon clothes tend to irritate the skin. Instead of going for, cotton clothes can give a relief.

Finally, clothes that are highly ventilated would effectively heal chafing. Sweating, as earlier noted, is a major cause of this problem.

Use Lubricants

Skin rubbing in the thighs can be managed using lubricants. There are numerous lubricants that you can apply to minimize the effect of your skin rubbing. Some people use baby powder while others will use petroleum jelly.

Apart from preventing rubbing, lotions and petroleum jelly soothe the chafed area. This soothing prevents further irritation from clothes, thus facilitating fast healing. Personal lubricants can serve this purpose

Manage sweating

This area including your groin area may sweat. This cannot be completely prevented but can be managed. Sweating is a leading cause chafing especially in this area. You can apply some powder in between the thighs to absorb sweat.

Furthermore, wear clothes that allow air circulation. Finally, wear moisture wicking clothes. These are clothes that can absorb moisture.

Manage weight

We have already talked about obesity. Rubbing is proportional to body size. Therefore, obese people have abnormally bigger thighs which are more likely rub against each other, and against the clothes.

Managing weight is a significant step towards getting rid of chafed thighs. This can be done through regular exercise and observing the right diet among other weight loss methods.

Keep them clean and dry

This starts with regularly cleaning your thighs. Secondly, thoroughly dry them before wearing clothes. Finally, wear clean clothes. Moisture and dirt are known to irritate the skin and worsen chafing.

Use sweat absorbers

This is applicable when chafing is severe. Like earlier noted, it can make it hard for some people to walk. Walking causes further friction. This increase the pain. In this regard, consider wearing some pads or plasters.

Plasters cover the chafed areas. This ensures that they are not rubbed against the clothes. Consequently, the affected are heals heals without limiting your daily activities.


If you are concerned about ways to prevent this menace, then you shouldn’t get much worried. According to Shape Magazine, it is indeed possible to prevent chafing from ever occurring on your thighs.

Below are some of the ways in which it can be prevented:

  1. Always drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  2. Avoid synthetic clothes and always opt for the cotton ones.
  3. Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  4. Always keep your weight on the check.
  5. Keep the skin in between the thighs dry and manage to sweat.
  6. Always wear clothes that allow air circulation.
  7. Lubricate the area when engaging in rigorous activities.


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