Leg Fat Meaning, Diet, Exercises and Liposuction to Lose Leg Fat

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It’s summer again. Excited to hit the beach, chill out with your friends and sport that sexy bikini. Yeah, you can go to the beach! But you can’t flaunt your legs due to excessive leg fat build-up.

Leg and thigh fats causes, liposuction

Bet you’ve always wanted a pair of long, lean, svelte Victoria’s secret model type of legs. Oh well, me too!

We all dream of having gorgeous, sculpted physiques and are willing to go to the end of the earth to achieve this.

Social media platforms are not doing anything other than increasing the pressure of getting svelte, iconographic legs with all the fitspiration boards, fitspo selfies and the thigh gap hashtags that are slowly but surely becoming an anthem for Pinterest and other social media platforms.

So, what is leg fat?

First things first, it’s completely okay, normal, even healthy (if you please) to have body fat which is distributed evenly all over the body but then again, we all have those problem areas; where we wish we didn’t have that extra fat but we do…

Fat on the leg is contained in different fat cells: that is subcutaneous fat which is located directly beneath the skin located in the thighs and intramuscular fat found within the muscle as noted in Healthline.

Leg fat can manifest itself in form cellulite, (dimpled fat deposits underneath the skin) commonly found at the back of your thighs. Yeah, we know you are pretty much scrambling to tone your legs! And have tried out all those fancy working out routines from dancing to squeezing contraptions… almost giving up?

There is no such thing as spot weight reduction or target reduction

While sadly, there is nothing like spot reduction or target weight loss, we don’t get to choose where we lose body fat from.

In real sense, weight loss takes place proportionally, all over the body. Therefore, it becomes impossible to directly lose fat in your target or problem areas.

As much as the internet and fitness icons make losing weight appear so simple, it’s not! There is more to losing weight than just doing 50 reps of squats or lift, it needs commitment, consistency, proper nutrition and finally training.

Realistic weight loss: how to lose leg fat

To realistically lose fat on legs, you need to consider several approaches which include the following:

Nutrition and dieting

A healthy eating plan is very vital. Coming up with an effective eating plan as you tone your legs and get rid of that pesky fat basically, involves portion control and calorie intake reduction in the diet.

Livestrong suggests that eating more in small portions between meals and moving more increases the rate of metabolism leading to a safe and sustainable fat loss within a week.

Women’s health mag adds that the first meal is responsible for jumpstarting metabolism and snacking will prevent you from feeling hungry.

1. Food

Consumption of particular food favors weight loss. Leafy greens, broccoli, and cauliflower should take the larger part of your diet. This is because these foods contain high amounts of fiber and low calories.

2. Proteins

Broiled, roasted, grilled, lean steak, chicken breast, fish or alternative vegan options such as dried beans, tofu, and eggs preserve your muscles and ensure the reduction of calories in your diet is effective.

Additionally, amino acids present in proteins ensure that the body can perform basic maintenance of the body.

3. Whole grains

Whole grains such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread are rich in fiber as well as carbohydrates which is responsible for supplying your body with energy.


Exercise regularly to help reduce leg fats

While there is no one specific workout routine that specifically targets your leg, fitness pros suggest a combination of numerous exercises that will not only tone up your legs but give you a general body tone

1. Cardiovascular exercises

Cardio burns calories. Going for the most heart-pumping cardio workouts such as biking, running and jumping rope as noted women’s health mag, will help you achieve that sculpted, shapely, runway model physique.

2. High intensity-intervals workout sessions

A couple of high-intensity workout sessions during your normal cardio sessions will exacerbate weight loss.

Introduction of intense bouts of cardio (skip jumps, jumping lunges, squat drops) and light bouts will guarantee the more calorie burn than steady cardio as noted in Livestrong.

High intensity-intervals workouts will give you a perfect runway model silhouette as well as for trim your problem areas.

3. Strength training

training is vital as it boosts your metabolism and makes your legs leaner. This workout routine helps to not only strip away all the excess fat in the unwanted areas but also sculpt and tone your legs giving you iconographic, Gisele worthy shoot toned legs. These exercises include the basic squats, lunges, deadlifts, steps up as noted by Muscle and fitness.


Drinking water is very important for weight loss. Aside from keeping you hydrated, water contains zero calories, nothing to worry here! And hydrating before meals help with portion control of your diet plan as noted in women’s health mag.


women’s health mag,   suggests, getting enough rest is vital in weight loss. This is because it aids in weight loss and also saying awake equals to more snacking and being tired which results in being worn out to work out.

Dieting and exercise, not enough – genetics has a role

Genetics at times could be the cause why you just can’t lose that extra fat in the unwanted areas.

As women, our total mass is composed of essential fats which are a prerequisite for your body to function properly as noted in the list.

Try Liposuction to lose leg fats

If you’ve tried everything to achieve those slim, svelte, Victoria’s Secret model legs and nothing seems to work? There are other options such as liposuction.

Liposuction or leg contouring is fat removal that targets some specific areas where they are likely stored.

Liposuction concept to reduce leg fat
 Liposuction concept
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