Physical Signs of Infidelity Like More Privacy, Phone Use and Appearance Changes

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So, your significant other is acting strangely. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you think they have strayed.

Sings of infidelity - appearance changes, privacy, phone use, lying
Physical signs of cheating

Is your gut instinct, right? Are you a victim of cheating?

Here are some physical signs that you might be.

Appearance changes

We all remember what it’s like to be interested in someone new. You want to look as good as possible. This can manifest itself in different ways:

Dressing better

Is your significant other suddenly buying new clothes or taking longer in front of the mirror? That is a classic sign that they have found someone else they want to impress.

The reasoning being, why else would the person that’s been wearing the same work pants for 10 years suddenly having five new pairs? Or why is he taking as long in front of the mirror as you are?

Sudden interest in fitness

If they abruptly care about working out and eating healthier, it could be a sign that they are looking to cheat. Why? Same reason as above. If they are thinking of cheating, they want to look as good as possible.

For example, she has been working late with a certain handsome, charming co-worker that despite her best efforts, she is attracted to. Nothing has happened yet, but she wants to look sexy. So, she signs up for the gym, and pulls out her tight-fitting skirts, and puts on a little more makeup.

She wants to look good for the man she is attracted to.

However, this could just mean that she wants to live a more balanced life. She may have reached an age where she looks in the mirror and doesn’t feel happy about it.

Longer working hours

Again, this could legitimately be more pressure at work. It is easy to assume that if your significant other is unexpectedly keeping late hours, they must be having an affair. But if it a high demanding job, and/or if they just got a promotion, likely, they are legitimately working hard.

However, if the schedule changes so that they are staying in the office later on some days, or all days, without much explanation, it may mean they are having an affair.

For example, he calls to say he is absolutely “swamped” at work so he has to stay late for the third time in a week, for no clear reason, you may have reason to worry.

If you call at the office and he is not thereafter claiming to be, he is doing something he doesn’t want you to know about, and it’s probably not planning you a surprise birthday.

An increased need for privacy

Phone code

You are sitting down with your significant other. They receive a message, and you realize that they now have a phone code that has never been there before. You ask why, and they say they just wanted greater security. Like what if the phone got stolen. Are they cheating or did they unexpectedly discover a great danger to their phone?

Cheating requires communication. Most cheaters would have to lock their phone lest a message pops up that gets them discovered. When your partner puts on a phone code out of nowhere that they won’t give you, they are hiding something.

New passwords

Same as above, but this covers a span of personal accounts and not just the phone.

You try logging into your partners email because there is a contact you want there, but you can’t get in. Why did they change the password they’ve had for five years?

Because communication is so connected these days, and cheating causes paranoia, many people change all their passwords in the fear of getting caught.

Taking the phone everywhere

It used to be taking the phone into the bathroom, but with technology infusing every area of our lives, a bathroom meme check is not out of the ordinary

But if they are taking it with them every time they stand up, it means there is something they don’t want to risk you seeing, or checking when they are away. It could also be that they need their phone for a work emergency but you decide how probable that is.

Constant phone use

There is a phone lock, passwords have been changed, the phone is now an extension of the arm, and it is being used all the time. Is there a reason to?

This is rather difficult to spot, especially if your partner is naturally busy. Even then, if they are hiding something, they will tend to behave differently.

Facing the phone away from you

If you are sitting on the couch and your boyfriend is texting but the screen is always turned away from you, then he is texting someone he doesn’t want you to see. It’s a conscious and subconscious move when hiding something.

Laughing or giggling while chatting

Again, this can be anything. Maybe he saw a meme. But if she is facing the phone away from you and can’t quite manage to hide a smile or a laugh then she is rather enjoying who she is talking to, and she isn’t talking to you

Extra nice

If abruptly, your partner is extra caring and nice. It may be a sign that they are covering up something. This seems a little unfair, because what if they just realized they haven’t been romantic enough and want to rectify that? It is possible.

But the thing about guilt is that it overcorrects. That means that whatever they do, they will probably do excessively to make up for something else they are doing.

Buying gifts

You come home and flowers are waiting for you, or he buys you impromptu, random gifts when it’s not your birthday, anniversary or Christmas. Out of nowhere, you are cinderella at the ball and he is smitten.

Complimenting you more than usual

Who doesn’t like a good compliment? I mean, you are so beautiful and handsome, and oh that’s such a pretty dress, you should wear that more often. But from where are the compliments coming from when it’s been grunts for years? something may not be right.

Saying I love you more

“I love you, babe!” I am so lucky to have you!”

These are the phrases you now hear every single day, and receive text messages for.

I don’t doubt that they mean it, but could it be that they are covering up for something? I don’t know. You decide.

Sexual behavior changes

Sex is an important part of any relationship and is usually the culprit for the start of an adulterous relationship. It is an interesting one because it could go either way. That means that your partner may exhibit two extremes of sex interest when they are cheating. I suppose it comes down to the individual players and specific circumstances

No interest whatsoever in sex

This is when your partner is completely uninterested in engaging physically with you. It could be a symptom of other problems, but if they are cheating, it is more likely a means to create distance.

Interested in more sex

Yes, it is nice to be wanted. But if you have been having sex once a month for eight years and out of the blue it is happening all the time, you may have a cheater on your hands. Perhaps the affair has incited a need to reconnect or increased their stamina, or it could just be that they feel guilty. It could also be that they are going through a midlife crisis and realized they want you most of all. Again, different circumstances.


The problem with a lie is that it requires more lies to cover it up. If your partner is telling you inconsistent things, then they are lying about something. It could be anything, but honestly, how many things do you have to lie to your significant other about?

Many things could signal an unfaithful partner. The six above are the most common but they are not exact. A cheater may show themselves in different ways. Some say you should trust your instinct and look, if you find these signs then you may have a cheater on your hands. It may be something else entirely nonetheless. There are no absolute signs for infidelity.

If you can’t find any justification for the change in behavior, and what you are being told makes no sense, it is time to take steps to find out for sure.

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