What to Wear on A First Date: The Ultimate Girl Guide

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It’s at that time. You met a handsome man- unless you met online so you don’t know how he looks, but his picture is nice. You two have been chatting and you’ve both decided it’s time to meet. But what do you wear? I mean, it’s the time to impress. After all, they say, “you are what you wear.” your first date outfit speaks volumes about who you are, so it is important to take the time to make sure it is the right one.

What to wear on a first date
What to wear on a first date

Also, who doesn’t want the guy to be stunned by how lucky he is? First impressions, he sees your cute date outfit and he ticks a mental checkbox in his mind. Just like you do.

Before you go into a wardrobe malfunction panic where you think to yourself over and over again that you “have nothing to wear!” despite standing in front of what is most likely an overfull wardrobe, read on and see what first date night gems you may find in there that will blow this guy away.

Here are some first date outfit ideas we think will make all the difference.

Simple rules to follow on what to wear on a first date

Be comfortable

I get it, you want to look super sexy and wantable for the first date, so you reach into the back of the wardrobe, for that dress you love but can never wear anywhere- probably because it is too much of something.

Trust me, nothing is worse than being uncomfortable on a date. Don’t wear that too-tight dress, or those too-high heels, or even those too heavy earrings. First dates certainly carry their fair share of discomfort, don’t add to it.

“Comfort should be your priority! The last thing you want to do is be fidgeting with your outfit—there are more important things to be thinking about!”

Jess Kirby

A first date is a time to get to know someone. The last thing you want to do is to be obsessed with how uncomfortable those shoes are or whether your bra is too small and he can tell.

Also, he probably can. People can usually sense discomfort. However, he may interpret it personally, as if it were him who made you uncomfortable.

2. Wear something that represents your style

You might be nervous, but it would be such a mistake to try wearing a new style you think would impress the guy, but is not you.

Stick to your style otherwise, You will spend the whole evening unsure of yourself, and that eats away at your confidence, which means the date probably won’t go as well as you think it should.

3. Dress for the occasion

Don’t wear a dress when you are going horseriding, it might be a cute dress, but it would be a whole other story if you fell off the horse, legs up.

Also, don’t wear a gala dress for a coffee date.

Ok, those are extreme examples, but you get my point. If you know the location of the date, even better. If not, work with what time of day it is and opt for something that would work with multiple activities.

If you are going for a dinner date, a lunch date, or a coffee date, a winter date, a summer date, a spring date, or a fall date, dress for the occasion.

4. Less is always more

The thing about what you choose to wear is that it is your broadcast of who you are.

Consider before you leave the house just what message is being broadcasted by your outfit.

“When it comes to being sexy and flashing some flesh, it’s important to show one body part: legs, cleavage, shoulder, or back. Anything more and you run the risk of being viewed as trashy or too sexy.” Nikki Goldstein, sexologist

A basic rule of thumb, you don’t need to ever show both your legs and your cleavage. If you choose to wear something short, cover the top area.

Remember ladies, some things are best left to the imagination. They are far sexier that way.

5. Wear something you have often been complimented on

This is a great hack when it seems you have nothing to wear. Consider the outfits that always garner the most compliments from men and women alike. We all have those outfits we know work.

It may feel as if you have worn it too much, but unless you are going to an area where you know a ton of people, he hasn’t seen it before and would be just as impressed as everyone before that.

6. Be simple

Even if you are going to an incredibly expensive restaurant, don’t overdo it. Simple but classic always works.

There is no need for plumes and feathers. A simple black dress will do in a crunch.

7. Be confident

Make sure that when you leave the house you are feeling confident. This is why it is important to take the time to choose an outfit and accessories.

Make sure that you can stand tall, walk proudly and that you truly feel beautiful.

If for some reason, you didn’t have the time to look your best, remember that you are already beautiful and do work with what you’ve got.

Tip: It always helps to have supportive, sexy underwear. It gives such a feeling of naughty sexiness that translated positively as confidence.

Extra things to consider


Rule of thumb, less is more. However, wear makeup you usually wear to feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid of a sexy red lipstick or a daring or purple or even a curious orange. Go for what works with your skin type.



Again, be yourself. How much jewelry do you usually wear?  If you don’t usually wear much, today isn’t the day. Today is date night, and date night should be a fun night.


Know what works for your face, but avoid the tight, severe bun-unless you look divine in it. Otherwise, a more flowy, flighty, fun look would be better. Certainly more inviting than a strict bun


If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them. It is not a good look side hopping about as you stepped on needles. It also significantly makes the date worse for you and consequently for him too.

If you have a lunch date or a casual date, opt for flats instead. You will be far happier, trust me!

There you have it, the simple girl’s guide to finding a first date outfit. Whether you are wearing a simple dress paired with a nice jacket, a nice pair of skinny jeans with a complimentary tank top and a classy clutch bag or a nice pair of leggings and a classic cardi-wrap, keep these rules in mind and go and blow his!

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