How to Impress a Guy on First Date, In Bed and Via Text

how to impress a guy

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Most ladies believe that men only look at the physical aspects of a woman. This may be true but there are other important aspects to. Read our article and find out ways in which to make a guy attracted to you.

How to impress a guy
How to impress a guy 

Ways to impress a man on a first date

Sometimes it is not easy to dazzle a man but when a woman purposes to do it, she has all the weapons in her favor to achieve it successfully. The first date is very critical in a relationship because it will determine whether the relationship will develop further. The following are some of the ways to make an impact on the first date

1. Attitude

Have a positive attitude. Most men like ladies who are cheerful, funny, smiling and have a good sense of humor. Do not take all your frustrations to your first date. Show him the positive side of you.

2. Good body posture

Yes, behave like a lady. Avoid sitting on tables, desks or climbing your feet on chairs. This may seem absurd but I know of weird ladies who do just that.

 3. Offer to pay dinner

Even though we are used to men paying dinner, take the initiative and pay for the meals. It means you have confidence and that you’re happy to do it.

4. Learn to disagree with grace

There’s no pressure to agree with him on everything he says but this is not a court case where you have to win every argument. You should learn to graciously disagree

5. Be intelligent

Most men get ‘high’ on intelligent conversations. Though not important, knowing business, politics, sports, the weather is an added advantage and will make a big impression on the first date

6. Dress casually and beautiful

Avoid the official kind of dressing when going for a first on a first date, it’s a date, not an interview. Do not wear heels if they will hinder you from walking naturally. Keep your hair clean, soft and shinny

7. What are you carrying?

Sometimes your phone may get to the bottom of your purse. A man will notice when you’re having a hard time retrieving it. He may assume that you’re disorganized. Avoid disorderliness by carrying only the essentials in your handbag.

How to impress a guy in bed – things men love in bed

All human beings love sex. The following are some of the ways to impress your boyfriend in bed

Kegel exercises work. Try different intensities, squeeze hard, make him feel you and he will love it

1. Oral sex

It’s a basic and easy way to make a guy feel ‘butterflies’. Get creative; vary the styles, shapes, and intensity. He will appreciate it.

2. Looking at you

Most men like looking in the eyes when making love. Be sincere with your orgasms and your words.

3. Movement

Sex is more fun when both parties put everything of themselves forward. Be adventurous. The last thing a man wants is making love to a static woman.

4. Communication

Tell him how you want it done, encourage him to go on if he is doing something that you like. Communication is very important.

5. Stimulate his whole body

Tease his eyes by wearing lingerie, play with his nipples and ears. He will appreciate it

How to impress a guy via text

Whether texting via WhatsApp or any other messaging application, it’s important to note that the way you text your boyfriend will have an impact on the relationship. These are some of the ways to keep the relationship going via text.

How to impress a guy via text
How to impress a guy via text

1. Text him when you’re doing something

You should have something worth texting about. Say something exciting and or involving. Avoid texts like ‘I am bored’, ‘what’s up’. Such texts kill the mood. Instead tell him something that you’re doing or something you did. Let him know how you feel about it, ask for his opinion.

2. Use flirty and happy chats

Make him want to meet you. Something interesting like ‘You may earn a second date if you play your cards well’ is teasing and flirtatious. It will hook your guy to you. Tell him how you’re excited about something that’s coming up

3. Use short conversations

Avoid long chats because they consume lots of energy and can be very boring. ‘Chat later’, ‘Call me later’ It lets him know that you’re available. He will miss you and wait for your next chat.

4. Do not over text

If he doesn’t reply them let him go. He will respect that. Avoid follow-up texts even if you’re tempted to. This is a way to show that you’re not so desperate.

5. Vary your reply times

This may sound weird but it works. Don’t do it intentionally though. Be busy and finish what you are doing first and reply later. This will let him know that he is not your top priority and he has to put in more effort

Impress without talking to him

You have a crush on this handsome guy in your class or at a colleague at work and are wondering how to get his attention? If you truly love this guy and want him in your life then follow the following tips.

1. Smile a lot when around him

A girl who smiles seems more warm and approachable than girls who behave like snobs. Most surveys also show that boys are impressed by guys who smile and laugh. He will want to hang out with you because you’re an enjoyable person.

2. Accept his help

Never say no when he tries to help you. Refusing his help will make him assume that you don’t see him equal to the task. With this, you can move closer to him

3. Use minimal makeup

A lot of make-up can make you look sexy. But you’re not trying to be a seductress. Maintain your innocence by avoiding heavy makeup

4. You can be shy

Don’t try to be bold all the time. If you’re a naturally shy girl, it would be really easy for you to look cute all the time

5. Eye contact

Playing cute and coy with your eyes will make him work harder to get you to stare back into his eyes

6. Act wisely on social media

Most girls like status updates of their boys on Facebook. Yes, of course, friends do this, but you don’t want to be his friend. You got to be mean with those likes and comments Like few of his status or images which he uploads.  Show some of your qualities on your page.

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