Does Lemon for Weight Loss Work & How to Use It

Do lemons help loose weight

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It is unbelievable how many people are obsessed with the fact that lemon aids in weight loss. Do you believe this fact? Have you ever tried it? Could it be a baseless fact that doesn’t have any scientific evidence?

To some extent, eating lemons for weight loss is true since some people claim to have achieved some results. However, what percentage of weight loss do they facilitate? Have you ever taken a lemon drink for weight loss? Did it really work for you?

Do lemons help loose weight

Do lemons help loose weight

Unfortunately, more doctors affirm that this might be a mere myth. Although some animal tests have confirmed to help in losing weight, you must know what lemons will work well as a meal replacement since it has low calories and other energy laded drinks with it.

Owing to the above argument, could it be taking lemon juice to help you cut some pounds a waste of time? What about lemon water cleanse? Does it also work miracles when consistently taken? Let us explores a few facts and how you can effectively use it.

How lemon facilitates weight loss

Like Pepino watermelon, lemon is a super fruit. It contains a certain chemical known as polyphenols. This chemical is essential in dissolving body fats. This means that daily intake prevents fats from depositing in our bodies, this one may lose some weight.

For better results, you can take other foods and fruits that are rich in polyphenols. These include:

  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Onions
  • Strawberries
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Black beans
  • Olive oil

Lemons also contain potassium. This potassium helps in facilitating digestion and metabolism. When the digestive system is working properly, only a little amount of fat is deposited as excess fats. This plays a vital role in enhancing weight loss.

Does lemon work alone?

You can try taking a lemon, lemonade, or its tea to facilitate weight loss. However, you should first grasp the formula behind this miracle. Many people are having a hard time due to increased cases of obesity. As you all know, obesity comes along with numerous health complications such as blood pressure and diabetes among others.

Therefore, weight loss is the new vocabulary in every nation. According to, many people are spending time on the net trying to find out how one can lose weight fast. If you are researching on things that aid it, then you must have come across lemon drinks.

The big question, however, is; can it alone aid in losing weight. One fact remains true; its use must be accompanied by a change in lifestyle. For example, taking the lemon, while still consuming huge amounts of junk foods, won’t help.

According to, adding lemon to cold or hot water can only help in weight loss only if one adopts a healthy lifestyle. While it helps in burning calories, you should then reduce the intake of foods with high-calorie content.

How do you use lemon to shed off some weight?

Below are some ways to use lemon if you intend to shed off some weight everyone should know:

Use it with cold or hot water

You may have heard that drinking a lot of water works miracles in losing weight. This fact is true. Whether water is taken with lemon or not, fats deposited inside your body melt in the presence of water.

However, you need to know when and how much water you should take if the aim is to burn some calories off your body. Water is most helpful if taken a few minutes before meals, or early in the morning before taking anything else. According to, hot water is known to work better than cold.

Research has, however, shown that taking water with lemon works better. You can extract its juice and add it to some hot water and drink. Alternatively, you can boil it with water to get lemon water to cleanse.

Replace other beverages with lemon water or tea

Are you used to taking sodas, yogurt, milk and energy drinks? It is time to change and consider lemon water or tea. If you want to see real results, then replace morning tea with lemon tea. Here is how you can make this tea:

  • Boil some water and put it in a jar
  • Squeeze some lemons to get its juice
  • Don’t add sugar as sugar facilitates weight gain
  • Add some tea in the mixture of water and the juice you extracted
  • Stir well
  • Take when hot. You can take this tea with some snacks

Use it to flavor various foods

Today, many people are using this citrus fruit to flavor various foods such as cabbages, chips, meat, and greens among others. How do you do this? You can add its juice in your veggies. This does not only add flavor but also boosts the nutrient content of your food.

Foods flavored with lemon feel tasty. For example, smearing its juice on meat ensures that cholesterol is kept at check. Besides, the meat feels tasty. Fried veggies flavored with this citrus fruit are also good in checking weight gain and facilitating some loss.

Use it as a meat tenderizer

You may have heard people talk using it as a meat tenderizer. Many of you would attest to the fact that most health complications are closely related to meat. Some people have “high affinity” for meat. They will eat and eat meat without minding about health complications.

If you want to check your weight, then think about lemonade diet. This can be achieved by using this fruit as a meat tenderizer. This is one way of losing weight.

Therefore, lemon does not only tenderize meat but also breaks down any fat in the meat that might cause weight gain. This is one great way you can use lemon for fat loss.

Use it in food seasoning

We all like flavored food. This is what we are calling food seasoning. Many people season their foods with salt. Why can’t you shift to lemon since it has many other benefits? Did you know that fats that cause weight gain are found in the food we eat?

Seasoning the food, we eat with this citrus fruit is a perfect recipe as it may help us shed off a few pounds.

Make dietary changes

Like earlier noted, you don’t expect lemon water alone to work miracles. You also have a role to play in terms of dietary changes. You should always check the energy content of foods before eating them. Only eat foods whose energy content is low.

Some of the foods to eat daily include:

  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Salads
  • whole grains
  • broth-based soups

Some of the foods avoid include:

  • foods rich in sugar
  • wheat-based foods
  • processed foods
  • sweet treats
  • fried foods

In addition to adopting healthy eating habits, keep your weight in check through regular exercises. Vigorous exercises are essential in getting rid of excess calories in the body. Aerobic exercises combined with strength training exercises are the best for this. You can also consider putting your body in Ketosis by using diet pills which will give additional help to your overall weight-loss plan.


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