Sweaty Palms Meaning, Causes, Cure, Remedies and Prevention

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Palms and hands are involved in almost every human activity. You can just imagine the inconveniences that come along with sweaty palms. This dampness would affect many activities, among them handling objects and greeting people. What can you do if you find your them damp with sweat?

Palm sweating meaning, causes, cures, treatments and prevention

What is it?

Palmar hyperhidrosis refers to uncontrollable sweating on your palms. It is a common problem for many people. If unmanaged, it can cause psychological and other effects.

In most cases, palmar hyperhidrosis goes hand in hand with sweaty feet. If unmanaged, it becomes not only embarrassing but also stressful. Just imagine how you can deal with slippery handshakes and ruined paperwork.

Therefore, this is a real bother for many people. For years, it has negatively impacted on people’s careers, education and social life. This article, therefore, gives a reliable relief to you if you have been struggling with this condition.

‘Sweaty palms’ is a manageable condition. There exist numerous treatment options. You can, therefore, stop it in many ways we are going to look at.

Why are my palms sweaty?

You can’t talk to sweaty palms treatment without understanding the causes. Generally, excessive perspiration, to a large extent, affected by numerous medical, emotional and environmental triggers. These factors interfere with normal perspiration. Some of these factors include:

Excessive smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine. When you smoke, the nicotine component of a cigarette attaches itself to the neuron receptors. These receptors are responsible for regulating how you sweat depending on the existing temperatures.

However, when nicotine attaches itself on the neuron receptors, the sweat glands on the palms and feet are stimulated and hence hyperhidrosis occurs. This continuous perspiration may make your hands and other body parts very sweaty.

Poor diet

Palmar hyperhidrosis is also associated with diet. Intake of some foods and drinks is known to stimulate excessive perspiration.

Indeed, the foods and drinks that increase the heartbeat rate are also known to cause palmar hyperhidrosis. Some of these foods and drinks include:

  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Intake of caffeine
  • Eating a lot of spicy foods
  • Intake of garlic
  • Having too many onions in your food.

Undiagnosed medical condition

Is there a connection between sweaty palms and heart disease. Yes. This condition might indicate the presence of an early sign of heart problems. It can also be due to other undiagnosed diseases or conditions.

If you note that you experience excessive sweating on the palms for no reason, you should consider visiting a health professional. Medics will conduct a diagnosis to help find out possible causes and give you best or permanent solutions cure it.

Stress, anxiety, and nervousness states notes many people will experience palmar hyperhidrosis when they are nervous, stressed up or when anxious. These three emotional factors destabilize the nervous system. When one finds himself in an uncomfortable situation, he might perspire more.

When one is anxious, there is an adrenaline rush. One of its consequence to the body is sweating. This may, however, reduce when one is calm.

Hormonal imbalance

According to, nerves are interconnected with the hormones. The hormones affect the nerves while the nerves stimulate the sweat glands. However, this process should be balanced to prevent excessive palm perspiration.

However, some conditions such as prostate cancer, thyroid disorder, menopause, and diabetes cause hormonal imbalance. This imbalance may excessively stimulate the sweat glands to produce excess sweat, thus palmer hyperhidrosis.

Exposing yourself to hot environments

Normally, hot temperatures stimulate sweating. It may be experienced not only in other parts of the body but also in the palms.  You need to consider working or living in cool places to prevent this problem.

If the condition is not a result of sweaty palms and feet disease, changing the environment might provide a good remedy for it.

Treatment and cures

Although having palmar hyperhidrosis s is embarrassing and stressing simple practices can provide a good remedy for it. It is possible to permanently cure sweaty hands. This article provides some of the practical solutions to this condition.

  • You can make use of some powder: The powder absorbs most of the sweat on your palms. Use of powder should be done regularly as you undertake your daily activities. However, this remedy may not work if you are working in an official environment.
  • You can consider changing your lifestyle: Avoid any activity or item that stimulates sweating. For example, keep off gloves since they can make your hands warm. Wear gloves only when it is extremely freezing. When indoors, avoid them as they are likely to prevent the flow of air in and out of your palms. notes you should avoid petroleum-based skin products such as lotions. Such products can make your hands to remain moist most of the times. {}
  • Regularly cool your palms: Normally, perspiration is caused by raised temperatures. In this context, cooling your body, especially the hands can reduce the sweating. A fan or an air conditioner can provide temporary cooling when temperatures are a bit high. You can also run ice or cold water over your hands when you are perspiring much.
  • What about an antiperspirant? In most cases, people do not consider using antiperspirants on hands. Like on other parts of the body, antiperspirants can provide reliable relief to palmar hyperhidrosis. However, you should always choose unscented sprays. Scented sprays may make the scent to be transferred to the items you touch.
  • Avoid stressing and anxious moments: As WikiHow notes, anxiety and stress are some of the common causes. To stay relaxed, you can adopt various home remedies such as undertaking exercises. Staying confident can also help in reducing anxiety.
  • Oral medication can also offer some relief: Some medicines such as anticholinergic can also be taken to reduce sweating, especially on the feet and palms. However, these oral drugs can cause some significant drying to other parts of the body such as the mouth. In this context, the right dosage should be administered to prevent side effects.


You might be wondering about the best cure for sweaty palms. You should change your mind and start thinking about how to prevent the condition. According to, this problem can be prevented through the adoption of some of the following practices.

  • Avoid wearing gloves
  • Always remain calm
  • Wash your hands when you feel sweaty
  • Regularly use hand gels when you can’t get water to wash your hands.
  • Always apply powder
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