What to Do After Sex – Clean Up, Hydrate and More

What to do after sex

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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or read the whole pee after sex routine, I would probably be a millionaire right now. However, beyond this routine, there are some whole lot other routines that are probably good to practice after a good romping.

Practicing good post sex routines is the secret to always having a super exciting sex life or lack thereof which equals, getting a super vengeful vagina. Good hygiene should always be a priority for every sexual contact.

According to Sherry Ross, M.D., an ob-gyn in California, sex is highly associated with bacteria which can be difficult for the vagina to fend off. Therefore, to protect your vagina from these bacteria it crucial to incorporate other routines in addition to the pee after sex routine.

Wipe the nether regions with non-scented soaps and some water

What to do after sex

What to do after sex

Lube, fingers or the mouth and even the rectum promote chances yeast or bacterial infections contractions notes Ross.

Additionally, she advises the use of a non-perfumed soap to cleanse the vaginal area after sex. All you need is some warm water, a washcloth, and some soap.

Dap the washcloth in warm water and gently wipe your vaginal area moving from front to back. Don’t bother cleaning the internal area since the vagina has its own cleaning mechanism.

Drink some water

Similar to an intense workout session it is important to hydrate after a mind-blowing romping. Dehydration affects the whole body, so if your vagina feels dry or felt like sandpaper during intercourse, then you totally need to hydrate.

Apart from replenishing your body, drinking water after sex will help you flush out any bacteria from your system.

Indulge in some probiotic foods

Foods rich in probiotics such as yogurt, kombucha, kimchi and other fermented foods according to women’s health mag, which is also found in the vagina.

Snacking on these foods after a good roll in the hay will replenish good bacteria in your body thus decreasing the risk of yeast infections.

Treat yourself to a soak in the bathtub

Together with feeling like a pampered sex goddess that you are, pamper yourself even further by adding some extra virgin essential oils to a warm bath to help you hydrate and nourish your skin as well as soothe any vaginal inflammation or irritation resulting from sex states Ross. Additionally, this reduces the risk of infections.

Put on cotton undergarments

After practicing proper hygiene. Fend off any UTIs as well as other infections by putting on cotton under wares and wearing loose-fitting pajamas to ensure your private parts remain dry and /or you can opt to go commando for ultimate air circulation.

However, avoid nylon undergarments or tight-fitting PJs since they can trap moisture and foster the growth of bacteria as noted by women’s health mag.

What to never do after sex: mistakes women make after sex

A medical director at Adonai medical and aesthetic clinic talks about the health mistakes most women make aft sex:

Avoiding taking a wee

Women’s urethra is shorter than that hence its easier for bacteria to make their up the bladder especially after sex, peeing decreases the risk of infections since it flushes them out.

Wiping the wrong way

Always remember it is front to back, its an old rule but a good one. Wiping from back to front exposes your vagina to bacteria thus increasing the risk of infections.

Confirm the contraceptive is still intact

You, used a condom, perfect! That makes you responsible. But for the sake of your own health and the effective prevention of unplanned pregnancies check to see whether the condom broke or not.

This way you will be prepared and take the most effective solutions in case you find out the worst- by the worst-I mean a broken condom.

Skipping the pill

Granted, everyone who has ever been on the pill is guilty of skipping one or two dosages. In case you forget to take your birth control pills, do not be afraid, go to the nearest pharmacy and get some emergency contraceptives such as Ella one or plan B.

Never wait for a GP appointment to get emergency contraception. The sooner you get an emergency contraception the better for you.

Ignoring pain or bleeding after sex

Bleeding after sex should be taken as an emergency it may signify thickening of the endometrial wall or cervical bleeding. In case this happens, make an immediate appointment with your doctor.

Additionally, pain during or after sex is a serious problem and should be medically investigated to diagnose the cause: which can be anything from vaginal fibroids to vaginal dryness of which both can easily be treated.

Ignoring unusual discharge

Do not feel ashamed if you experience abnormal discharge. Yes, during our monthly cycle, the discharge changes in texture and appearance: but if it has a terrible odor or is darker than usual it may be time to get a checkup. This is because these are signs of an infection.

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