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Feeling like it’s time to ditch chemical-based hair products and go all-natural.  We all want healthy looking tresses; you know those locks you would trade your leg for but don’t have it yet, yeah! Very many of us have always craved long, deluxe, exquisite manes.

Vegetable hair dyes - henna, advantages, brands and why use it
Vegetable henna

The dernier cri of beauty and femininity in the current society is to have some glossy, vibrant, long locks worthy of a front cover feature in the bazaar, vogue, allure, glamour or even a Gisele inspired shoot.

For those of us who want to maintain beautiful yet, healthy vibrant curls but want to give it a little pop, have some fun and at the same time look a lot, okay a little younger. Good news! You can achieve this by using vegetable hair dyes.

Pretty sure you have noticed your hair losing its sheen, looking lifeless, limp and unhealthy! Well, this might be caused by the use of toxic dyes and colorants.


Moisturized, lusty, vibrant, luxurious hair is the avant-garde craze to coming close to exquisite. Luckily, the introduction of vegetable hair dyes will assist you through this journey of getting that locks you have always wanted but don’t have yet.

Life is all about having fun and trying out different things, these dyes give you the opportunity to have fun with your curls and try out an array of different colors, as many times as you want and still keeps them healthy.

Vegetable types of colorings are  considered safe to use during pregnancy, for cancer patients, for gray coverage, eyebrow dyeing and also people who are highly susceptible to allergies as noted in Hair mag

So, why is vegetable hair dye the way to go?

  • Conventional or regular dyes and colorants can severely cause hair damage and potentially accelerate the risk of other health conditions. This is because, regular brands constitute of toxic chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and parabens, among other ingredients which have been scientifically proven to affect the nervous system, respiratory, digestive system and also cause cancer.
  • Vegetable dyes are extracted from vegetables. Yes! All the vegetables in your pantry are infused with so much color and benefits for your tresses that are not common with regular dyes.
  • Vegetable hair dyes are safer and healthier since they are made from vegetable pigments hence do not contain any form of toxic substances.
  • However, if you are transitioning from the use of convention brands, you need to know that vegetable one only offers semi-permanent results but at the same time offers too many benefits.
Use of vegetable hair dye


Tired and frustrated of having to use regular dyes and constantly having to deal with hair loss, skin burns, raw and itchy skins from the toxic substances in these products?

Does your locks a favor, switch up your previous to vegetable coloring and you will never have to deal with the above-mentioned problems.

1. Offers semi-permanent results.

Thinking of having just a little fun and trying out that crazy hair color? Spicing up its color is all about the thrill of trying something new, something different. Just to have some fun.

Vegetable hair colorings are the way to go. This is because they offer temporary results, which only last a few weeks, approximately after 8-12 washes as noted in style craze.

At times we love to change up our hair more often than not. Good news! With vegetable ones, you can change their color as many times as you want without having to wait for soo long to try out the new color trends.

2. Safe for expectant mothers

Dying or coloring hair while pregnant considering the high amounts of toxic ingredients present in regular brands can be very nerve-racking.  This is because the chemical constituents may have severe effects on the unborn child.

However, vegetable types are safe to use while pregnant. This is because they do not contain any form of toxic substances according to Style Craze.

3. Conditions and improves its health

The presence of natural ingredients nourishes and boosts the general health of your hair. Additionally, these natural ingredients act as a conditioner by making it soft, vibrant, lusty and luxurious.

4. Offers damage control

As stated above, vegetable-based colorings contain natural ingredients which boost the general health of your hair. The absence of toxic substances and ingredients that can be potentially harmful is an added advantage.

5. They maintain the general structure of your hair

The high amounts of chemicals in conventional brands that enable the dyes to penetrate into hair shafts cause them to become brittle, limp, lifeless and overall unhealthy.

However, the absence of harsh toxic ingredients (such as ammonia, parabens or formaldehyde among others) in vegetable hair dyes ensures that its structure is maintained and overall healthy.

Types and brands

There are numerous hair dye brands, depending on the color and the duration you want the dye to stay. Some brands may be better than others.

The variety of brands offers a wide scope of colors to pick from. However, you should go for the high-end products which are of high quality and ensure gentle, damage-free results or care.

The common types of vegetable dyes according to Stylish Walks are extracted from

  • Fruits and flower which are considered to be the best since they contain a variety of colors.
  • Roots, barks, and stems.
  • Mineral-based vegetable hair dyes which are procured from natural mineral salts and oxidized iron.
  • However, their most common ingredients are obtained from leaves.

Chamomile is the widely known hair dye and it gives a yellow hue when applied.

Good housekeeping, Wise she, Eluxe magazine, Bustle offer a wide variety of the best natural vegetable hair dyes that are considered to be generally safer and cater to sensitive groups such as pregnant women, cancer patients or highly allergic people in the society.

Nonetheless, it is vital to be cautious when buying them. keenly go through the lists of ingredients in the product you are purchasing to ensure the absence of any malicious ingredient.

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