How to Style and Get Rid or Remove Baby Hairs

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I was born with an unfortunate head of hair if one could call it that. My hair grew specifically in the center of my head and was satisfied that that was all it needed to do. For years I didn’t even have baby hair at the hairline, instead of my hair abruptly started somewhere close to the middle of my head.

How to get rid or style baby hairs
Styling baby hairs –  Rihanna

Turns out, my hair was just a little slow on the uptake, having caught up with my struggle and rallying to grow somewhat evenly.

However, the baby hairs on the front are still the saving grace of my dismal crown. They grow slowly and are short, but with a little time in the morning, I can hold my head and bun up high.

Am I advocating you keep your baby hairs?

Kim Kardashian had them removed. Her sister Kylie has them and loves them. Kim now misses hers. I’m just saying.

That many other celebrities have embraced this trend to the “ooh’s and ahh’s” of their fans, means we can now confidently say, keeping them fashionable.

You will be told it frames the face in a “cute” and “adorable” way. Those pesky flyaways are now an expression of sexy innocence.

Not to mention, you can still achieve a neat or even strict look, depending on how well you manage them. If you have them, now isn’t the time to get rid of them. Don’t be Kim and live your life in regret, instead learn to manage them and be acute but sexy babe.

However, if you are determined, these are your options:

Baby Hair Removal

Shaving, removal creams, waxing

A short-term solution that only really works where they are gathered in front of the hairline. Shaving may leave bumps on your hairline, which defeats the purpose of getting rid of them. A bumpy hairline is hardly neat, and I doubt you’ll be rushing to show that off. Also, it will start to grow back in about 2 days.

Depilatory creams (hair removal creams) last up to four weeks. However, they may irritate your skin. The skin on your face and head is incredibly sensitive. These creams may cause a rash, dryness, and itching. Plus, dryness and a feeling of being sunburnt. Good luck out in the sun today with your hair pulled back into a neat bun.

Waxing hurts. It does. And the skin on your face is incredibly sensitive. It will hurt even more. But on the bright side, the removal effects may last anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

Laser removal

This what Kim did, and the effects are still present, so if you are searching for a longer-term solution, this is it. Painless and easy on the skin, it takes 6-8 sessions depending on how thick your hair is.

Sounds great except for the $1200 you need to get it done. I’m sorry to dash your dreams.

Those are your only removal options. Tweezing was left out due to its tedious, drawn-out and painful nature. Honestly, it would take incredibly unruly baby hair for me to take any of these measures, and I would recommend them only to people with incredibly unruly ones.

But how to tame the wild babies?

How to style your baby hairs

This is how to keep your it looking fresh!

Wet it

Get it wet. You don’t have to wash your hair every day, we all know that too much shampoo dries it out.  Instead, use a spray bottle and spritz water all over your hairline until it is properly wet.

  • Tip: You could also run an ice cube over your hairline if it’s especially dry. The cold-water locks in moisture and relax it.
  • Tip: When you do wash it, use a moisturizing shampoo or anti-frizz shampoo. Make sure the shampoo you choose is also for your particular hair type: for example, if it has color, look for a shampoo for dyed hair. These help against drying and should calm your wild flyaways.

Don’t forget, every time you shampoo, you must condition to keep your hair soft and avoid breakage.

Heat it

Hold it away from your scalp with your fingers. Blow-dry for 3 seconds and then switch to cool air for 3 seconds. You can also opt to blow dry for 3 seconds then let your hair rest. The aim of alternating from hot to cold is to protect it from burning, especially since they are fragile

Use product

Now it is time to style it so that you can leave the house. This can be done in two main ways, but they both use a toothbrush.

Hairspray: Using a toothbrush, set it down using a firm hold hairspray. Brush it into place. This keeps the flyaways from…well, flying. You can use styling cream instead!

Gel: brush down the short baby hairs on your hairline using a toothbrush coated with gel. Avoid coating the brush with gel. Too much and it looks like you super glued it on your head, too little and no results.

Style as you please. You can hold it down using your fingers if you want an elaborate hairline, or simply comb them backward If you want a simple hairline.

Because gel sometimes leaves dry flakes, sprits a little water after gelling to keep the flakes away.

Natural remedy: it seems olive oil and almond oil are great for holding these hairs in place, though not as strictly as hairspray nor as firmly as a gel. If you prefer the above methods, I would still recommend using olive and almond oil beforehand.

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