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Big stomachs have been a perpetual issue among most women, notwithstanding your body shape.  Have you ever been in a situation where you had to suck in your belly throughout the day? Uncomfortable! Right?

How do you dress an hourglass with a big tummy?
How do you dress an hourglass with a big tummy?

I’m pretty sure the whole time you were just thinking about the time you would be able to relax and let that tummy out in all its bulging gloriousness.

Everybody and all body types are beautiful. Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however, it’s key to learn and understand your best features to fashionably accentuate them.

On the other hand, some of us develop figure flaws e.g. a protruding stomach, and no matter how you dress up it doesn’t become any less obvious. Or that extra fat around your mid-section can be pretty annoying when it comes to dressing those fashionable curves.

Muffing-top sound familiar to you? Yes! I know it sounds pretty cute but does it look cute?

The point that I cannot reiterate enough is the fact that no matter which figures or body type you are, figure flaws might be there and if they are not, lucky you!

Below are some tips and tricks on how to hide that stomach and flaunt those curves.

What to consider in tweaking your style to hide that belly

When purchasing clothes especially tops, blouses, jackets or any other garment that will be worn on the upper body part; especially when you are trying to conceal a big tummy. The following aspects are very vital. Colors, fabrics, and structures are crucial in creating the optical illusion of a small tummy.

  • Darker colors have a general slimming effect and give the illusion of a flat stomach. Dark rinses ensure that the stomach recedes and gives you that flat stomach effect. Monochromatic colors are the way to go. You can give a monochromatic outfit that pop by adding a light coat or jacket with a brighter color and BAM! Slimming! A general rule that you need to remember is darker colors equals a slimming effect, brighter colors equal a widening effect.
  • Fabrics play a very vital role in creating that narrow effect on your tummy. Avoid clothes that cling onto your bodies such as satin or any other light material, instead go for loose-fitting blouses or tops. Go for fabrics that have fluidity.  Bulky and heavy fabrics exaggerate your overall size.
  • Structured clothing, such as jackets or blazers give a flattering silhouette and draws attention away from the waist. Structured clothing offers an extra width across the shoulders thus giving an exaggerated, V-shape downwards which minimizes the tummy area.

How to flaunt your curves and disguise a big stomach

Highlight! Accentuate! Your best features style studs and lace suggests, whatever you do, do not cover up your assets. Lean arms? Get yourself something sleeveless, amazing bust? Let the ladies come out to play, show that cleavage!

What not to wear to hide a big belly

The aim is to disguise a big stomach

  • avoid clingy or well-fitting tops as they will only accentuate your stomach.  But if you must wear a tight-fitting outfit combo, ensure that the fabric is thick and structured which creates a perfect illusion of a streamlined upper body.
  • Buggy oversized shirts, tops or tunics cover all that fat blob in your mid-section but! They also conceal everything up making you look 10 pounds heavier than you are. As stated above, highlight your assets, so if you choose a baggy or oversized clothing to ensure that it at least flatters your assets. Instead, you can do fitting tops, snug at the chest and arms but mildly skims over your stomach.
  • Pleats add bulk to your midsection. You best avoid them. Instead, go for a flat front skirt or pant with a wide waistband according to Fabulous after 40.
  • Avoid tucking in because this only flatters your belly pooch which can be quite unforgiving. Leave your top or blouse hanging freely.

What you need to hide it

  • Structured shoulders offer an extra width across the shoulders and exaggerate the V-shape downwards which minimizes the stomach region. This trend offers versatile choices ranging from blouses with puffy sleeves to jackets with puffed-up shoulder details. And to achieve that leaner silhouette across your mid-section goes for fluid fabrics.
  • Empire waist styles and A-lined dresses can never disappoint in disguising that bulging stomach as noted in Health. This style accentuates all body types by flattering the section just below our bust line and grazes your stomach down.
  • Layers! Using layers to hide a big stomach is very trendy. But it is important to choose fabrics that will accentuate your features and not give you a curtain-look.  Long thin fabrics can help evade this turnout.  Layers tweak up your figure flaws by flattering and disguising others.  A fitting jacket or long cardigan will elongate your posture and narrow the torso region.
  • Draping and ruching are your friends. Subtle ruching (gathering and sewing down of fabric) and drippy soft clothes help to conceal excess weight in the stomach region. Excessive draping and ruching could add bulk according to fabulous after 40.
  • Bras. Wearing a good bra that lifts your breasts elongates your mid-section thus giving the optical illusion of a smaller stomach.
  • Accessorize! Accessories help to redirect the gaze upwards towards the neckline and face. Get yourself a V-neck top with some little unique details or embellishments here and there; make that outfit pop! by picking a chunky necklace, earrings or headband. Accessories offer distractions away from your mid-section to where you want as noted into health and  Fabulous after 40.
  •  Go for high waisted pants and jeans. These are guaranteed to give you elongated legs and accentuate your tummy.
  • Belts!  health suggests avoiding slim belts but rather go for dark-colored belts that are 3- 4 inches larger thus corset-like.
  • Shapewear! These go a long way to ensure smoothening and reshaping your silhouette and elongating your posture as stated in health.
  • Tailored jackets and vest-like blazers hide that slight nip in the stomach area flatter your shape to give a leaner silhouette in the mid-section of your body.

However, it should be noted that all body types are unique and different. Therefore, what might work for somebody else’s body may not work for you. The trick is to try out these ideas until you find one that flatters your curves and hides that stomach.

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