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Knowing your body type is important as it reveals how all your body parts come together and helps you know how fat is distributed in your body. Most people, if not all, have trouble finding the right garment that would accentuate their best features and give them the desired look. Sadly, some people have settled on the assumption that they can never get the ideal skirt or top that would fit them perfectly.

 Body types - apple, pear, rectangular and hourglass
 Body types – apple, pear, rectangular and hourglass 

There are four main body parts: the pear, hourglass, apple, and the box.

Also known as Triangle, is the most common body type around. Pear-shaped women have a distinct waistline, wide hips, a small bust, and a well-defined neck with slim shoulders and arms.

If you have a pear body, then the trick of the game is to try and accentuate the bust area while at the same time flaunting that distinct waistline.

Pear-shaped body celebrities

This popular figure is evident in many celebrities like the fashion goddess Kim Kardashian, the dance-hall queen Beyoncé, the curvy Spanish heat Shakira, and the bootylicious Jenifer Lopez, just but to list some of the Pear-shaped body celebrities

 Hollywood, California, USA; March 2, 2014; Kim Kardashian arrives to Elton John AIDS Foundation Presents 22nd Academy Award Viewing Party
 Hollywood, California, USA; March 2, 2014; Kim Kardashian arrives at Elton John AIDS Foundation Presents 22nd Academy Award Viewing Party


Pear-shaped women face the challenge of finding clothing that would fit their relatively small waist and relatively wider hips. Finding the right dress may be challenging because a slim-cut fashion may fail to balance your hips. The best clothes for this shape are those that de-emphasize the curves and draw attention to the upper part of the body. You can do this using accessories, textures, and push-up bras. Also, wearing bright tops and using dark colors on the bottom part of your body will boost up your glam.

Body jeans and trousers

When shopping for jeans, look for trouser-cut jeans that fall straight down from your hips. Opt for more subtle or dark colors for your pants/jeans. The goal here is to streamline the curves and give the legs that elongated appearance. The best jeans for the pear-shaped body are trouser-jeans. Unlike traditional trousers, trouser jeans are preferred because of their broad waistband, wide hems, and legs. These pants glide over the thighs giving you that elongated look.

When shopping for trouser jeans, go for flat-front trousers and mid to high rise jeans that will rest just above your waistline. Avoid open, angle or side pockets and consider stitching the pockets so that they stay in place.

The best jeans/pants should be dark-colored, wide-legged or straight-leg pants. Bootcut and flare jeans are good for your figure as they have a straight leg fit that expands just below the knee. This denim-style design will draw attention away from the wide hips and thighs thereby giving you that proportionate look.

Best dresses for pear-shaped ladies

Dresses for pear shaped body

Go for A-line dresses that draw attention to your top giving you that proportionate look. The aim here is to go for dresses that show off your slender upper part of your body and de-emphasize the bottom part. The best dresses for the pear-shaped body are those that add volume to your upper part, flaunt your waistline and minimize attention on the lower part of the body, thereby giving you that balanced, hourglass appearance.

Skirts and Tops

When it comes to skirts, go for darker colors and A-line skirts that fit well at the hips. Skirts for the pear-shaped body should be simple and not shiny. Avoid tight skirts as they will make you look heavy at the bottom. Lastly, if you want to flaunt your curves rather than de-emphasize them, then accentuate your curves by choosing a skirt with details. For example, you can go for skirts and dresses with tulip cut or raffles. Pencil skirts are also good for flattering your figure.

Note that the key rule of fashion is to de-emphasize the bottom part of your body. Accentuating your feminine parts may make you appear too sexy which can be a turn-off.

For tops, go for fitting tops that create a fuller illusion at all the right places. Go for bold designs and colors. Also, tops for the pear-shaped woman should finish at the top of your curves to accentuate your distinct waist.

You can go for large V, or U-necked tops. You can also do tops with horizontal stripes, cropped tops, or tops that are embellished or padded. Avoid shapeless tops.

Formal Wears

When going for formal wear, remember the golden rules. Look for outfits that draw attention to the upper part of the body. Go for embellished necklines, or accessorize. When it comes to pants and skirts, remember that wide is good. Therefore, go for clothing that has wide hems. Go for structured pants.

Swimwear for pear shaped body

Pear-shaped Body Diet

Pear-shaped women tend to be generally healthy. But, if you are overweight and well on your way to becoming an apple-shaped woman (your waist to hip ratio is higher than 0.78), then you should go for a diet with low glycemic index grains such as corn or rye. Go for low-fat dairy and protein foods. Also, go for non-starchy vegetables and fruits.

The pear body is characterized by a small upper body with small breasts and a heavier lower body. Pear-shaped person types (or gynoid body type in the medical sphere) tend to have higher levels of estrogen. As a consequence, the metabolic rate is lower, and subcutaneous fat is majorly found around the hips and thighs.

The typical health risks for women with this shape include varicose veins, cellulite, osteoporosis, and hot flushes during menopause.

Workouts should be focused on the lower body, while at the same time toning the upper body. The workouts include power moves and endurance training. Go for exercises such as skipping, lunges, leg planks, and other strength training exercises.

The pear-shaped women diet should constitute complex carbohydrates (whole grains, dark bread, oats), lean proteins, healthy fats, and high levels of calcium. Remember that pear bodies face a higher risk of osteoporosis. Therefore, you need high levels of calcium-rich foods.

Avoid artificial low-fat foods. Most of the artificial low-fat foods in the market replace the fat component with salt, sugar, or other artificial ingredients such as artificial sugars. Such foods trick you into overeating and by the end of the day, you will not see any positive results in your diet.

Always appreciate your curvaceous figure. Remember, every woman has her good and bad features. Accentuate the good, cover up the not so appealing, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. You’re worth it.

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