How to get Smaller Shoulders: Clothing and Workouts

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Typically, the broad-shoulder look is a dimension that most women detest. This is because of the societal perception of beauty in a woman, in which an ideal woman is defined as being small shouldered, with a small waist and curvaceous hips. The reality is, however, every woman is unique and each woman has those parts that they accentuate and those parts that they just don’t feel right about.

Dumbbell exercises for smaller shoulders
Dumbbell exercises

Another reality that women need to embrace is that whereas the small-shouldered woman is celebrated in mainstream media, some men find the broad ones attractive.

There are some great female celebrities with broad shoulders who have mastered the art of accentuating their femininity. Take Halle Berry for instance. This elegant actress knows how to dress her well-toned broad shoulders giving her a classy edge in every red carpet event.

Julia Roberts is another famous beauty who has also struggled with this issue too just like Halle Berry. The trick is to look for outfits that flaunt your best assets thereby drawing attention away from the broad shoulders. Alternatively, you can try-out exercises that tone them thereby creating the illusion of them being smaller.

 Workouts for smaller shoulders

Broad shoulders in a woman are majorly due to genetics. A significant portion of women has the “inverted triangle” body shape. Women with this body shape tend to have narrow hips and broad shoulders.

Some women tend gaining weight around this area leading to broad shoulders. If you wish to acquire well-toned, smaller ones, then here are some workouts to try out:

1. Dumbbell Exercises

There are some great dumbbell work-outs to try out. For instance, you can do dumbbell presses while seated. This posture focusses on the mass on the upper body level (shoulders and back). Simply sit on a bench in an upright posture. Grab the dumbbells and work out the elbow and shoulder by lifting and lowering the dumbbells straight without fully locking the elbow.

Other dumbbell exercises to try out include front-raise where you hold the dumbbells at the front of your body. Lift and lower the dumbbells without swinging or using momentum. Keep your arms straight while doing the front raise. Also, lower your back to the front of your thighs and repeat the process.

Other techniques for working these areas include the side lateral raise using the dumbbells.

2. Push-ups and pull-ups

You can opt for a 20-minute work-out routine involving push-ups and pull-ups. This simple exercise can be done at home and you can do them while on your knees or toes.

Try push-ups

3. Bicep-Curls

This is an excellent arm-toning technique that will help you develop a great appeal on your upper body.

Bicep curls
Bicep curls

4. Plank

Similar to push-ups, this position involves taking a horizontal position on the ground. Place your body in this stable position for at least 30 seconds. Planks are a great way to lose weight in your arms thereby giving you a more rounded shoulder look.

Remember these workouts strive to sculpture the shoulders thereby giving them that toned look. However, you need a balanced exercise plan or you’ll run the risk of over-working your muscles. Do more cardio techniques and lower body exercises to develop a more sexy appeal. Also, use lighter weights on the upper body to avoid muscle build-up.

Consider taking up a low-calorie diet to help you trim down weight. One simple way to achieve this is to reduce the intake of sugary drinks as well as white bread or pasta. Create a meal plan that includes whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Clothes to make smaller shoulders

The trick here is to draw attention away from the broad shoulders. You can do this by wearing outfits that flatter your best features. For instance, you can opt for short skirts that flaunt off your legs (if you have slim thighs and beautiful legs). There are a variety dress styles to choose from. For example, you can go for dresses with flares. Avoid dresses with padded or structured shoulders.

Dresses without straps can help make your shoulders appear smaller
Strapless dresses 

Avoid tops with shoulder designs. Check the neck design as well as the sleeve as the trick is in these two sections. Lower cut tops are advisable as they draw attention away. Also, accessories such as belts and long necklaces can accentuate your look.

Strapless dresses and tops are ideal for broad shouldered women. You can go for v-neck dresses as they bring attention to the mid-section. Halter style dresses and skater skirts are ideal for your body. For tops, you can go for outfits with cascading ruffles that create the illusion of volume and balance.

Unlike the pear-shaped woman, you have the liberty of experimenting with diverse patterns, textures, and colors for trousers. You are free to wear skinny jeans and pants with straight cuts, a slightly flared hem, or straight fitting pants.

Physically, there is no solution to smaller shoulders, especially if the problem is genetic rather than an issue of weight gain. Like the famous stars before you (Halle Berry, Jenifer Garner, and Julia Roberts), adopt a healthy lifestyle, work out and flaunt your beauty.

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