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When dressing an apple body shape, your emphasis should be on your strong points while camouflaging your weaker ones. Women who are apple body shaped tend to have:

Types of female bodies. Five figures, the physique of girls. Forms an inverted triangle, a pear, a rectangle, an apple, an hourglass
Types of female bodies. Five figures, the physique of girls. Forms an inverted triangle, a pear, a rectangle, an apple, an hourglass
  • Large busts
  • Narrow hips
  • Full midsection (protruding tummy)
  • They gain weight around the stomach, upper and back body
  • The waist is big and undefined
  • Have a full face with a full and shorter neck
  • Flat buttocks
  • Slender, shapely and graceful legs
  • Wide, fleshy shoulders
  • Narrow hips

How to Best Dress an Apple Shaped Woman

The key here is to de-emphasize the tummy and create a defined waist. This means that you choose clothes that add fullness and curves to the lower body. The amazing legs allow you to play with skirt lengths. Do not go for too short either since you will emphasize the top-heaviness.

Tips on how to style an apple shape

  • Wear clothes that define your waist
  • Wear clothes that elongate your breasts and legs
  • Wear clothes with prints and color
  • Wear a supportive bra or a good push-up bra
  • Use dark colored wide belts
  • Wear clothes that lift the chest while making the waist trimmer
  • Clothes you wear should skim over your midsection
  • Wear clothes that add volume and structure to hips. This include prints and full circle skirts
Dressing your apple shape body
Dressing your apple shape body

Dresses to should wear.

  • Wear short dresses since they accentuate your beautiful legs.
  • Tunic dresses are great since their structured shape cover up the undefined waist.
  • Wear high hemlines and sleeveless dresses since they show off your limbs
  • Empire line dresses flatter your shape by drawing a line underneath your bust, skim over the wider waist and lengthen your body.
  • Paneled dresses and those with black edges and color block center dresses skim off inches from your waist
  • Wear wide belts, especially the dark-colored belts. Waist clinchers especially define the waist.
  • Wear shirtdresses with ties to add definition to your figure.
  • Choose dresses that have a fuller skirt so as to create a small waistline illusion.

Shorts and pants choices

  • Wear short length and high waist shorts. This draws attention to your legs which are one of your assets. If you wear anything that’s cut low at the waist, it may accentuate your middle section.  The cut should be on the waistline so that it slims the waist and defines it well.
  • Wear pants that have pockets. This hides your flat bottom and balances your waist.
  • Wear pants that include some stretch in a boot cut style or trouser cut.
  • Wear dark colored jeans.

Tops to go for

  • Peplum styles are good since they expand at the waist. Go for shirts that tend to flow under your bust.
  • Wear V-necks or plunge necklines to lengthen your body.
  • Strapless, narrow bodice tops and scoops draw eyes to your bust and lengthen your upper body.
  • Make sure tops you buy fall lower than your hipbone.

Skirts for apple shaped bodies

  • The skirts should have an A-line or bias cut.
  • Buy skirts with hanky hems or trumpet skirts.


Go for a jacket that camouflages your midsection.

  • Single-breasted jackets are a good choice. It should not have many details though.
  • A structured jacket creates curves in your hips and chest while minimizing your waist.


  • Wear high heels to elongate your beautiful legs
  • You can also wear nude sandals with shorts. This creates more length.
  • Others you can wear are wedges, platforms, ballet-flats, calf-length boots, strappy sandals and clogs.


  • Halter neck swimwear supports your full bust. They should have underwired straps and thick straps to support the bust.
  • Vest zip tops also help cover your middle area. It should not be figure-hugging.
  • Use one with detailed shoulders so that you can draw attention to your face.

Styles to avoid if you are apple-shaped

  • Big jackets and double-breasted coats that finish at your full points.
  • Shapeless garments that don’t show your waist
  • Vertical layers
  • Bulky trousers with lots of zippers and pockets at the front. This draw attention to your middle and make you appear rounder.
  • High necklines and off the shoulder tops broaden your shoulders.
  • Solid colors. Mix up the colors
  • Tight clingy t-shirts.
  • Baggy, formless or boxy tops make you look larger.
  • Pleated skirts
  • Bandeau styles as they broaden your shoulders
  • Flared maxi dresses as they hide your beautiful legs
  • Elaborate necklaces adorn your great bust and make it look bigger.
  • Bulky clothes
  • Off the shoulder dresses and halter dresses as they broaden your shoulders
  • Shoulder pads
  • Heavily patterned tops and horizontal stripes
  • Skirts that are tight around the waist or those whose waistline falls at your natural waist. They are not flattering.
  • Dresses that have a built-in waistline since it adds unnecessary bulk to your waist.
  • Kitten heels, heavy boots, or any shoes that draw attention to your waist or make your legs look smaller.
  • Low cut bikini tops since they accentuate your waist.
  • Shoulder bags and oversized clutches add unwanted fullness to your look.
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