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Hourglass Body

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The sexiest figure of all. Don’t get mad at me, I don’t have it. But the standard throughout history is that an hourglass figure is enviable.

Just look at Marylin Monroe or Beyoncé. That wonderful proportion is almost just reason for a bout of jealousy for any woman who doesn’t have it and a grand sexual incitement for any man looking at it.

Why? Because the hourglass figure has it all! Big bosoms and rounded buttocks, a small waist and curvy legs. It is black ass meet white tits.

Woman body types. Apple, pear, rectangle, hourglasses shapes
Woman body types. Apple, pear, rectangle, hourglasses shapes

Features and characteristics

This says you have an hourglass figure if:

  • Your bust and hips are well balanced
  • you have a beautifully defined waist
  • You have gently rounded shoulders that align nicely with your hips
  • Your waist is obvious and gracefully curves out to your hips
  • You most likely have a rounded bottom and beautiful side as well as front profile
  • Your upper body is proportionate in length to your shapely legs
  • From top to bottom, you are a picture of harmony and balance

What to wear – general rules

The key to dressing an hourglass figure is balanced and fit. To properly outline your body, the outfits you wear should take on the shape of your body. Because, if you have that body, why not accentuate it? Aim for clothes that hug your shape and show it off.

However, it is possible to wear loose clothing that still brings out your figure, or at the very least, your fashion sense.

Soft fabrics

Aim for softer fabrics instead of stiff ones. This is because soft fabrics drape your body gracefully while stiff material tends to distort your shape, or worse, hide it away entirely. “Avoid fabrics like structured linen, denim, chunky knits, corduroy, twill, thick jersey or Thai silk.” [Styled24/7]

Look for form-fitting clothes

The reason is simple, you have curves, you should show them. At least for the rest of us who have little to none of the same. Form-fitting clothes will outline your curves wonderfully, especially if they are of soft material.

Avoid extra details on your outfits.

Big bows and loud ruffles, and bright frills tend to either add too much or take away too much. If they are on your bust or hips, they add too much bulk. If they are on your waist or legs, they take away too much of the shape.

Again, depending on your fashion sense, you can certainly make bows, ruffles, and frills work, but even then, less is more.

Invest in the right underwear

This is important with any figure but especially an hourglass figure. Because the assets are so emphasized, ill-fitting underwear is easily visible and rather unattractive.

For example, a bra that is too small will have a visible spillage, and one that is too big has visible space.

Similarly, with underwear, granny panties are not your friend because the nature of the best clothes for your body type is fitting. No one likes to see a panty line- even though we all wear underwear. It is easy enough to invest in seamless drawers than ruin a perfectly good outfit and abuse the beautiful gift of your God-given body.

Tops and jackets

Dresses for hourglass body shape
Dresses for hourglass body shape

For tops and jackets for hourglass body shapes, here are a few ideas which could make you look great.


Tops and jackets that are belted at the waist work further to highlight your figure by drawing on your slim waist as if for sustenance.


Not like a burrito but tops that wrap around your waist pull the material around your body, properly capturing all the angles without adding any extra weight.

Low necklines

A top with a low neckline draws attention to your waist making it look even slimmer than it is. V neck and scoop neck tops work best to accentuate your figures.

It is suggested that an hourglass figure ought to avoid “wide necklines like boat necks and squares since these tend to make you look top-heavy.” This is true, however, if you like to look a little top-heavy, then go for it. Turtleneck tops also emphasize the bust making it look bigger.

Bottoms: skirts and dresses for hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shapes are flattering for almost every type of skirt.

Classic Cuts

Classic cut skirts are those that are streamlined to your figure and end at the knees. They include pencil skirts and A-line skirts. While they have become a fashion trend for every shape, especially for workwear, they happen to be extremely flattering to an hourglass figure. Because your shaped hips and rounded bottoms fill them up nicely.

High waist skirts

A high waist skirt has the same benefits as a classic cut skirt except it also stresses the slimness of your waist.

Bottoms with volume

Voluminous skirts or dresses, while not fitting, drape an hourglass body beautifully. Though they may seem bulky, they are not, especially not if made of a soft material. Instead, they hang off your hips gracefully.

Short skirts and dresses

How short depends entirely on your taste, but the shorter the skirt, the sexier for an hourglass figure. Remember there is such a thing as too sexy, and it is known as tacky.

But short skirts of whatever length are very flattering to hourglass figures. The skirts can be fun and playfully loose or fitting and cozily tight.

Bottoms pants

Swim wears for hourglass body shape
Swimwears for hourglass body shape

If you love plants, you need to also carefully choose what will compliment your body shape. Here are some ideas:

Skinny jeans

Everyone loves them for a reason. They show one’s figure wonderfully, and what better figure than an hourglass figure?

However, if you are short, skinny jeans may make you look stout, no matter how hour glass-ey your shape.

Flared pants

These may make you look longer If you are short because they balance out your hips, but wide-leg pants should always be approached with caution.

While the older generation rocked a flare to impressive proportions, it is better to go for a slimmer cut these days.


Do not wear low waist pants. No one left the house wondering what your underwear looked like today, and I doubt you want the crack of your ass exposed to the whole world whenever you sit down.

Instead, a mid-rise pair of pants works perfectly fine and is decent.

A high waist pair of pants highlight those assets even more.

Wide waistband pants

Straight pants with a fitting top always look wonderful, especially when they have a wide waistband.

Whether you tuck in the top or leave it over the pants, Wide waist, straight, loose pants are flattering for the hourglass figure. The loose drapey feel combined with a nice top show off your figure in the best way.

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