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How to apply makeup for hooded eyes - DO's and Don'ts

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While all eye shapes are extremely beautiful-from round eyes to monolids to almond eyes to hooded eyes to name a few eye shapes. Understanding your eye shape is very important when it comes to eye makeup.

Especially when the goal is to create new, fresh daytime demure to smokey, dramatic nighttime looks – its all in the eyes-your eye shape determines the eye makeup technique that will compliment them.

Okay, let’s put it this way, while a smokey eye may look absolutely fabulous in one eye shape, this may not be the same for another eye shape.

Granted, the eyes are certainly the windows to the soul, when it comes to makeup its all about making our eyes look more awake, brighter and definitely bigger.

And when you have hooded eyes this may not be as easy as it sounds- mastering some eye makeup looks can be very difficult.

What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes

Here is how they look like

This type of eye shape is basically characterized by the lack of a visible lid space-typically, there is an excessive amount of skin under the brow bone which folds over the eyelid, therefore, diminishing the amount of visible lid space.

While each and every person is faced with different frustrations when it comes to applying makeup, for people with hooded eyes, their main problem stems from the fact that certain eye makeup looks appear invisible since the eyelids seem to be smaller and constant makeup smudges.

Although some eye makeup looks may be difficult to create, there are a couple others that can make hooded eyes extra flattery and draw all attention to your beautiful eyes.

How do I know if I have hooded eyes?

All you need to do is stand in front of a mirror and keenly examine your eyes.

While examining your eyes ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my eyes have a visible crease?
  • Does the skin droop from the brow bone to where the crease should be?

If the answers to these questions are no and yes respectively, it means you have hooded eyes.

Makeup tips for hooded eyes

Understand product placement

For this eye shape, it’s important to know exactly where to place products in order to add flattery to the right places of your eyes.

The secret is creating the illusion of space and widening the eyes-which can be achieved by adding a lot of light on the inner corners of the eyes and just a little underneath the skin from the brow bone.

Additionally, adding some highlighter on the brow bone makes the eye pop.

Minimize creasing

The major make-up problem for this eye shape is creasing which leads to smudging. However, covering your lids in eyeshadow primer prior to applying makeup will create a smooth base for the eyeshadow as well as act as an adhesive to ensure your makeup stays put.

Contour a crease

For hooded eyes, it’s quite difficult to see your crease, it’s therefore, important to create your own.  In order to do this, look directly into a mirror while using a soft fluffy brush (easy to use, perfect for blending) and increase depth using eyeshadow.

Swipe the brush in a windscreen wiper motion in order to create dimension to mimic the shape of a socket

Open your eyes

Although you may be tempted to close your eyes while applying eyeshadow, it makes a big difference to keep them open- allows you to see where you need to create the illusion of a socket.

Use waterproof

Due to the tendency of makeup smudging commonly associated with these eye shape, waterproof makeup may be the best solution. Smudge-free formulas, when it comes to eyeliner and mascara will help reduce or even eliminate the chances of makeup transferring to unwanted areas.

How do I apply eye make up to hooded eyes?

How to apply makeup for hooded eyes - DO's and Don'ts

Makeup tutorial – DO’s and Don’ts

Start with a primer

Unfortunately for people with hooded eyes, it’s very common for your eye makeup to crease. To prevent your eye makeup from transferring or smudging on the upper lid apply a primer before any makeup.

Alternatively, you can use a dab of concealer or foundation instead of a primer.

Create a crease

Matte instead of shimmery makeup is the best option. The darker color texture is perfect for creating the illusion of a natural crease.

When it comes to creating a crease for hooded eyes, look directly into the mirror so that you are able to place the color exactly where you want to or would see a crease.

Typically, for this eye shape, the crease is rather higher- above the fold where the eyelids join- as compared to other eye shapes.

While blending the color you’ll naturally be able to sweep some of it towards the inner corner of your eyes.


To brighten the inner corners of your eyes as well as under the brow use a lighter shade on the browbone while blending into the darker shades that were used in the socket.

Additionally, stay away from shimmery colors on the brow. Matte allows you to stick to a subtle look rather than a theatrical.

Open the inner corners

Brighten the inner corners of your eyes with a lighter shade. Apply this on the inner corners to open up the eyes as well as elongate the shape of your eyes.

To add more definition, widen and open the upper eyelid use a sharp black or brown eye pencil instead of an eyeliner at the base level of the upper lash line.

Basically, what you need to do is dip a brush into some clean water, then work the liner to form a thick paste and then apply the liner at the roots, ensuring you get each individual root by gently wiggling the brush.

Work the lower lid

Contouring the lower lid is just as important to ensure you achieve the look you desire. Contour this lid by duplicating the colors used on the upper lid. This will make your eyes pop and appear wider.

Similar to the crease color, allow your lower lid color to diminish towards the inner corner of your eyes.

Add some mascara

Add as much mascara as you want and don’t shy away from putting some on the lower lashes.

How to draw a cat eye for hooded eyes

While some makeup techniques may seem out of question for this eye shape, there are some new techniques that can help you achieve some of these makeup looks.

One of these techniques is the cut crease which creates the illusion of a perfect crease and can help you-hooded eye- get the cat eye of their dreams notes Loreal beauty magazine.


apply primer to your eyelids to ensure your makeup sticks in place. Applying primer or a dab or concealer or foundation creates a smooth canvas for makeup application.

Contour a crease

its all about faking it till you make it, so, fake a crease. From the outer corner of your eyes towards the inner corner, draw a line. Make sure the line is heavier on the outer side and lighter towards the inner corners of the eye.  arch your crease according to your preference-a rounder edge will give hooded eyes a doll-like look which gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

Blend, blend, blend!

Before the eyeliner crease dries up completely, use a soft fluffy brush to soften the line in an upward motion towards the brow line and outer corners of the eyes. While keeping the lower edge of the line as fresh as you possibly could-this is the defining characteristic of the cut crease.

Mistakes are bound to happen-keep some cotton swabs and makeup remover close by to rectify the slip-ups.

Fill over your line

Using the eyeliner cut crease as the base, apply some non-shimmery eyeshadow to fill in the line of the cut to make your eyes pop.

Blend again

blend to create a softer effect of the eye make up similar to that of a smokey eye.

Add some shimmer on the lower lid

shimmery hues on the lower lid compliment the smokey cut crease.


Apply the final eyeshadows using a moderately shimmering, light eyeshadow to highlight the browbone as well as the inner corners of your eyes.

The cat eyes.

Well, creating a perfect winged cat eye may be very difficult for hooded eyes, it may be easier with the following tips;

  • Extend a line from the lower lash line and join it with a diagonal line from the inner corner of the eyes to its tip.
  • Finish it off by looking directly into the mirror with your eyes wide open and fill in the blank spaces by adding more eyeliner.

Add some volume

Perk up the eye makeup by adding a few layers of mascara, preferably waterproof mascara.

Perhaps something important to remember is the fact that, you shouldn’t feel insecure about your eye shape but rather working with what you have…and normally, people are more attracted to the eyes and their color rather than what’s around them. Therefore, when it comes to makeup, your focus should be to flatter your eye color!


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