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Dressing and apple plus woman

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Although the style is considered inborn, fashion is all about making a statement: you know, flattering your best features and downplaying your “not so good” features.

Dressing your body shape requires tons of trials and errors as well as patience. Although many people tend to quit trying immediately they feel their choices are limited this shouldn’t be the case.

Identifying and understanding your body shape should be the first step-this will help you understand what works for you and give you the power to follow trends without possibly being limited in one category if you are a plus size.

For the apple shaped woman, the most common characteristics are:

  • Lack of a defined waist.
  • Average to large bust size.
  • Majority of the weight tends to format the tummy and the upper half of your body.
  • Have small(er) arms and legs.

However, depending on your height and weight you may be a blend of two body shapes: for instance, some people are not born apple shaped but due to an increase in weight (new apples) hence became apple shaped. Seemingly, these body types may be different but should be dressed similarly.

Okay, so when it comes to dressing the apple shape plus size or not, the goal is to create the illusion of a defined waistline, basically using your clothes to mimic an hourglass body shape. Additionally, drawing attention to the best features such as the slim legs and narrow hips is key.

Tips for dressing an apple body shape plus size

Dressing and apple plus woman

Dresses to buy

Like mentioned above, the ultimate styling tips to flatter this body shape are:

  • Drawing attention away from the mid-section by minimizing the tummy.
  • Creating the illusion of an hourglass silhouette.
  • Emphasize or playing up your assets- bust, legs, and arms.
  • Creating the illusion of a waist.

How to dress the apple body shape plus size

When looking for dresses, tops or tunics for this body shape, always look for;

  • Wrap styles
  • Trapeze
  • Babydoll
  • Swing
  • Empire waist
  • Skater
  • A-line
  • high or empire waist peplum


When it comes to dressing the top part of your body, its all about highlighting your bust.  With most, apple shaped women-they have a great bust and showing it off, not only highlights one of your best features but also draws the attention away from your mid-section.

  • So, first things first, get a good fitting bra since the main goal here is to draw attention to the top part of your body.
  • V-neck, plunging necklines or A-line dresses are great for creating the illusion of vertical lines as well as break up the size of your bust.
  • Tops with thicker textures such as woven ones are great, especially if they don’t cling to your body too much.
  • Patterns are great for this body shape because not only do they flatter the body shape but also camouflage the mid-section.
  • Tops with flares, embroidery, flits highlight your arms thus drawing attention away from your mid-section.
  • Wear tops that reach just below your hip bone.
  • When it comes to jackets ensure that they are a perfect fit at the shoulders and not your belly, then you can always fill the gap with a scarf when you want to close it. Remember, the shape of the blazer is meant to flatter your shape, so go for a structured feminine shape.

Bottoms and jeans

Bottoms and jeans for apple plus size women

Bottoms and jeans

As for bottoms- jeans and trousers, the goal is to balance out the tummy. Okay, while some stylish will advise avoiding skinny jeans and jeggings- don’t shy away from them, find a style that suits and works for you;

  • Stretchy trousers are perfect for extra comfort and a good fit.
  • Skirts and trousers with side zippers are best since they prevent extra bumps on the side.
  • Straight, flared or high-rise trousers/pants are good for creating a long, lean silhouette.
  • Tailored and straight or flared jeans are ideal.
  • Structured pencil skirts preferably knee length. Also, ensure any pleats (if any) start below the belly to avoid any additional volume.


  • A-line or continuously patterned dresses are great for flattering the apple body shape.
  • another strategy would be color blocking- basically going for a dress with darker colors on both sides with a much brighter color in the middle to draw the attention away from the waist region.
  • Pair any dress outfit with a nice, structured feminine jacket.
  • Avoid dresses that come with an in-built waistline since this will only draw attention to your mid-section.


The apple body shape comes with a great pair of legs, so show them off as much as possible. You can easily emphasize your legs with a pair of short-shorts or heels to lengthen your physique as well as to balance the bottom half.

The best shoes to flatter your legs and create the illusion of a fuller bottom include platforms, wedges, ballet flats, calf-length boots and strappy sandals.

Avoid chunky/heavy boots such as buckle or uggs or shoes that make your feet appear bigger. This is because, these shoes make your legs appear smaller and draw more attention to the waist section

For a long, lean silhouette

  • Topping your outfit with a single-breasted blazer with a V-shape, plunging neckline or button just below the bust, open, long, draped cardigans or toppers or a long sleeveless vest.
  • Ensure that the top underneath is not too short. Additionally, longer tops and jackets that skim the body can be paired with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • Try V-neck lines with a long jumper and the tops underneath the layering piece.

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