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Neck Wrinkles

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Wrinkles on the neck are bound to affect your confidence. After all, who would feel confident with skin hanging around this area (turkey neck) if they are not a turkey? This article explores everything about them. From how you can prevent them to the best ways to completely remove them.


Neck Wrinkles

Did you know that one of the first places the ravages of age begin showing is the neck? This area, which is as exposed to harsh damaging elements as the face rarely receives much attention or care, in fact, most of us will only pay attention to it once the skin starts sagging and wrinkling.

These wrinkles can be just a couple of fine lines or rings that form as one age and skin loses elasticity, but they can also be deep as deep furrows or hanging folds for instance after sudden weight loss. Sometimes when the skin around here sags and wrinkles heavily, it is referred to as a turkey neck or a turkey waddle. If you have seen a turkey, you know why this is.

How to Get Rid of them – Best treatments and Products.

The deeper the wrinkles, the more intense the treatment to get rid of them should be.

Don’t worry though, getting rid of even the deepest of them is still possible. The following ideas on ways to banish those pesky wrinkles from your neck are tried and tested. We will even throw in a few tips on preventing them from forming in the first place.

1. Laser

Laser treatment will tighten your neck muscles allowing you to say goodbye to the unsightly wrinkles anywhere on your body. As far as wrinkles go, it is arguably one of the most effective ways to tighten sagging skin.

If you are shopping around for a solution for this problem, then you need to note that laser is considered one of the best treatments for turkey neck. It is also quite fast and requires little recovery time. The laser gives a natural-looking result too if the before and after pictures are anything to go by.

2. Surgery

You can also consider plastic surgery to deal with them. You have probably heard of a neck lift which is the how the surgical procedure to get rid of wrinkles is commonly known as.

The neck is a delicate area, hosting the esophagus, windpipe and major arteries among other organs so getting a qualified practitioner to carry out the surgery is key. You do not want a cosmetic procedure to become a medical emergency. Not to scare you though, thousands if not tens of thousands of this procedures are performed each year and the most people lost is that annoying turkey waddles.

Surgery can either remove the excess skin on this area or be more detailed and involve tightening the neck muscles. You can get more information on the types of neck lifts available and which is the suitable kind you have on

3. Anti-wrinkle creams for the neck

Thanks to advances in cosmetic research, you can also get that neck lift in a jar in the form of a cream. Also because cosmetic companies want your money, almost every major manufacturer has an anti-wrinkle cream aimed at giving you the smooth ageless neck you desire.

This is good news because you do not have to look very far to get them. But how do you know the best product out of the dozens on the market? Look for creams that are aimed at addressing the loss of elasticity, stimulate the skin in the neck to produce some collagen as the absence of these two things is the reason your skin sagged in the first place. As much as you want a solution to remove them fast, you also want a product that gives somewhat lasting results.

While you are at it, don’t forget to read reviews, you can save yourself money and effort by just typing the name of a product and clicking open a few sites. Dermagist gets rave reviews of creams for wrinkles on your neck. Other products you may have come across are also rated, so it is worth a peek.

4. Botox

For all its popularity among those looking to remove wrinkles on their faces, injecting botulinum toxin doesn’t seem to get great reviews for removing wrinkles in the neck area. This could be because it tends to work only on shallow creases and only the horizontal ones. Even for these, it requires the specialist to be very precise in injecting the treatment so there is no damage to vital organs in this area.

At home remedies

Home remedies incorporate ways you can make get rid of the sagging skin without surgery, breaking the bank,  and or artificial bio-engineered products.


There are special neck exercises which can help you reduce prevent and or remove wrinkles from place naturally. The exercises basically work by firming the neck area which is what we want. In the fight against wrinkles, firm equals success equals lasting results. There are a couple of these exercises that you can try at home.

Sugarcane Juice

This is what you get if the fleshy part of sugarcane is wrong. It is a sweet clear liquid that is lately climbing the ranks on the superfood charts.

For a quick, no fuss natural remedy, apply a mixture of sugarcane juice mixed with a little turmeric powder on your neck and leave to dry then rinse off. The thinking behind it seems to be the alpha hydroxyl acids in that is naturally found in the cane juice.

In case you are wondering,  alpha hydroxyl acids(AHAs) are present are included in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products to help in rejuvenating skin. This sugar cane juice mask promises to boost the skin around this area, making it appear smoother. You can use the sugar cane juice as a home remedy for wrinkles on the face and neck.

Papaya Pulp

You can apply the pulp of ripe papaya fruit to prevent them. The pulp of a ripe pineapple will also serve the same purpose.

How to Prevent them from Forming

In some cases, age has nothing to do with their appearance.  Sudden weight gain and after, sudden weight loss can also cause them to a person who cannot be considered old as yet.

Poor habits like a diet rich in sugar, smoking and constant exposure to the sun will also age the skin on the neck and cause wrinkles prematurely. Even if you are relatively young and think they, not a major concern now, avoid the above-named habits as a preventive measure.

Before and after treatments

Nothing motivates one to make up their mind more than a before and after picture. So here are a few showing various neck wrinkle treatments.

Vertical ones

Wrinkles on the neck first appear as horizontal lines. You may know them as the venus rings. At first, they are barely noticeable but with time, they become more pronounced. Vertical wrinkles on the neck usually appear after horizontal ones and are as a result of sleeping positions, and general skin damage.

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