Deep Laugh or Smile Lines Cause and Treatments

How to get rid of laugh lines

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Smile lines are common lines that appear on the face when people smile. A heated debated has been in the public domain on whether they are wrinkles or not. Most sources see them as just what appears on the face when people smile or laugh. In most cases, they run from the corners of the mouth to the side of the nose.

Wat about deep ones?

Commonly also known as laugh lines, they have become a bother to many people, especially when they are deep. This bother is more common among women than men.

How to get rid of laugh lines
How to get rid of them?

According to various sources, many women in their late thirties are significantly bothered by deep laugh lines. If you are such a person, you may tend to think that your skin is rapidly getting wrinkles. However, they shouldn’t cause any alarm since they are just like nasolabial folds.

The good news is, there are numerous treatments options. These treatments make use of smile lines fillers and creams. A lot of research has been conducted on their causes.

What causes these laugh lines?

Whether they are deep or shallow, these wrinkle like appearance does not always indicate the age of a person. They usually appear because of repeated movement of muscles when one smiles or laughs. Deep ones are, in most cases, common among great smilers and talkers. This explains why it is likely for young people to have smile lines in their 20s.

Also, facial patterns are genetically inherited. Therefore, children inherit these facial traits from parents. Finally, some pronounced laugh lines, which are evident when one is not even smiling, might indicate symptoms of unusual wrinkling.

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Smile lines treatment

Various therapies can help in getting rid of smile lines. The success of the treatment option to go for hugely depends on the therapy applied. They can be treated through application of various therapies such as fillers, Botox, and cream among others.

Can Botox be of any help?

Many beauty therapists make use of botox to fix laugh lines. However, Botox may not work well for all people. It works so well in some people while others get less than expected results.

What is Botox and how does it work? It is nothing big. It works by injecting substances that weaken skin muscles; thus, the skin appears smooth.

Note that some of the substances used may have serious side effects to the rest of the skin. For example, one may find it hard to move other parts of the face.

What about dermal fillers

The best treatment for laugh lines may also require the use of fillers. These fillers can either be collaged or acid based. The fillers work by plumping the skin around where the smile lines appear. However, the fillers may only provide a remedy for a few months, and one may be required to receive booster shots every now and then.

Try using cream

In instances where botox and fillers are unpleasant or do not give you the results you desired, you may also consider the use of topical creams.

Several serums and creams can work in minimizing the laugh lines. The creams, however, may take a long time to correct them.

The best cream to remove laugh lines, additionally, may hugely depend on the ingredients contained in the cream. All in all, creams have proved to be one of the best remedies since they have lesser side effects.

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