Causes and Getting Rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch marks on breasts

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For many people, stretch marks mainly appear on thighs, tummy, arms, legs, buttocks, calves and shoulders only. However, some women will agree with me that it is possible and common stretch marks on breasts and they are a real bother. What causes these stretch marks on your boobs and how do you get rid of them fast and effectively?

If you are a woman, you can have a closer look at your boobs. Do you see any white, pink, red or dark lines running across them? These marks are what we are talking about.

Stretch marks on breasts

What causes them?

When stretch marks or striae appear in this area, they are associated with many biological as well as environmental factors. If you them, you don’t have to worry, as they can be easily managed using natural home remedies.

Why are these streaks or marks found in specific places such as thighs, tummy or breasts? The answer is simple. They will only occur in body parts where fat content is high. These parts include upper arms, shoulders, thighs, breasts, abdominal region and hips among others.

Like the other body parts, breasts contain a lot of fat content. They also can stretch. They are also easily affected by hormonal changes. Therefore, many women are likely to get them in these places.

Which skin layer has stretch marks? Is it the upper or the subsequent one? The fact is those marks you see are found in the second layer of your skin, the dermis.

The dermis contains connective tissues that give the skin its elastic properties since they have collagen. However, certain factors may interfere with the production of collagen, thus causing stretch lines on breasts.

How can you identify them?

These marks are simple to recognize. In their initial stages, they are conspicuous. Here are some of the symptoms to check:

  • Large areas of your boobs will be covered with streaks.
  • There are conspicuous indented streaks or lines running all over your breasts.
  • Look at any black, pink, purple, red or pink streaks.
  • Initially, you will see some bright streaks that are likely to fade with time.

If you come across any of the above symptoms, then you are having these marks.


While these streaks or stripes are very common today, many people do not understand the causes. In fact, people research more on best stretch mark cream or lotion, instead of seeking to know the causes.

According to researches, many people associate striae on breasts with many things such as pregnancy, birth control and hormonal changes during puberty. Some people call them by their colors such as red stretch marks on breasts or purple ones.

The following are the common causes:


May girls often start complaining about stretch marks on their breasts at 16 or 13 years of age. What does this tell you? It is likely that many young girls get them during puberty. Why is this so?

During puberty, there is a hormonal imbalance among boys and girls. Some girls tend to gain a lot of weight during this time. There are a lot of fat deposits in certain body organs, including the breasts.

The breasts tend to grow and expand. This is known as a growth spurt. This rapid growth overstretches the skin tissues around that region. Some skin tissues in the dermis get torn, thus causing these streaks stripes.

Can this be prevented? Not really. Puberty is a stage in human development that cannot be skipped. In this regard, puberty stretch marks are unavoidable.


Have you ever noted a change in breast size during and after pregnancy? This means that it is normal to have striae on your breasts during early pregnancy, when pregnant and after pregnancy. Does this mean that they are somehow related to pregnancy?

The answer is yes. The occurrence of stretch marks during and after pregnancy is associated overexpansion of the skin around your boobs. This is because of breasts increase in size during pregnancy.

How does this cause them? When the breasts increase in size, the skin tissues are overstretched, and this may interfere with the production of collagen. The connective tissues get torn; thus, they are formed.

Weight loss or weight gain

The emergence of striae on any body part is closely related to the skin tissues being overstretched. This also happens when you rapidly gain weight.

Like earlier noted, these marks form in body parts when fat is deposited in large quantities. This is the explanation behind having them out of weight gain and weight loss.

Dermatologists note that weight gain or weight loss should be gradual. However, this may happen rapidly, especially during puberty and pregnancy. This interferes with the formation of collagen.

Collagen helps in the formation and maintenance of fibers and connective tissues in the dermis. According to, the formation of collagen is affected by the following:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Pregnancy
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Puberty
  • Weight gain
  • Corticosteroid drugs
  • Family history

Implants in your breasts

Just like weight gain and pregnancy, implants cause the skin to overstretch. When you introduce an implant, the breasts get a rapid increase in size. The skin tissues around them are stretched beyond their limit.

Dr. Matthew Trovato notes that implants involve introducing a new material in the body. This interferes with the formation of collagen due to overstretching of the tissues which cause skin issues.

Hereditary traits

If you are having breast striae, maybe it isn’t because of any of the above factors. Are these stripes or marks hereditary? Indeed they are. According to the, they are dependent on one’s genes. For example, there are cases where they flow within the family line.

Before looking for the best treatment for stretch marks, or the best removal ways, you should consider enquiring on whether some older relatives in your family had the same issues. For example, you may find that your grandmother, mother, and sisters had them.

Underlying medical condition

Some medical conditions such as Marfan syndrome inhibit collagen formation. According to the Marfan Foundation, Marfan syndrome affects the connective tissue. This tissue ensures that the body develops and grows properly.

If you are having this disease, your body tissues, such as collagen are not formed. The tissues in your boobs also develop abnormally, thus forming these streaks or stripes.

How to reduce or get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Are the stretch marks on your breasts bothering you? You don’t have to worry as there are numerous remedies to reduce their appearance. Let us highlights practical treatment and prevention options.

Below are some of the options you can use to get rid of these stripes or streaks:

  • Frequently massage your breasts: Massage plays a vital role in enhancing skin elasticity. This ensures that your boobs can withstand any sudden increase or decrease in size. This further ensures that increase in breast size won’t interfere with collagen formation.
  • Keep hydrated: Weight gain and fat deposits are at times unavoidable. This is due to the fact that you can’t escape puberty or getting pregnant. However, this might not have any severe effect if you are hydrated. This would help in preventing their severity.
  • Do regular exercises: You can exercises that maintain your skin tone. You can also adopt exercises that make your skin firmer. This means that your skin can withstand any stretch without developing striae.
  • Use the recommended stretch mark creams: You should conduct a thorough research on the best stretch mark oils, removal creams, lotion for stretch mark Try cocoa butter and bio-oils. These are effective in not only reducing but also in these streaks.
  • Prevention is always better: During puberty and pregnancy, ensure that you adopt the proper diet to prevent unnecessary weight gain. Keeping fit is known to be the best way of managing rapid weight gain. Furthermore, avoid breast implants.
  • Seek medical help: There are times when stretch marks on breasts won’t go away, no matter what you do. You can visit a dermatologist who may buff the dermis and epidermis to fade away from them.
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