Causes and Cosmetic Loose Skin Removal Surgery

Loose skin surgery - Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery

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A loose skin comes because of having excess skin, therefore its removal is also known as excess skin removal. Imagine a situation where you gained weight then rapidly lost it. After losing weight, your skin becomes loose and appear saggy.

Every overweight or an obese person seeks to lose weight. However, this can be successfully achieved with a few measures being put in place. However, weight loss comes along with another challenge; dealing with saggy skin.

Loose skin surgery - Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery

Loose skin surgery – Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery

Having a can give you as much headache as being obese. In fact, your body looks terrible. The problem is mainly witnessed on the abdomen, arms, neck areas and thighs. However, don’t get worried as about its removal since there are many ways including cosmetic surgery.

Most people get loose skin after weight loss including after pregnancy, i.e., they get a loose skin after pregnancy especially on their abdomen due to weight loss. However, you may find yourself with this problem even when your weight is normal.

Why you are having loose skin

When you gain weight or become pregnant, your skin behaves like a balloon. The more you gain weight, the more it expands. According to, excess skin is because it expands and stretches as you gain weight.

When you lose weight, your skin lacks the ability to tighten again. In short, it cannot go back to where it used to be prior to weight gain. The abdominal and connective tissues are already weakened by stretching. This leaves it saggy.

Loose skin removal surgery

This issue is a global problem, affecting both men and women. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the best solution lies in loose skin removal surgery.

This excess removal surgery has gained overwhelming popularity in the recent decades. The various procedures involved will give you your former shape. You don’t have to bear with the sagging skin anymore. Your abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, and legs can now rest for a while.

After you are done with the surgery, you can go back to your normal life. Your clothes can now fit you. Your confidence and overall self-esteem can now improve. Let us look at the essential facts on everything you need to know about this surgical procedure.

Even after you have lost weight, it is believed that some fat is still left on the sagging skin. In the last 15 years, millions of people are going for surgical procedures to correct this issue.

There are extensive surgical procedures are in use today to modify one’s skin. These procedures may include the follows:

  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Inner thighs lifts
  • Arm lift (branchioplasty)
  • Lower body lifts

With modern surgical techniques, all the above procedures are perfectly done. Their results are long-lasting. Furthermore, it has made it possible for people to achieve improved skin quality and enhance natural contours. Here are important details you deserve to know.

Who can go for this surgery

Can anyone undergo this surgery? The answer is yes. However, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery gives the following factors as pre-conditions for cosmetic surgical procedures to modify the skin:

  • Make sure that weight loss is stable. In short, make sure that it’s not fluctuating. You should be stable for at least six months. Just imagine having gone through a loose skin treatment through surgery and you start gaining weight again. The results would be tragic.
  • Make sure that your general health is okay. Cosmetic surgeries are major operations. Any abnormality in your health may even result in death.
  • Research on the expected outcome of the operation. It is always advisable to understand how the entire process goes on. Know if the procedure would leave you with any scars.
  • Don’t be over-realistic. Instead, understand that cosmetic surgery may not give your exact original shape and figure. In some cases, it may mess some areas of your skin.
  • Understand the complexity of the procedure. Just understand that it may take you a few weeks before you can perform your daily chores normally. Therefore, look for a caregiver and make necessary arrangements on job-related matters.

Identify a competent cosmetic surgeon

Can loose skin be tightened? Yes, you can tighten it anywhere including on your belly, legs, arms or neck area. To do this you need to choose a competent and reputable cosmetic surgeon. If care is not taken, cosmetic surgery may be a matter of life and death.

Furthermore, choose a cosmetic surgeon who is reputable in giving a desirable outcome. You don’t want a situation where you look worse after the surgery. Besides, the surgeon of choice must be certified by a professional body such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Additionally, where is the cosmetic surgeon based? Don’t choose a surgeon who is based in an informal hospital. It is always recommended to choose a reputable medical facility. Such facilities have not only technology but also advanced surgical devices.

How does it cost?

The issue of cost also comes in. Many people seek to know loose skin removal surgery cost before embarking on the actual surgery. The cost may vary from one medical facility to the other.

In addition, the cost will depend on which part of the body is involved. For instance

  • Thigh lift average cost is $4,464
  • Breast lift average cost is $4,236
  • Arm lift average price is $3,574
  • abdominoplasty, costs between $3,000 and $12,000 with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons placing an average cost at $5,500

Note that, the exact price will vary depending on the status of the clinic, the expertise of the surgeons involved, the kind of procedure you need, among many other factors.

The actual loose skin removal surgical procedures

Now that you are psychological, materially, logistically and financially set, what remains is the actual surgical procedure. According to, the procedure may involve one or several procedures. This, however, depends on where you are having loose skin.

Below are the most common procedures that you should expect:

Lower body lift

This procedure targets the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. A lower body lift is the most common form of loose skin removal procedure. As you all know, weight gain is mainly witnessed in these body parts. Therefore, they are the primary casualties of rapid weight loss.

This procedure involves the following:

  • Tightening the abdominal muscles
  • Removing any deposited fats
  • Cutting off excess skin

The outcome of this procedure is usually long-term. Millions of people have successfully undergone this procedure.

Thigh and buttock lift

These two body parts are the primary victims of skin sagging resulting from weight loss. Through this surgical procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes not only the excess skin but also excess fat deposits.

The outcome of thigh and buttock lift is a firmer shape that is slender and tight. This is the most preferred procedure by many women. Through it, one appears young and beautiful.

Upper body lift

There are people who have sagging skin on the arms and breasts. The sagging makes one look shapeless. Therefore, the upper body lift is important.

The arms appear firmer after excess fat and skin are chopped off. The procedure also targets the bra line. This is the skin around the chest region. In extreme cases, the breasts are operated on to make them firmer.


When you wear a trouser, do you see any flesh that sags along the beltline? This is because of loose tummy skin. You can get rid of it by undergoing a panniculectomy procedure.

This procedure, however, may not have a desirable outcome on its own. It goes hand in hand with a lower body lift. However, it is one of the best procedures that enhance how your clothes fit you.

Healing time after skin removal surgery

After either of the above procedures, you will lose the extra skin. Different procedures have varied healing periods. However, healing ranges from two weeks to two months. Physical activities are significantly affected during this healing time. You have a duty, nevertheless, to keep fit by preventing future weight gain.


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