Dark Lips Causes, Remedies & Creams to Lighten Them

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Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and therefore anything bad affects them immensely. Some of these sensitive products can lead to dark lips. Everyone likes to have naturally pink lips unless the few who decide to apply makeup with other colors. There are several treatment products that you can use to get rid of this black appearance.

Dark lips

But before I show you the various ways or therapies to lighten them, you must first understand the causes. Because it’s only from understanding the reasons that you will know the best way to lighten them to beautifully pink looking ones again.


Here are some of the possible reasons for your problem.

  1. Poor lifestyle habits – Most smokers always have darker lips. The tar in tobacco is known to cause a condition known as smokers’ melanosis; this is the darkening of the lips and inner lining of the mouth. The acids in cheap and illicit alcohol can also lead to these black spots.
  2. Taking too much hot coffee – some people are known to take more than six glasses per day of extremely hot coffee. This weakens the skin around your lips and can also lead to dark spots.
  3. Allergy- you may also get them because your body is allergic to a certain toothpaste or lipstick. Some people are allergic to the fluoride in toothpaste. Other infections like intestinal diseases can also be the reason.
  4. Use of expired cosmetic products can cause black lips. The overuse of cheap and low-class products may lead to dark spots.
  5. Extreme or chronic sun exposure- exposing yourself to too much sunshine may lead to discoloration and darkening of your lips.
  6. Medication – Cancer chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics for treating Malaria are known to have lip darkening side effects.
  7. Dehydration- Not taking enough water and licking your lips may be the reason why you have this problem.
  8. Not taking care of them – You may have naturally developed this issue by not taking care of them in the proper way may worsen your situation.

Every person wants to have pinkish reddish lips because they improve our general beauty and boost self-esteem. There are several remedies and creams that can help you get rid of this darkening and get your confidence back.

Home remedies lighten dark lips

Even though many products are on the market, there are several natural remedies. Check out some of them and find the best lip treatment that suits you.

Forget about the promise they will lighten your lips overnight, fast, immediately. The truth is that remedies that a while and can help mild cases or when due to some reasons.

 1. Use of Beet Root Juice

Eating anything red in color including tomatoes can help but bit roots are the best of them all. If used regularly, it can be of much help.

  • Take a slice of beetroot.
  • Make five to six cuts on the slice
  • Spread a little milk cream and honey on the beetroot slice and place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  • Apply the mixture every night before you go to bed for a whole month.
  • Honey is used to soften the lips.
  • This is one of the proven ways on how to get rid of dark lips permanently but it is going to take a while.
Beetroot juice for lightening darker lips
Beetroot juice

2. Using Green coriander leaves and peppermint paste

Coriander Leaves are known for their many amazing benefits and one of them lightening darker lips in a week.

  • Take one cup of peppermint leaves and 1 cup of green coriander leaves
  • Grind them in a blender to make the paste.
  • Take one tablespoonful of coconut oil and a half tablespoonful of petroleum jelly (glycerin can also be used); mix with two tablespoonfuls of your paste.
  • Apply every night before going to bed and you will see changes in one week.
  • This is one of the most natural ways on how to make them pink.

3. Use Lemon and Almond oil for dark lips treatment

Almond oil is a very useful product when you are trying to come up with homemade ways to lighten your lips. This due to its moisturizing component. But you will need to scrub them first. I will show you another way to make a natural scrub.

Ingredients; Sugar, lemon, honey and almond oil.


  • Mix 1 tablespoonful of sugar and a half spoonful of honey in a bowl.
  • Scrub them with the mixture for 5 minutes to peel off the dead skin around the lips. You can use your fingers or toothbrush. Rinse with clean water after scrubbing
  • Wipe them with the lemon to lighten them.
  • Apply the almond oil to moisturize them.
  • Looking for a natural way on how to lighten in a few days? Then try this one.

4. Homemade lip scrub

It is important to exfoliate them before using any treatment remedies. Scrubbing them is one of the ways to lighten them because it gets rid of the dead skin around them. Here is a natural way to scrub you can use.

Ingredients: Rosewater, honey, lemon juice, and towel


  • Mix the rose water, honey and lemon juice in equal quantities.
  • Massage your them into the mixture using a towel for 10 minutes
  • The rough texture of the towel helps scrub the lips and get rid of dead cells
  • Rosewater has skin lightening characteristics.
  • If you want to lighten them instantly, then try this method.

Best creams

The quickest way to get rid of dark lips is to go for the many treatment products that are advertised across the different media platforms, and by this, I mean Radio, Television, magazines and the internet.

The cosmetic industry is very lucrative and most companies aim to outdo each other by coming up with the products available in most cosmetic shops.

There are also specialized dermatologists who offer lip care services lightening products using advanced lip lightening creams.

Even though all these creams are helpful, they cannot lighten them permanently. It’s also important to know that most of these companies are out to make profits and are therefore not interested in your problem.

Lip balms come in handy for people who have whose cause is due to smoking.

If you must use a cream, then go for ones made from organic products. Another precaution is to get reviews from other users before making any purchase.

Avoid the lure of cheap lip balms because they might be the cause of your darkening in the first place.

Here is a review of some of the best balms to help you lighten them.

For those who want instant results, they can consider laser skin whitening since it will produce immediate results.


Changing hyperpigmented to the more amazing pink lips is challenging but can be very easy if you follow the above treatment methods. Before you embark on any treatment, you must first know the reasons. This will help you choose a good method that will give you faster results.

Some other tips on how to lighten them to minimize smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking is not only bad for your lips, but it has got a myriad of other health challenges also. Staying hydrated by taking lots of water is also another simple therapy.

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