Dark Butt Causes and 9 Best Treatment Remedies to Lighten It Quickly

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Having a dark butt shouldn’t cause you to have sleepless nights, it’s common and completely no cause for alarm.

Anyone, at whatever age can get dark buttocks. Unlike skin on the other parts of the body, skin in the butt area is usually rough and if neglected during baths slowly becomes darkened.


Darkening of the skin is not linked to any underlying medical condition but rather is caused by the following notes Tandurust

  • Poor hygiene-lack of proper hygiene in the buttock area can lead darkening considering there may be an accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells around your bikini area.
  • Skin friction caused by wearing tight clothes and constantly sitting down.
  • Post-inflammatory marks left behind by acne boils.
  • Skin irritation
  • Hyperpigmentation which is the production of excessive melanin pigmentation. However, this is a result of overexposure to sunlight. Hyperpigmentation is usually common on the face and arms as compared to the butt since its usually covered up.

Having a darkened and uneven skin tone can bring about a myriad of self-esteem problems let alone being embarrassing. With beach season just around the corner or not, it’s never a bad idea to get a jump start on lightening your butt.

With numerous skin lightening products in the consumer market guaranteeing immediate results when they contain toxic ingredients that could potentially cause more harm than good home remedies are the safer option notes beauty tips.

Home remedies to lighten a dark butt

Having fair, flawless and evenly toned skin is everyone’s dream, with the consumer market flooded with lightening creams that are potentially toxic to our skins, top 10 home remedies and  Beauty tips suggest using the ingredients below to naturally lighten the skin around your butt

1. Citrus fruits

Fruits like lemons and oranges are a good source of vitamin c which is a common ingredient in skin lightening creams because of its ability to control hyperpigmentation.

Can citrus fruits lighten a dark bum
Citrus fruits

The peel and juice of citrus fruits are both useful for lightening skin and also amazing for regulating sebum secretion on the skin.

However, the citrus fruit skin lightening is only suitable for oily skin and may have drying effect or irritation on already dry and sensitive skin.

2. A mixture of lemon juice and yogurt

Mix a quarter cup of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of yogurt to create a mild bleaching agent, which is a safer skin lightening solution. Apply the mixture to the butt areas affected and leave it for 20-30 mins before rinsing it off and applying Aloe Vera creams or gel to moisturize and hydrate the area.

Yogurt and lemon juice for dark buttock lightening
Yogurt and lemon juice

3. Papaya

Apart from being a delicious and nutritious fruit, the papaya fruit is considered to have amazing skin brightening attributes: especially when the fruit is consumed daily.

The papaya fruit consists of a natural enzyme called Papain, which not only does wonders for the skin but also is perfect for skin lightening. The papain enzyme works as a natural exfoliator.

All you need to do is take some of the edible parts of ripe papaya, mash it up and gently rub it in the darkened area and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before washing it off.

Alternatively, you can opt to use papaya soap at least twice a day to get the best results.

Papaya for skin lightening on thighs and bum
Try papaya

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c which is a key ingredient when it comes to skin lightening.

All you need to do is rub some tomato juice in the butt area and leave for 10-20 minutes before rinsing it off with some cool water.

Additionally, for slightly quicker results you can opt to mix equal amounts of lemon juice and tomato juice.

Tomato juice can lighten your butt
Tomato juice

5. Cocoa butter and Aloe Vera

Cocoa butter and Aloe Vera are popular for their ability to even out skin tone. Therefore are good to use to lighten skin in around the dark butt.

Use aloe vera with cocoa butter
Try aloe vera cocoa butter mixture

6. Turmeric powder

Turmeric is a natural anti-oxidant and contains natural skin lightening properties

Mixing 1 tablespoon: of turmeric powder, sandalwood and honey each can even out the skin tone especially when the paste is used daily. The results become visible as soon as after two weeks.

Turmeric powder for skin lightening
Turmeric powder 

7. Olive oil, Aloe Vera, sugar

All you need is 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera and extra virgin oil, 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix the ingredients until they form a paste, apply the paste to the dark areas of your butt and leave for 20- 30 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this at least twice a week for better and faster results.

Another remedy for butt darkness
Olive oil + Aloe vera + Sugar

8. Other options include:

  1. Apple cider vinegar which can be applied on dark butts to lighten the skin in the region thus evening out the skin tone.
    Apple cider vinegar for lightening dark buttoms
    Try apple cider vinegar 


  2. Hydrogen peroxide is also a perfect skin lightening agent; however, it is very acidic hence it’s advisable to apply some almond or coconut oil after rinsing off the hydrogen peroxide.
    Hydrogen peroxide too can lighten the buttock area
    Hydrogen peroxide


Prevention tips and tricks

  1. Stay away from tight, clingy synthetic innerwear because of friction and sweating, instead opt for cotton undergarments.
  2. Avoid sitting down for long periods, after a while always tries to stand or walk around to allow for blood circulation to the butt.
  3. Don’t neglect your butt especially when taking a shower.
  4. Be realistic
  •              The home remedy solutions mentioned above do not contain any chemical ingredients. Therefore, achieving the desired results may take longer than expected. Patience is key.
  •              However, committed, constant and prolonged use of the skin lightening home remedies will allow you to notice a significant improvement in the color of your butt area.
  •              Additionally, regular scrubbing using simple ingredients from your kitchens such as table salt and sugar can help get rid of the dead cells responsible for causing dark butts.
  •              In some cases, darkening of the butt may be a result of other underlying problems, so if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, kindly consult a doctor or dermatologist.
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