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Peeling nails has become a common problem among many people, especially women. You will agree with me that finger and toenails form an essential body part whose functions are significant. To some people, they determine one’s beauty. In this case, many people tend to take care of them more than any other part of the body.

Peeling nails
How do they look like?

To many women, peeling nails is a real bother that gives them sleepless nights. Women are ready to go to any extent to prevent this problem or seek the best treatment for the same. In today’s society, hands are used to do many things such as scratching, digging and even for defense purposes. These activities increase the risk of nails damage.

Apart from beauty,  nails are very essential as far as protecting the fingertips are concerned. Without them, it would be impossible to pick items as our fingertips would be very weak. In this context, it becomes paramount for you and me to either prevent their them from decorticating or look for existing remedies for the same.

It is possible to stop it by first understanding causes. Normally, nails contain a significant amount of keratin. Moreover, they are made of multiple layers that may peel once in a while if exposed to certain environmental conditions.

According to Healthline, nails can peel or split following a medical condition known as onychoschia. Onychoschia may be as a result of both internal and external factor. External trauma or even internal medical condition can be a cause.

What causes nails to peel?

As earlier noted in this article, the peeling can either be mild or severe. In this regard, you should seek to understand why it is happening before taking any medical move. Before deciding on how to fix peeling nails, consider looking at some of the below factors that may be causing this problem:

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

According to Daily Nutrition Review, your toe and fingernails might be peeling as a result of deficiency of important mineral deficiency such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iodine, and selenium. It can also be as a result of vitamin deficiency such as vitamins A, D, E and K. These minerals and vitamins are essential in strengthening them.

Lack or deficiency of these minerals and vitamins make your finger and toenails not only to peel but also to split. This is witnessed among adults and toddlers. Peeling nails during pregnancy is also evident as expectant mothers tend to lack basic minerals and vitamins.

Daily chores

Like earlier noted in this article, hands engage in numerous chores, some of which are very primitive. According to New Health Guide, heavy labor causes a lot of injuries and trauma. Some of the chores that increase the risk of them damaging include dishwashing, gardening and construction work among other chores.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t engage in these activities as some of them are inevitable. You can minimize the time spent doing hard labor or you can adopt certain preventive measures such as wearing gloves.

Bacterial and yeast infections

One of the most common medical causes of peeling fingernails is bacterial or even yeast infection. Before looking for nail polish for peeling fingernails or those on toes, you should understand that your condition may require more than a polish.

Research has shown that it can also be as a result of nutrition deficiency comes along with yeast infections. Moreover, people with a compromised immune system, such as those with HIV, are likely to get their toe or fingernails infected by yeast. In other instances, having dirty fingers may harbor fungus infections.

Amino acid and protein deficiency

According to Health Guidance, dietary deficiency is a key factor in determining the general health of our nails. Lack of certain amino acids and minerals increases the risk of skin peeling. Lack of these dietary components makes one to have a defective keratin and enamel. As a result, your skin becomes unhealthy, and may frequently come off.

Some of the basic amino acids that determine your nail’s health include lysine, leucine and threonine. On the other hand, intake of certain proteins such as fish and poultry makes them healthy. Intake of enough amino acids and proteins provides one of the most effective home remedies the peeling.

Reaction to certain chemicals

In most cases, thin peeling nails result from exposure to certain chemicals. It happens as a way of reacting to that specific chemical that it has been exposed to. On a daily basis, they are exposed to bleaching, cleaning and detergent products. These products have chemical components that react adversely with them.

According to Mayo Clinic, you should apply nail-care products before coming into contact with some of these chemicals. Some nail enamel protectors serve this purpose by reducing the severity of chemicals.

How do you stop – treatments and remedies

Each one of us may have experienced nails splitting and peeling. When this happens, many people wonder what the best treatment is. Others wonder what the best nail strengthener is. However, the bottom line is; how do you stop the peeling?

According to Marie Claire, this problem is a manageable condition that can be handled through the adoption of the right treatment options and home remedies. Some of the best remedies include:

  • Always wear protective garments. Like earlier noted, we can’t avoid coming into contact with some chemicals that cause this problem. In this context, you should consider wearing rubber gloves when doing some hard chores.
  • What about lotions and oils? Some oils and lotions have some protective elements in them. Applying such oils on your nails regularly may strengthen them, and prevent them from damage. When they are nourished, they may never split or peel.
  • Regularly visit a salon for a manicure. When you engage in hard chores, your nails get some trauma. This trauma makes them get damaged. However, getting a manicure would help in relaxing them. When relaxed are relaxed, they may withstand the pressure that damages them.
  • Always keep your hands moist. One of the best ways to stop nails from peeling is keeping your hands moist. Dry nails are likely to be damaged more than the moist ones. Moisturizing makes them moist as your hands get moisturized.
  • Adopt healthy filing techniques. Research has shown that in many cases, toe or fingernails peel off after filing. If you file them in different directions, this is likely to happen more. Consequently, consider filing them in one direction. This not only prevents damage but also makes them stronger.
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