Causes and Treating Cuts on Foreskin Like Phimosis

Cuts on foreskin

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Cuts on the foreskin in men is a common problem that affects a considerable number of people. It is very common in uncircumcised men. They occur due to too small or tight foreskin, rough and vigorous sexual activity among other causes

In our article today, we are going to discover reasons of cuts on foreskin also called prepuce cuts, related symptoms and the best treatment and preventions.

Cuts on foreskin

Cuts on foreskin

Causes of foreskin cuts

There are many causes of cuts on the foreskin, and these include congenital problems, infections, and injuries during sexual activities.


As we have already mentioned, cuts on prepuce majorly occur when the foreskin becomes too small or tight, and thus, cuts and tears would transpire if it is pulled (retracted) back. This condition is referred to as phimosis, and it is problem in uncircumcised men.

Phimosis can be congenital or something a baby develop at birth. When it ensues, it will be categorized as physiologic phimosis. Nevertheless, congenital phimosis would completely resolve after by age of 8. But the condition is not probable in circumcised boys. However, there are rare cases where congenital phimosis would progress to adulthood.

The other types of phimosis are the pathologic phimosis which can affect even adults. This usually occurs due to infections, malignant conditions, inflammation or scarring from underlying conditions such as acne.


This is a type of skin irritation that occurs at the head of the penis and common in uncircumcised males. Linked symptoms are itching, swelling and skin redness. These symptoms could lead to a tight foreskin that would lead to cuts and tears. One would experience pain when urinating as well.

Balanitis is linked with infections that usually occur due to unhygienic conditions. Diabetes can also contribute towards the development of balanitis since it limits the ability of the body to fight infections.  Proper hygiene or topical creams can be used to manage this condition.


This is another condition that could lead to these cuts or tears. It emerges when the glans and the foreskin is inflamed making the foreskin tighter. Yeast infections are the major cause of this condition but, bacterial infections could also be responsible. Over the counter products contain antibiotics and antifungals can be used to deal with this condition.

Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexual Transmitted Infections can also be blamed injuries on your foreskin. STIs are usually accompanied by symptoms such as sores, swellings, blisters, inflammation all of which can contribute to cuts in the foreskin. The commonly blamed STIs include genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

Rough sex

Rough and vigorous sexual encounter could be also to blame for. This is the reason why you would develop cuts on dick skin after you slept with your wife or whoever else.

In addition, one is predisposed to foreskin cuts when the skin is very dry and involve in indecorous sex- for instance without proper foreplay!

More causes

Apart from the above regular causes, there are also more skin conditions that can contribute towards the development of such cuts or can as well exacerbate them. Here are more examples.

  • Lichen planus
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Acne

Therefore, what is the way forward for prepuce tears? What are the best remedies for cuts on foreskin?

Treatment options for cuts on the foreskin

If you have this problem, a good treatment plan must consider the underlying causes. Therefore, before even deliberating about the treatments, proper diagnosis should be performed to establish exactly what is causing the painful foreskin cuts.

It is also worth noting that the types of treatment would basically depend on the underlying causes and the severity alongside the accompanying symptoms.

There are home remedies that can be applied but only to alleviate mild symptoms – these should not be considered the final treatment. Prepuce cuts can also be treated using over the counter products.

However, before using these remedies and over the counter products, be sure they will not worsen the situation. We don’t even encourage home remedies or over the counter products when the causes of swellings, redness, blisters etc. on your foreskin. These treatments should only be used to relieve the symptoms after a dermatologist has ascertained the underlying causes.

In severe cases of cuts including on your glans, medical procedures such surgery, preputioplasty or frenuloplasty may be recommended by your doctor.

Let us begin by looking at the various home remedies available.

Home remedies for prepuce cuts

After the underlying cause has been confirmed, there are specific home remedies that can be used to minimize resulting symptoms. They would include keeping proper hygienic standards and application of certain natural products.

There are home natural products that would help treat infections, relieve itching and inflammation, moisturize the foreskin as well as aiding the healing process of the cuts on dick skin.

These natural products include aloe vera, lemon juice, applied cider vinegar, coconut oil, honey, baking soda, lavender oil, tea tree oil among others. They are very cheap and can be easily found in our kitchens.

Other home remedies would include washing the area beneath your prepuce to avoid infections. You can use warm water to gently but thoroughly wash the area. You should then moisturize the area after washing it.

NOTE: You should refrain from sexual activities when you are still undergoing treatments. During this period when the foreskin would be forming crust and scabs, it would be even tighter than before.

Over the counter products to use

Over the counter, products can also be used to treat many skin conditions that would cause or worsen prepuce cuts. Depending on the underlying causes, you can be advised to apply topical antibiotics and antifungals. Many of the recommended OTC products for glans or prepuce cuts include topical corticosteroid creams and ointments.

However, you should seek advice before buying some of these products. They could contain ingredients that may lead to more irritations and inflammations.

Prescription treatment for cuts on the foreskin

Here are the common prescription treatments for cuts on foreskin or phimosis:


The doctor can prescribe some topical steroids such as betamethasone and triamcinolone. Prescription of antibiotics and antifungals may also be suitable to treat bacterial and fungal infections affecting the penis and the foreskin.

Ensure you follow all the instructions that come with the prescriptions. “Stopping antibiotics too soon may allow a bacterial infection to continue and sometimes develop resistance to antibiotics,” warns

Surgery (circumcision)

A surgical procedure would be necessary where other treatments don’t yield satisfying results i.e. when you keep on getting cuts after getting some treatments. There are many types of surgical procedures and these include:

  • Circumcision: This surgical procedure involves the removal of a section or all parts of the foreskin. This is usually done during infancy but can also be done at any age.
  • Preputioplasty: This is a process where the foreskin is cut and stretched. It is usually performed by men who still want to remain uncircumcised.
  • Frenuloplasty: It is a process is similar to preputioplasty, but it involves the foreskin being cut on the underside of the penis to make it loose enough to retract.

These surgical procedures are recommended for severe or recurrent phimosis.  However, they can also pose serious complications if not well taken care of. Otherwise, slight risks of bleeding, pain or infection should be expected.

Preventing prepuce cuts

How to prevent these cuts depends on what is causing them. There are certain causes would not be prevented. Among recommended prevention measures include proper hygiene, avoiding intercourse while treating the sustained injury, taking precautions during sex i.e. using effective condoms, proper diet and above all, going for regular medical check-ups.


Cuts on the foreskin can lead to pain during urination and sex as well as increase the vulnerability to infections. Ensure you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.




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