Why Do I Have a Burning Sensation after Ejaculation?

Burning sensations during or after ejaculation

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Ejaculation is the climax of a sexual activity. It is that moment that provides great pleasure for everyone. To many people, sex is no sex without it. In fact, it is the core reason why many people engage in sex.

However, ejaculation is not always a walk in the park for some people. Yes, some people hate the fact that it must come. Why is this so?

Burning sensations during or after ejaculation

Burning sensation after ejaculation

Imagine experiencing a burning sensation after ejaculation. This is a common problem among many men. This sounds awkward, doesn’t it? Indeed, the whole pleasure of sex fades off due to this sensation.

It is also common to hear some men complain of burning sensation when or while ejaculating. This is closely related to burning sensation after ejaculation which is often experienced in the urethra.

In a few instances, some people complain of burning sensation in the penile tip after ejaculation. To many people, this is a mysterious experience. It leaves many people wondering why this happens. Some people could even imagine that this is a symptom of an STI.

Are you experiencing condition after you climax during sex? You shouldn’t get worried as we are going to give you a detailed account of what the problem could be.

Where does it come from?

As earlier noted, this burning sensation is experienced in the urethra and penile tip. Did you know that your penis is made up of muscles? Yes, these muscles are involved in a rigorous contraction during the discharge of semen.

Without these contractions, semen and sperms cannot be pushed out of the testicles. What does this tell you? According to, any inflammation in the penile muscles can cause a burning sensation during and after ejaculation.

Furthermore, an infection on the same would result in some pain and burning during and after the discharge of semen.

Does this mean that you are having an infection? No, maybe it is a temporary injury or allergic reaction. If this is so, then a simple remedy can ease the pain.

Why the burning sensation?

Any pain emanating from the urethra, during and after ejaculation, can be felt on the penile tip. notes that “mild burning in penis usually after ejaculation or urinating”, can also be felt in the lower pelvis and testicles.

For some people, the pain is felt when you urinate or pee short after semen discharge. Sexologists note that this sensation becomes more severe especially when one experiences multiple orgasms. Why the burning then?

Any form of inflammation during or after ejaculation is an indication of urethral irritation. This condition is known as urethritis in men. Besides, urethral irritation can be caused by other factors.

Generally, urethral irritation is attributed to the following factors:

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer comes along with an enlarged prostate gland. Consequently, one is likely to experience pain or burning sensation after ejaculation. If this feeling is because of prostate cancer, you are likely to also see blood in urine.

Apart from the burning feeling, one is also likely to experience some pain in the lower pelvic region and back. If the problem is due to is due to prostate cancer, then this calls for immediate medical attention.


Masturbation is one of the things that can cause injury to the urethra. Anything that applies excess pressure on the urethra may cause injury to it. If the urethra is injured, then you are likely to experience a burning sensation during and after ejaculation.

People who engage in rigorous sports can also have their genitals injured. The trauma caused by injuries manifests in the form of pain or a burning sensation as you pee or ejaculate.


According to, urethritis is a form of infection in the urethra. This infection can be as a result of STI or chemical irritation. Yes, soaps and lotions can cause a chemical irritation to the urethra.

In case of urethritis, pain and burning sensation become the primary symptom. However, it will disappear within a short while. This can, however, be treated using antibiotics alongside other medication depending on the cause.

Effects of medications

There are some drugs that can highly irritate the urethra. Drugs with high-chemical content are known to have this effect. For example, long-term use of antidepressants may make your urethra to be highly sensitive. As a result, you feel a burning sensation.

To avoid this, you avoid taking such drugs. If it’s a must to take them, you should reduce the dosage. You should, nevertheless, consult a physician on the same.

It can be prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common condition among men. It involves the inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is located just below the urinary bladder. Inflammation of this gland narrows the urethra.

If your urethra is narrowed and inflamed, you are likely to experience pain during urination, during and after ejaculation.


The urethra can react to many things. For example, vaginal fluids can at times irritate your urethra. As a result of this allergic reaction, the urethra gets inflamed, thus some inflammation as you discharge semen or pee.

Other things that can cause an allergic reaction to the urethra include condoms, contraceptives, and spermicidal jellies among others. What do you do in case of such reactions? The answer is simple; discontinue using anything that is adversely reacting with your urethra.


Many people believe that any burning feeling is hugely attributed to this condition. According to Mayo Clinic, the condition involves inflammation of the testicles. Why can your testicles get infected?

Any inflammation in the testicles is as a result of mainly a bacterial infection. Generally, some STIs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea cause infections in the testicles. Due to these infections, ejaculations come along with pain or burning sensations. This can, however, be managed through the use of topical antibiotics.

How to stop burning sensation after ejaculation

Many people experience pain after ejaculation. Others complain of post-ejaculatory pain. Others will talk of burning while ejaculating. What causes all these problems?

Understanding what causes is the first step towards healing. If you are experiencing a burning sensation when urinating after ejaculation, then this might be as a result of the factors discussed above. So, how do you stop this burning?

Here are tips that can help you:

  1. Go for a test to ascertain if you are having an infection, probably an STI.
  2. If it’s an infection, get the right medication.
  3. If the burning is as a result of an allergic reaction, stop using whatever is irritating your genitals.
  4. Keep your genitals clean at all times.
  5. Avoid wearing tight pants.
  6. Shake your penis thoroughly after urinating.


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