What Not to Do on a First Date: Things to Avoid for Men and Women


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First dates can be very scary and nerve-wracking. There are so many things to worry about like will he like me, will I like him back? Heck! You don’t even know if they will want anything with you after they’ve met you.

What not to do on a first date

There are so many factors to consider to ensure that the day doesn’t turn into some agonizing work appraisal forum, like who would want that on such a day, right?

Good news though, it doesn’t have to be so horrible, the secret to having a perfect first date is just to be yourself, if he or she is smart enough to like you for who you are, then it’s already a perfect one.

Okay, so this is not to say if you are into some crazy 50 shades of grey type of things you blurt them out on this day, keep it cool, there will be plenty of time to show your wild side. Remember first impressions are a big deal.

Considering that most dates nowadays results from algorithm matching system from the myriad of dating sites, going for a date for a first time with someone can be quite tormenting.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case, there are a couple of things you could avoid and make it a perfect dating experience ever!

First date advice: what to avoid

Nerves can cause us to make complete fools of ourselves on the first date if we are not careful. However, according to style caster and glamour, there are don’ts that will make sure you ace your date.

1. Don’t forget your manners

First impressions really, really matter. Don’t leave your manners at home. Be friendly and polite, hold doors open when you have to, say please and thank you and please, eat with your mouth closed.

The way you treat other people will determine how he or she sees you and the first impression you make.

2. Talk over your date

Just because you can do this with your BFF, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. In fact, some people consider this to be rude if you answer a question for them.

Never order food for him or her unless you’ve been asked to. Speaking over your date comes across as rude and gives the impression that you don’t care about their opinion.

3. Overlook personal hygiene

You want to make the best impression and possibly get a second date, right? Be at your best, grab the first date opportunity to make a perfect impression and save the chance of getting consequent dates. Brush your teeth, shower, shave, put on clean clothes, wear some deodorant or even perfume.

For the women, yes! Natural beauty is all kinds of attractive but puts a little bit more effort to look your best, it’s the first thing guys notice.

4. Forget to ask questions

Between being nervous and everything else, it can be pretty easy to forget to give your date some airtime. You may even find yourself going on and on about yourself that you completely forget to let the other person talk. Try to remember to give the other person a chance to talk and pay attention to what they have to say.

5. Be cheap

Okay, so usually on this day, the man is expected to pick up the when selecting the venue make sure it’s somewhere you can comfortably pay for you and him or her. But at the same time, as the woman, you should offer to pay for food or drinks even if he or she intends to pick up the bill.

6. Bing up marriage and kids

Bringing these topics upon the will definitely scare him or her away even if you shared the same objectives.

Worst still such topics will make the date seem like an interview. There will be plenty of time to have such conversations if he or she is the one, be patient and enjoy the date for exactly what it is, a first date.

7. Stay clear of confrontational conversation topics

Any topic that gives the vibe of an interview is a no-no on go zone.  Topics on religion and politics should be avoided completely. Granted, it may be a good idea to know each other’s views on the serious matter but this can quickly escalate into harsh sedition making it impossible to correctly represent yourself during this special day.

8. Get too wasted

A little bit of Dutch courage to take the edge off is definitely a winner but don’t overdo it.  Too much tipple can end up messing you up in ways you never thought possible: one it could lead you to say or do things you never planned to do and completely annihilate your better judgment of the whole situation, making you take things further than you initially intended to.

Oh! And never leave your drink unattended and at the end of the night make sure that you go home alone. There will be plenty of time to know each other better, don’t rush things!

9. Bring up your ex

This sounds a bit too obvious, doesn’t it? but with just the right atmosphere for a romantic setup, it’s very easy to bring up your ex. Unless you are going for a stuck up on a past relationship vibe and not ready to move on or date: don’t bring up your ex, no matter who did what or didn’t what in your past relationship, just don’t bring it up on your first date.

Your date could potentially become a significant part of your life, why would you even bring up your ex?!

Advice for women

1. Tag a friend along

Okay, a date should be between two people, right? If you string a third wheel along that is not a date anymore, but a hangout. This is usually common among women, please don’t make the first date weird by coming with your friend.

2. Act dumb

You may think this is all kinds of adorable; you know that cute puppy-eyed or pouty lips look we give to get favors, but it’s not! Yeah, your date may play along, but it doesn’t mean he finds this appealing.

3. Blow your own horn

Don’t spend the whole time trying to convince him of how much of a good person you are, like why are you still single?

4. Hold off on communication before the date

This incites so many mixed signals, like should I go for the date, should I not go on the date and worst still you fail to show up. This is just cruel!

THe don’ts – advice for men

1. Get her wasted

C’mon, guys, it’s one thing to make sure we enjoy the date but hey, constantly ordering us a round of god knows what… just crosses the border to suspicious.

Charm her with your witty humor even if they don’t laugh it’s okay. Don’t try to make a woman stupid drunk just so they can laugh at your jokes, because that’s the only reason why you are trying to get them drunk, right?

2. Be Rude

Okay, going for a first date with someone can make you all kinds of edgy, but does it really help if you take it out on the waiter, cab driver or the people sited on the next table.

But if this is your usual self, kindly carry on my good fellow and save us some time.

3. Comment on dinner

If you want to make an enemy fast and easy, just talk about what’s on their dinner plate. Whether it’s in small amounts or in plentiful, just hold off commenting about her food.

You are better off just enquiring whether they like the food or not.

4. Check out other women

Do I really need to explain this?  It’s pretty obvious that it’s rude to be checking out other people when you are on your first date, so don’t!

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