How to Get a Guy to Like You Over Text – Tips

How to make a guy like you over texts

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Getting a guy, you really like you to like you back, is not easy. Doing it over text sounds almost impossible. This is because some guys are complex human beings who don’t know what they want in life. If you become too cautious, they feel like you want to be friends and keep it like that. On the other hand, if you try to be too confident and they will still try to avoid you or runny away.

So, the best way to get a guy to like you is to strike a balance between caution and confidence. But how do you achieve this? Here are important tips on how to get a guy to like you over text:

Text substance

How to make a guy like you over texts

How to make a guy like you over texts

This is very hard for most ladies, I don’t know why, but maybe because some of you are just too lazy to be creative. ‘hey, what’s up?’ Is the most used phrases when starting a chat, and it is so boring and a turn off for most people. It is not what to text a guy especially if you want to get his attention. Be creative; this will keep the conversation going.

The easiest way to be creative is to ask him questions, not just questions but open-ended questions like, how was the movie?’ or ‘Did you enjoy your time at the club yesternight?’ This will keep the conversation going. You can also ask questions about himself; this will show that you are interested in knowing more about him. Take care not ask hard questions like, what is your perception of life?’ that will put him off completely.

Another way to keep the chat interesting is to text when you are doing something. Tell him you are very excited. Am just about to head to the gym, hoping to lose some few calories today.’ Or after doing something like, ‘Wow!! Guess what? I have just finished my History class without dozing off! Such are the texts to make him smile.

There is nothing wrong with starting a conversation

In fact, it is a sign of courage. It also shows that you are interested in him and thinking about him. It will make him work more towards being there for you. Never let him always be the one to begin a conversation, he may grow weary and move on. On the other hand, don’t be so obvious always to be the one to start chats, you will come out as desperate.

Vary your reply times

But don’t do this intentionally, because that sounds weird. You can finish what you are doing first before replying to his texts, and this will make him know that he is not a priority in your life and he needs to pull up he socks if he wants to be.

Try to reply to texts within an hour. That is a reasonable time for a person interested in a relationship. Don’t wait for a whole 24 hours before replying because you will be pushing him away.

Wait for him to reply

This is the point where most ladies always get it wrong. Why should you send a text after another? That is a sign that you are desperate and too needy. It is the worst impression you would want to make on a man because he will run away. If you text a guy, wait for him to reply to the message not making up follow up texts.

I know a lady who even becomes pissed off if you don’t reply her chats to an extent she starts insulting you. Then she comes back to her senses to apologize. That’s just not good. Resist the temptation to do a follow-up text, he will respect you for that and will feel obligated to even reply to your chats.

Avoid essays

Long texts kill attraction. Keep short conversations, he will not take a lot of time to read before replying. Long texts are also very boring. There is a reason why the maximum characters in normal text messages are 140. Keep your texts around here. But this does not mean that you should be too brief to start sending one letter texts like K, and wow. You won’t get anywhere with that. Short chats are some of the texts to make him want you.

Know when to end a chat.

Over texting also kills attraction. I know there is nothing as good as wanting to chat with a guy you are really into all day, but I advise you to strongly resist that. Chatting throughout will exhaust everything leaving you guys with nothing else to talk about and thus boredom.

Look out for signs that he is not interested in chatting with you. These may include replying with one word or taking too long to reply. He may just be busy and therefore you need to give him time. You can excuse yourself by telling him to call you later or meet you. It gives him room to think about you and decide if he really wants to be with you.

Try to send happy texts

Guys like to be surrounded by positivity and a little flirting. Lamenting about how the world is cruel to you, how you hate your Physics Lecturer is one of the worst things you can do to a guy you want to love you. Honestly, nobody likes problems. Those who pretend to like problems just want to gossip. So, don’t do that. You will scare him away.

Give him compliments

In case you didn’t know, guys also like compliments. In fact, if you are wondering what to text a guy to get his attention then try complimenting something about his masculinity or his knowledge about a certain topic. Something like I really like your hands, I wonder how I would feel when they hold me.’

Complimenting is also another way to flirt with a guy over text. It boosts his ego and makes him want to be with you. It is also a way to make someone feel special over text. Because he will know his valued and will work hard to maintain that.

Call him his name

In the beginning, it is not prudent to use all those pet names. Calling him his name can work wonders. It personalizes things and makes him know that you truly remember him and there is no one else you are chatting with. It is one of the hot things to say to a guy over text. He will be hooked up to you knowing that you are into him.

Make him think dirty without talking dirty

Some guys like sex and most ladies think that talking about sex is the only way to flirt with a guy. Hell no. Ok, you can keep him interested with all the sex talk, but in the end, he would just think you are an easy lay.

There are other ways to keep his adrenaline high and make him hooked up to you without necessarily talking dirty. A text like, “I am trying out my new dress” is not necessarily dirty but trust me it will drive him crazy. Another text you can do is am just from the shower.’ There are many other hot things to say to a guy over text without talking dirty. He will be there fantasizing about your naked body all day long not knowing that you are the one driving him wild intentionally.

Do not send him your nudes

C’mon girl, you are trying to win his heart, not his manhood. Sending him nudes won’t get him to love you. He will only be interested in you for a little bit of time until he gets to lay you then he will disappear. There is also a probability that he may choose to use those nudes against you when things go south.


Following the above tips does not guarantee that a guy will love you or even like you back. Falling in love is a complex thing. He may not like you because maybe he is in another relationship, he is celibate or gay. Do not hurt yourself by having feelings for a guy you may never reciprocate. Flirting with a guy over text is very sweet if the guy is worth your time.

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