A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

How to get your ex-boyfriend back

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 “You only need the light when it is burning low… Only miss the sun when it starts to snow… only know your lover when you let her go…” These are lyrics from Passenger’s Hit song ‘Let Her Go’. It is a song that best describes the feelings of a person going through a heartbreak.

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is breaking up with a guy you really love. At first, you will convince yourself that it is for the greater good but after some time, you find yourself missing him and devising methods to win him back.

How to get your ex-boyfriend back

How to get him back

For some ladies, having such thoughts is not only embarrassing but they also see it as a kind of inferiority. My dear, there is no shame in wanting to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Yes, listening or even singing along to the lyrics of the song is soothing and comforting but it won’t solve your problem, you need to act.  You either fight for your love or risk the pain of seeing him in the hands of another lady.

In this article, I intend to show you ways on how to win him back without seeming desperate. Follow this method and you are assured of making him come back to your loving hands.

Why did you break up?

The reason why most relationships end is a failure to address your issues. Most people just don’t like to accept their role in ending the relationship and end up blaming the other person. If you want to win your ex-boyfriend back, then acknowledging your role in the break up is always the first step.

There is no need for working so hard to get him back and end up breaking up again because the issues that led to the first break up have not been resolved. Once you know where it went wrong, then both of you can try to give each other your best. This can rekindle your love and even make it stronger than it was before.

Ask for forgiveness

This is a very bold move and sometimes it pays off. It mostly works if you are the one that messed up the relationship. I know you will say your ego can’t allow that to happen but that is not an issue if you really want your man back.

Maybe you were annoyed and said nasty things to him, or even ended things without a second thought. A simple phrase like ‘I am sorry I have hurt you,’ may be all you need to rekindle the relationship. Tell him you are deeply sorry for breaking up, you were emotional, and it was a mistake you never want to repeat.

No one is perfect, acknowledging your mistakes and asking for forgiveness just shows how humble you are. An intelligent man will notice this and even appreciate it. A mature man won’t let such a woman go, because in this world it is hard to find a woman who can love you all the time, finding a woman who can acknowledge her mistakes is rare but if you lucky then, she is worth keeping.

Remind him of the good memories you had together

I know that not everyone is bold enough to ask for forgiveness. Worry not, because that is not the only way on how to win a guy back.

Try to remind him about the good memories that you both shared. The secret to this is to go to a place where you used to frequent together and call him from there. Tell him you are at the place and remembered him. This is a good way to start a conversation. Probably you people didn’t break up on very good terms and he always associates you with pain and negativity.

This is the time to change all that. You can also tell him that you hope there are good things happening in his life and after that wish him a good day ahead and hang up. That short conversation may do wonders. Wishing him a good day is different from a good week or a good time. You have just left some room for further communication within 24 hours or more. Remember not to press him further at this point. You will look desperate.

Ask him for help

Now at least you guys are on talking terms, and the next step is to find something that will make you call him again. you need a way to talk to him without necessarily making your intentions clear.

Nothing comes better than asking for help. I don’t mean you go asking for money because you will come out as a gold digger. You have been with your ex long enough to know what he is good at or just his passion. Maybe your laptop has a problem and you need to know how to boot it up or you are having an issue with the Mathematics assignment. Just call him, ask him how he is doing and go straight to the point.

Asking for help is a way to build attraction again. It shows that you appreciate him and his expertise. You still value him even though you are not on good terms. He will start thinking about you again, there is a chance he will even miss you.

Organize for an accidental meeting

You know your guy very well, you also know his program, on Wednesday evening he is always at the gym or he never misses Piano lessons on Friday. If he is a student, then you can easily access his timetable. Arrange to meet him ‘accidentally’ by going to the place where he frequents.

When going to places he frequents, dress seductively but don’t be too obvious because he will know. You can choose the dress he loves the most. Then just act like you have bumped into him.

Be warm towards him, look surprised but go for a hug don’t accept a mere handshake. Ask him how he is doing. ‘I hope there are good things happening in your life.’

Remember that your facial expression matters a lot in this situation. Smile but do not be too sheepish. You can complement his looks by telling him he looks good and be on your way. End the conversation with a ‘see you soon.’

Find a reason to meet

Remember when you asked him for help? You can go back to that and ask him to meet you because for one reason or another you have been unable to solve the problem on your own. At this time, your boyfriend has read your motives and made up his mind on whether he should get back to you or not. If the meeting is at your place, you can prepare his favorite dish.

To you, this is a date but don’t make it so obvious. Try very hard not to get intimate with him on this day because you will look like a desperate and an easy lay. Use the time to talk about your issues and find out if you have mutual feelings. 


‘How do I get him back?’ this is a question asked by many ladies after breaking up with a man they really love. Truth is that some of them don’t always succeed in their mission because it is impossible to win a man who doesn’t want to be with you. You deserve to be a happy girl and some boyfriends are just a recipe for frustrations and even depression.

Before embarking on a mission on how to win your man back, ask yourself if he is worth it. If the answer is NO!! then don’t try this method.


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