5 Fun First Date Ideas for Teens & Adults

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You asked her out and she said yes!! Congratulations man, getting a girl, you really like to go out with you on a first date is not a walk in the park. But I know you are not here for this, you are just wondering about where to go with your potential new catch. Do you want the best tips? We got them.

First date ideas
What are the best ideas for your first date?

Finding the ideal places to go on to often cause sleepless nights for many guys. Everything that happens on this day will determine the direction that the relationship will take after this day. It’s hard to achieve a perfect first date because you don’t really know what he or she likes but you can make the day memorable with good planning.

A good place should be a location where you can chat and get to know one another. An ideal location should not be so noisy that you are forced to shout at each other. Plan on what activities to do on your first date, making sure they don’t require much attention parallel to having a conversation.

A good conversation should also allow you to know each other better without feeling the pressure of what you are talking about. Talking about nuclear physics is part of my list of what not to do on this day.

Having said that, here are some creative and romantic ideas.

Cheap first date ideas for teenagers

This will probably be the first time you are going out with a member of the opposite sex. I know that feeling you are having. Problem with most teens is that they tend to make many mistakes. The biggest mistake I made on my first date is I struggled to impress her, it was awful because I ended up looking desperate.

As a college student, there are very high chances that you are broke but do not take the day to a fast-food restaurant. You don’t want her knowing that you are broke, be creative.

  1. Stroll in the park– Most people underrate this but trust me it is a super romantic and a great idea. It’s also one of the most affordable ideas for college students. All you need is to step up your conversation game. Parks are some of the best places to go for a first date because of the silence they offer. You can find a bench in the park and enjoy some ice cream or hotdogs as you get in the business of knowing each other.
  2. Bowling– going bowling is one of the most fun ideas that I know. It comes with many perks including harnessing the playful energy that comes from competing. Through competing, you can get to learn a side of him or her that many people try to hide because the conversation is always more honest. It’s also a romantic first date idea because it involves physical contact. Another good thing is that you can always fake an injury when things get weird.
  3. Take her to the museum – When I said to be creative, I had such stuff in mind. A museum date is one of them is another creative idea. Taking him or her to the museum will win you points for having some appreciation for culture. Museum dates scream class. To make this day memorable, do your homework well and know which exhibitions are up at the moment. Knowing his or her interests and preferences in advance will give you an added advantage.
  4. Volunteer to serve breakfast at the local children’s home – There’s nothing as good as rolling up your sleeves for charity work. It’s even sweeter when you do this with a person you really like; not only will you get to know each other but you will also do something worthwhile for your community. Talk of killing two birds with one stone It’s a very creative one. It’s also free. If there’s no children’s home around your neighborhood, there’s always another person who needs a helping hand. These are things you should do on your first date, it will be memorable.
  5. Visit a fortune teller- Yes, we are trying to be unique here. Of course, the fortune teller will tell you about how you will have beautiful babies. This will make for a very memorable first date. You may hold on some of the things the fortune teller says in future when the going becomes rough.

Romantic ideas for adults

As you grow up, you gain a lot of experience along the way, you probably know what works and what doesn’t on a first date. The mistake that most adults make is trying so hard to impress. Trust me, this will make you look desperate.

The best things to do on this important day should be geared towards establishing a connection between the two of you. Here are some simple ideas for adults.

  1. Ask her out for drinks at the local bar – Going out for drinks is one of the coolest first date ideas that most people ignore. Drinks work because two people sitting at a bar sharing a drink is far less pressure than sitting at a table for two sharing a full dinner. Enjoy the sense of closeness by sitting shoulder to shoulder as you engage in a conversation. One of the biggest advantages of such an arrangement is you get to know how your potential partner behaves when high. You can always suggest a dinner date later in the evening.
  2. ‘Let’s go out for coffee’ – Most long-term relationships start with such dates. It is a low risk and potentially high rewards idea. You can enjoy the ambiance and conversation as you sip your favorite Cappuccino at McDonald’s. If things go well, then you can suggest another one. Avoid that satanic temptation of showing up late for a coffee date, it’s a mood killer.
  3. Dinner date – It’s quite challenging to pull a successful first dinner date. Most guys always go to fancy places to try and impress their date. The problem with such an arrangement is that you raise the expectations; she will expect the same in your future dates yet you may not be able to afford. The selection of the restaurant will tell a lot about you. My advice is you try out the food and ambiance at the restaurant before setting up the date. A delicious dinner at an ideal location is one of the most romantic ideas.
  4. Take up some cooking lessons– It’s a simple idea. You might grab a lesson or two to take to your own kitchen. It’s also easy to set a second date- to practice what you learned in class.


Technology has made everything including dating easier. You can now find your significant half using one of those dating apps, but unfortunately, everything good has its negative side too. Technology has eroded the first date etiquette and that’s why some relationships end faster than a 100m race. People don’t take the time to know each other.

One of the most important tips for both men and women is that they should avoid touching their phones when on a date. It kills the mood. You may invest a lot but end up spoiling everything just because your hands couldn’t keep off your phone.

Another avoidable thing that can spoil great moments is asking silly questions. Do not bring up issues about exes on this day, people who constantly talk about their ex-have not moved on. They are a turn-off. I won’t tell you what kind of questions to ask on a first date because I also don’t know. Just don’t ask questions that will make your date uneasy.

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