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Let us get this clear, you managed to convince her to go out with you and now you are thinking of getting that first kiss on a first date. You must be confident, and I must applaud you for that. Most people have different views about kissing or not kissing it being the first time.

Get a first date kiss easily

I think the whole thing depends on the chemistry that two people have together. I have no first date rules because I believe love should be unconditional.

There is nothing as sweet as intimacy on a first date. Ignore the rules that say kissing on a first date is bad. I don’t even know who made these rules.

I know you have heard fancy first kiss stories from guys who act like gods. Pulling off such a stunt is not nuclear Physics. It is not something you can brag about especially in this era where getting a kiss is easier than getting a job.

I am going to share with you some easy tips. Follow my tips and I promise you that dating won’t be the same.

Where are you taking your date?

The place or venue is very important. Make the wrong choice and you will fail terribly in your mission. Choose a quiet romantic location. By this, I don’t mean that you should take your date to an isolated location because they will be suspicious.

The best location for an intimate date would be at your place or their place. But a hotel or park will do just fine. You know yourself and your pocket. Be creative and take your date to a place that is convenient enough for a romantic kiss.

Bridge that space

If you manage to take your date to your ideal place, then sitting closer to them is the next big step. Space communicates a lot of things.

The most important thing here is to build intimacy and there is no better way of doing this than sitting closer to them. Try as much as possible to brush your body against theirs. You can touch her hand or shoulders. As you do this, ensure you are not too obvious. Make it look like it is involuntary. Just don’t overdo it because you may end up putting her on the defensive, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve.

What are you talking about?

I understand you have read about what to say on a first date. But today I am telling you to ditch all that crap. Do you want to kiss on a first date? Then let the conversation initiate it. Do not bore your date about how you support Barcelona or the best lip balm on the market. That is unfair. Make the conversation romantic.

Am not saying that you should start talking about porn or Kamasutra positions because she will walk out on you. If you both love Novels, then you can discuss Sidney Sheldon’s novels. You can talk about the best kiss you have ever had on a lighter note. What I am trying to say here is that your conversation should be romantic and intimate enough to set the mood.

Facial expression is important

Smiling and maintaining eye contact will build intimacy and will set the tone. Eye contact builds trust and fosters affection. Smiling shows that you are interested in whatever your date is saying. This will make her relax.

Confidence is key

Now, this is the place where most people get it all wrong. You may get the above tips but your confidence ends up failing you terribly. You should have the guts. Are you a risk-taker? Then your attributes should come in handy here. Go for the kiss and get done with it. Just remember not to be too overconfident coz you will make mistakes.

Pay attention

It is a shame that the current generation of young cannot hold meaningful face to face communication because of being hooked to their phones. You should pay attention to your date’s body language. They might want the kiss even more than you. Paying attention is a very important key.

Learn to flirt

Flirting is the art of seduction. Telling your date ‘You have beautiful hair’ or ‘I love your dress’ can be the key. Flirt with her, compliment her and you will put her in the mood for some intimacy. Compliments boost people’s confidence. And confidence can make us do some intimate things.

Surprise her

Pleasant surprises are good. Most people like them. So why can’t you go for it in the middle of the date? She will not be expecting it and that is where you should make the move. I know traditionally kisses are meant for goodbyes but doing this in the mid-date can be very sweet. Before doing this, ensure that you have read her body language and know that kissing will not be a big offense.

Build tension

Talking is not the only way of communicating, you can let the tension build-up by just seductively looking into her eyes without saying anything. If you see the same desire in her eyes, then you can go for it.

You can just ask

It can be very hard to understand what some people want because of sending out different signals. If your date falls into this category, then there is no offense in a ‘Can you kiss me’ question. Even though this is a straight way of asking, know that it can go either way. Do not press if she turns you down.

Kissing during the first date,
Don’t insist if she turns you down

Do not be in a hurry to part

This should happen at the end of the date. You can stay a little bit more and make your move for that kiss. You may go for her lips as she hugs you. Now there is something called first date kiss etiquette which you should master. Just kiss her slowly reading her level of enthusiasm before doing anything else.


I cannot guarantee you that following the above advice will always work. Your quest to get a kiss may lead you to make one of the worst disasters you can ever imagine.

Kissing is a very intimate thing and most people have different perceptions about when it should happen in a relationship. If you are hell-bent on getting her to kiss you then know that it can go either way and be ready to accept the consequences.

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