Life After College: Adjusting and Getting a Job

Life after college

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Congratulations on your graduation. I know you worked very hard for that college degree or a diploma. I know you are very excited because you are finally free and can be able to do what you like doing without anybody questioning you.

Of course, you have made concrete plans on your life after graduation. Which is a good thing? I am here to give you more tips on how you can have a smooth transition from college life to the world, how to get your first job after graduation, and how to grow in the career industry.

Have an open mind

Life after college

Life after college

I know you have already figured out on what you want to do after graduation but that does not mean you should stick to your plans, most of them won’t work anyway.

On your list of to do things, you have prioritized finding a job. It may not be as easy as you think. You have so many paths you can pursue. You may be spoiled for choices even. But maintain an open mind when it comes to your plans.

Also prepare yourself psychologically for disappointments. Things will not always go your way. Think outside the box on things you want to do. For instance, instead of looking for a job, you can venture into self-employment. Having an open mind will take you places.

Spend your time wisely

There is nothing wrong with taking a break after college. You need to rejuvenate yourself in preparation for the next phase of your life. But the holiday should not take so long that it becomes a norm. In my college life, going out on weekdays was ok but I had to change that mentality after I graduated.

Do not spend most of your time watching movies on Netflix or chatting on social media. Spend your time doing constructive things. You can start with some community service. I advise that you do things that will bring you closer to people. You will learn a lot from just interacting with people. The greatest lessons in life are not taught in class.

Learning does not end in college.

If you are wondering about what you should after graduation, then I would suggest you take an online course on entrepreneurship. Yes, learning does not end in college. That is why you are always given powers to read. Your thirst for knowledge should not end after graduation from college. Enroll for an online course as you wait on what to do next. Increase your bank of knowledge. Don’t be a dinosaur and remain in the dark for ages.

Check on your friends

We live in a generation where checking on your friends can only happen through social media. We are so obsessed with our online image at the expense of reality.

There is a probability that you won’t meet some of your buddies after college but that does not mean that you shouldn’t check out on them. Make calls, visit them. Sometimes a friend may be going through hard times but not opening. It will be so bad if you lose friends because of things that could be avoided.

Also be there for your friends when they need you. If a friend loses a family member, do not send condolences on social media. Make an effort to attend and comfort them. They will be there for you when you get in the same situation.

Opportunities will come, just be patient

While you are still contemplation on what to do after graduation from university, there is a course mate of yours who already has his life sorted out. He has already been employed in one of the blue-chip companies and earning millions. Your friend has got their luck and maybe connections. There is no need in you stressing yourself because of what your friend has achieved.

Getting a job after college may take a little longer for you than for some of your friends. Just don’t give up. Be patient your opportunities will come. Continue developing yourself as you do that.

Jobs after college

Finding a job after college can be harder than you have been told. But with a bit of lady luck, you may immediately go into employment after graduating. Here are some things you need to know how to find a job after college and navigating your career path.

1. Your first job may have little to do with what you studied

You may have studied business administration but end up as a teacher on your first job. This is totally normal, sometimes we pursue totally different career paths from what we studied in college. My first boss told me that people tend to perform excellently when doing things, they learn by themselves to do what they have been taught in class.

There is no definite way on how to find or get a job after college, so don’t say no to an opportunity in the Human Resource Department because you have a degree in Economics. Try out the job and see where it takes you.

2. Self-employment is a big opportunity

The whole world is struggling with high levels of unemployment. This is because we have refused to actualize the super ideas we have into income generating ventures. Starting your own business is something you can consider when thinking about finding a job after graduation. You may just end up creating employment for others. Isn’t that a good thing?

3. Meetings are part of the job

Being attentive during work meetings is very hard for most people on their first job after college. There is always this weird temptation to check on your phone because of boredom. But trust me, this will be noticed, and you may not stay on that job for long. Take meetings seriously. Ensure you ask for clarification on things you don’t understand. Before doing anything stupid, remember that most people are sacked during meetings.

4. Your discipline will take your places

Why should you show up at work with a hangover for heaven’s sake? Going for a drinking spree on weekdays should not be part of what to do after university. Also, ensure you finish up your assignments on time. It is only through discipline that you will be able to climb up the career ladder.

5. Go slow on the old folks

We understand you are fresh from college, meaning you have the latest theories about how to manage organizational crisis but that does not make you the boss. Learn to correct your boss graciously when they make a mistake, do not embarrass your boss because they made a technological blunder. They started working before Android was discovered.

6. Do not burn old bridges

Gone are the days when you would stay on the same job for forty years. Thanks to technology, a new job is just a website away from you. You may get a job that pays you 10 times than your current job. This does not mean you should disrespect your former employer or boss. Karma always has his own way of doing things, your paths may cross again. We don’t want tension.

7. Pay your student loans

Avoiding your debts does not take them away, paying them does. You will have little responsibilities during your first job. Take advantage and offset your student loan before family comes in and you start thinking about a mortgage and other financial responsibilities.

8. It is never too early to start saving

One of the greatest mistakes that young people do after graduation is blowing away all their pay forgetting that they will age. You need to save. Cut off on the expenses. Teach yourself a saving culture and living within your pay without borrowing unnecessarily. Invest in a small business if you can and you will thank me later.


Life after college can be very challenging but interesting at the same time. You need an open and positive mindset. Do not be discouraged if things don’t work out. Dust yourself and rise again. You will be frustrated in the first few years, but you will finally get through. Be disciplined when you get your first job and save as much as you can from the beginning of your career.

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