7 Ways on How to Effectively Unclog Toilet Fast

how to unclog a blocked toilet

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Are you having a clogged toilet? You have a joined a long list of people who are experiencing the same problem. Which is the best way to unclog it? Well, this is a question that you and others seek answers for daily.

A clogged toilet is one experience that no one wishes to encounter. Most toilets get clogged at times when they are most needed. Imagine your toilet getting blocked just a day before your visitors arrive. This, indeed, would be a real mess for you.

how to unclog a blocked toilet

How do you unclog it?

You don’t have to get yourself stressed up if this happens to you. While this is a common problem, most clogs can be easily unclogged without the services of a plumber. This means that you can do it yourself.

This article, therefore, gives a detailed account on how you can effectively handle clogged toilets fast, faster than you can imagine. Here are some of the most effective ways.

Use a plunger

How do you unclog toilet with a plunger? Of course, this is the fastest and easiest method that many people know of. You all know what a plunger is.

Some people say a plunger is also known as a plumber’s helper or plumber’s friend. This is a force cup that you can simply use to unclog it even when you have no plumping experience. It is the most effective tool in clearing blockages in pipes and drains.

The plunger effectively does this using a suction cup, a rubber gadget fixed on its tip. Most handles are either wooden or plastic. Pumping the cup against the drain creates a vacuum. This vacuum sucks any material that might be clogging your toilet.

However, you need to observe the following:

  • Have a plunger or a flange on hand
  • Make sure that most of the water in the toilet bowl is emptied
  • Due to splashing, you may be required to cover the surrounding floor with some towels
  • Immerse the plunger into the drain opening and push it up and down (pump it).
  • Repeat this process while pushing and pulling out rigorously.
  • Add some water in the bowl to see if the obstruction has been removed. If it still can’t drain, repeat the above procedure severally.
  • Do this until the water in the bowl drains easily. This means that the clog has cleared.


Use augers

Let’s now look at how to unclog a toilet without a plunger. This is done when either one doesn’t have a plunger, or if plunging can’t fix the plugged toilet. Many people can attest to the fact that augers can work better than plungers.

Do you know what a toilet auger is? You may have read tutorials teaching people on how to unclog the toilet with a snake. Yes, this equipment is the one that is also known as a plumbing snake or a water closet auger.

This unclogging tool that works where plungers have failed. It is called a plumbing snake due to its ability to maneuver through the clogged drain while removing any material that might be causing an obstruction.

It is called a plumbing snake since it contains a long metallic shaft. The shaft has an auger bit at the end. Its length makes it effective in removing obstructions that occur deep within the toilet drain.

How do you use it? It is very simple to use this gadget. You just push it through the drain while tilting it in a clockwise manner. As it moves in, it can grab some material that is causing the obstruction. You can tell when it grabs something. At that point, pull it out and it comes out with whatever was causing the obstruction.

Use baking soda

How do you unclog a toilet with baking soda? This is another way that you can apply to unclog a toilet without using a plunger. All you need is baking soda and vinegar.

Mix baking soda and vinegar to create a fizzing mixture. Pour the mixture into the clogged toilet. These two products produce a chemical reaction that eats off any matter that is clogging the drain for most stubborn clogs, these are the two items that you can trust. In fact, you don’t need a snake or plunger.

Once you have poured the mixture of vinegar and baking soda, allow it some time to react with the clog. After some time, add some hot water in its bowl. You will be surprised how this works perfectly well. It is one of the best toilet clog removers.

Use a coat hanger

Does this sound mysterious? What would you do if you are not having a plunger, plumbing snake or baking soda? Take one of the coat hangers and straighten it. It can be of some help.

After straightening the hanger, wrap its end with a piece of cloth or a rag. If the obstruction is located a few inches inside the drain, then the hanger will be of some help.

You should push the hanger inside the toilet drain as you twist it in a clockwise direction. Do this until the water in the bowl starts draining. It can offer a reliable clogged toilet solution.

Given its small length, this method may not work if the clogging material is found deep inside the drain. At the same time, wear some gloves as your hands may frequently touch waste from the toilet.

Chemical cleaning

Do you know that you can unclog your toilet without a plunger by just using a chemical drain cleaner? Today, chemical drain cleaners can be found in the hardware near you. One is advised to use this method when all other strategies have failed. Why is this so?

The chemicals that are used as clogged toilet solutions may be harmful as well as cost you some money. Majority of them are corrosive not only to your skin but also in the bowl. Although good toilet clogs removers, most drain cleaners will ruin it in the end.

However, they are most preferred when a plunger and snake have failed, especially if you do not know how to unclog a toilet with poop in it. Given the sensitivity such a condition, chemical drains become the only option for many.

Use a wet/ dry vacuum cleaner

This is another best way to unclog a toilet when the snake, plunger, baking soda and chemical drains have failed, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can help. Remember, only a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can be used in this situation due to the presence of water.

Empty the bowl first. Place the horse of the vacuum cleaner at the edge of the tip of the drainer. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner and the drain are watertight. You can ensure this by tying a towel at the contact point between the drainer and the cleaner. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and allow it to suck out the clog.

Prevent the clogging

Which is the best way to unclog a toilet? I guess preventing clogging from taking place is the best of all methods. How do you do this?

  • Use the right type of toilet Use the tissue paper that can easily dissolve after flashing. Avoid using newspapers or other papers.
  • Always flash after use. Don’t use it the whole day before flushing. Accumulation of waste will clog it.
  • Don’t throw stuff in the toilet. For example, some things such as sanitary towels and diapers can’t flush. They will clog it instead.
  • Guide the children on how to use the toilet. Some young ones may not understand what should be thrown in it and what can’t. Educate your children on how to use the toilet without causing clogging.



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