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Sweaty feet

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‘Sweaty feet’ is a common vocabulary to you and me. Although this is a natural process, there are times when the condition becomes a medical concern. You may have ever heard of hyperhidrosis, this is a condition where your body sweats profusely or excessively.

If you are seeking to know what sweaty feet involve, symptoms, best cure or even best socks and shoes to go for, then this article is a must-read for you.

When can you say that you have sweaty feet?

Sweaty feet

Sweaty feet

While sweating is a common way of cooling your body, having sloppy and soggy feet is abnormal. This comes along with excessive perspiration.

In some instances, the excess dampness ruins your shoes. In other instances, you fear wearing sandals since your feet are likely to slip out of them due to this problem.

Sweaty feet make them to always feel cold. It becomes quite uncomfortable to walk barefooted as you are likely to leave footprints when you walk around. If you have ever had any of the above experience, then you can say that you have hyperhidrosis. observes that hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating. his is experienced in various body parts, especially the feet, armpits, hands among other areas. However, you don’t have to worry about the condition we are going to highlight some of the best remedies as well as foot sweating treatment options.

You might be wondering why people with this problem experience more perspiration in the feet than in any other parts of the body. The human body is full of sweat glands. However, these glands are more on some parts than others. Therefore, people suffering from hyperhidrosis have some parts affected more than others. For instance, your foot could be most affected.

Normally, you are only supposed to perspire when the weather is hot to cool the body. However, people with hyperhidrosis you perspire always, even when it is cold. Therefore, people with this problem have moist feet always.


According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society in the article ‘Sweaty feet,’ the primary cause is unknown but medics suggest that the condition results from some of the following factors:

  • Having overactive sweat glands
  • It can also be genetic. Therefore, people from one family may have a history of having excessive feet perspiring.
  • When the feet are strained or are under pressure it can perspire excessively.
  • At times emotional stress can cause this problem.
  • People with high toxicity levels also tend to have overactive sweat glands.
  • Taking excess alcohol without exercising may also cause the problem.
  • Wearing a certain type of shoes and socks can stimulate sweat glands to produce more sweat. Therefore, you should do a thorough research on the best shoes and socks for sweaty feet.

Symptoms you may have

While some people assume that sweating is normal, it’s good to note that some symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore. Every person can differentiate between normal and excessive sweating.

The College of Podiatry observes that the common symptoms include on your feet or sole:

  • They may be excessive moist.
  • You may experience some itching.
  • Having excessively smelly feet
  • Experiencing toenail fungus
  • Abnormal skin irritation.
  • Hyperhidrosis in the rest of the body to the extent that your clothes get soaked with sweat.
  • Experiencing clamminess

If you have experienced one or several of the above symptoms, then you might be suffering from hyperhidrosis. In fact, you should consider researching for the best foot powder, deodorant or the best foot spray for sweaty feet.

Severe sweaty feet

You may not consider sweating to be a medical condition unless if it is serious. There exist numerous home remedies for this condition and one doesn’t need to see a doctor.

However, sweating may become too much to an extent of interfering with your normal activities and home remedies are not helping. In such a case, then you may consider seeking medical help.

Who falls victims

Is there a specific group of people that is likely to suffer more from this form of hyperhidrosis than the other? The answer is yes. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, this condition is common among the adolescents and the youth who are below 25 years. It is rare for people over 40 years to experience the condition.

Medical practitioners believe that sweaty feet among the youth are due to the existing emotional state and changing hormonal levels. The hormone levels among young people make the sweat glands to be overactive. Emotional stress among the youth also stimulates these glands.

Cures and treatment options

You might be wondering what to do for sweaty feet or what’s good for excessive sweating feet. There are various treatment options that one can always go for. According to in the article here are some treatment options that you can consider:

  • Use of topical medications for example Drysol
  • Use of antiperspirants
  • Application of iontophoresis
  • Botox injections

Botox injections are considered the best option. These injections, though painful, provide a significant relief to hyperhidrosis. These injections and are meant to cure overactive sweat glands.

Best remedies for sweaty feet

Apart from the above medications and treatments, there are other remedies that are used in managing this condition. For example, you might consider some of the existing foot powders for this problem. Powder helps in absorbing sweat, thus preventing them from excessive soaking. observes that you should also consider the best shoes for sweaty feet. While some shoes stimulate perspiration, others help in managing it. The shoes should be properly dried with a drier. In some instances, consider wearing open shoes. The shoes should also have detachable insoles.

Furthermore, you should consider the best socks for hyperhidrosis. People who don’t wear socks are known to worsen this condition more than those who do. The best socks should be made of cotton, wool or a mixture of both. These materials are known to absorb a significant amount of perspiration.

You may also check on deodorant or foot sprays. In most cases, sweaty feet are smelly. If you can’t stop sweaty feet permanently, you can minimize it and manage the odor. Deodorants and sprays provide a reliable remedy.

How can I prevent profuse feet sweating?

This is a question that many people ask. A simple daily routine can be effective in managing this problem. Prevention starts with observing proper hygiene. Some of the practices that you should adopt to manage the condition include regularly washing and drying your feet, wearing socks, using anti perspiration powder and wearing shoes fitted with insoles.

If you must wear shoes, consider wearing the leather ones. Leather allows free movement of air inside the shoes. This minimizes perspiration. After washing your feet, you should thoroughly dry them before wearing shoes.

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