Four Activities That Should Happen After Sex

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Most of us spend some quality time when planning to have sex. You want to make everything perfect because there is nothing as sweet as good sex. The ecstasy, the passion, and the intimacy is something that everyone wants to experience especially with that special partner.

There exists a lot of information on what to do before sex. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do after coitus because they don’t even think about it before hitting the sheets.

You’ve just enjoyed some quality time of sex marathon with your partner and it is time to come back from cloud nine, but how do you go about that. You will agree with me that this can be a very awkward moment and have nothing to do is one of the major causes of post-coital depression.

Activities after sex

Activities after sex

So, after sex, what happens? I am going to share with you some things that you can do to avoid the embarrassment and all the negative things associated with this moment;

Take a nap

For some people, sleep comes naturally after copulation. This is because orgasm triggers your brains to release the hormone endorphin which soothes your body to sleep. You should take advantage of this and just take a nap while still cuddling with your partner. Sleep will help you recover your energy and come back to normal from ‘cloud nine.’

What about a shower?

After some marathon coitus, we are sweaty, greasy and dirty due to the exchange of the sex fluids. Therefore, taking a shower sounds like the right thing to do.

A good bath will also help cool your racing bodies and help bring your internal organs back to normal functioning. You can either take a shower together or alone. It will help you a lot.

Take pregnancy precautions

This is very important if you had unprotected coitus. You might be a busy person and may forget to take your pregnancy prevention pills. To ensure you don’t forget, take the pill immediately after coitus.

There are several family planning methods available out there and it really depends on which one you are using. But the bottom line is to avoid getting an unwanted pregnancy. We don’t want to hear cases of abortion just because you were so engrossed in other things that you forgot to do what needed to be done.

Catch-up over a cup of coffee

Some people claim that a perfect day starts with hot morning sex followed by a cup of coffee. And I totally agree with them. Sex and coffee should go hand in hand. You should have coffee before sex as a stimulant and after the act to cool off.

Taking Coffee after intense, mind-blowing sex will help calm your nerves and mind. The fact that coffee is a stimulant also prevents that ‘hangover’ that people always get after making out.

There are other fun things that you can do after sex. But it will depend on many factors like whom are you are having sex with, time, location and duration. All in all, I hope this article will help make your next escapade memorable.

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