Eye Rubbing Causes Like Itchiness and Risks

Is eye rubbing dangerous

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It is obvious that everyone has ever rubbed his eyes at one time in his life. This often follows an itchy feeling. To many, rubbing is the solution to this itching. In fact, it makes you feel so good. One is even tempted to continuously do it.

When is this eye rubbing dangerous? If you it happens occasionally, then that is considered normal. However, there are times when chronic eye itching leads to chronic rubbing. When done rigorously it is considered dangerous or harmful.

Is eye rubbing dangerous

Is eye rubbing dangerous

One thing, however, remains obvious; rubbing is an indication that something is irritating them. This could be dust, certain drugs, makeup, smoke, and air among other things. According to University of Utah Health Radio, you should seek to treat the itching instead of scratching them.

Why am I rubbing my eyes?

We should rephrase this question. Why do your eyes get itchy? According to, the rubbing is an indication of many things such as allergy, infection or a serious health condition.

For many people, the rubbing is meant to drive away the itching. Does this really work? The answer is no. In fact, as much as it might make you feels so good momentarily, it is very risky. Firstly, the irritant may not go away. Secondly, you are slowly harming your eyes.

According to, this problem is attributed to the following factors:

Allergic reaction

Itching eyes are mainly attributed to allergies. When the they get itchy, the temptation to rub them is high.

There are many things that can cause allergies. For example, some people develop an allergic reaction to smoke, dust or other fumes. How can you tell if the itching is because of an allergic reaction?

Commonly, an allergen that irritates the eyes can also cause stuffy nose and sneezing. You are also likely to identify some tearing.

Apart from the above allergens, they may also get itchy after exposing them to computers and TVs for long. This is known as eye strain. Furthermore, they may get itchy if they are dry. Tears are meant to soothe them and wash out dirt particles.


If itching is not caused by allergens, it might be due to infections. Infections are mainly attributed to bacterial or viral attacks. For example, people suffering from conjunctivitis develop itchy eyes.

Do you constantly touch your eyes? Then you understand how you got infected with bacterial and viral infections. In case of an infection, they may turn red or pink. You may also see your them producing some yellow pus-like fluid.

Apart from conjunctivitis, there are other infections that can make you rub your eyes. However, seek to treat the cause of itching instead of rubbing them.

Is rubbing your eyes dangerous?

Although it feels good and therapeutic, there are many dangers that are associated with it. To many people, this habit is harmless. However, health professionals will tell otherwise.

The danger comes when you constantly rub your eyes, or when do it them too hard. By doing this, you are causing a significant damage them., advises that you should think twice before rubbing your eyes. Below are some of the dangers that come along with this habit:

Blood vessels may break

No one wishes to have blood-shot eyes. No one also wishes to develop some dark circles around them either. However, you may not escape them if you keep on rubbing them.

Yes, rubbing them feels good but you should resist the temptation all the same. The first danger is that blood vessels in your eyes break because of this habit.

You can just imagine how you will appear when your eyes become blood-shot. Therefore, stop rubbing them.

You are introducing germs and bacteria into your eyes

Compared to touching a wound with your hands, your eyes get irritation from it. Imagine how much germs and bacteria are collected by your hands as you carry on your daily chores. These bacteria and germs are transferred into your eyes through the rubbing.

Think about conjunctivitis, for example. The bacteria that cause this condition are transferred into the eyes through our hands. Therefore, minor itching may not be an infection. However, you may get one as a result this habit. Stop it!

You can injure them

There comes a time when itching is too much. In such a case, rubbing becomes rigorous. There are people who will continuously doing this throughout the day. One even feels that light, it isn’t helping. You, therefore, apply more force to ease the itching.

You need to know that rubbing harms the cornea alongside other parts of the eye. In fact, you may end up scratching the cornea in the process. You are likely to experience a more serious problem than just itching.

It will just make things worse

Many people scratch their eyes once they have an itching feeling. Do you ever ask yourself why they are feeling itchy?

Studies have shown that many people seek medical attention after years of eye scrubbing. By this time, whatever was causing the itching is in its advanced stages. For example, people with glaucoma take years of scratching their eyes before understanding that they have the condition.

What are we, therefore, saying. Once the itching starts, promptly seek medical help. This prevents any further complication that might be caused by scrubbing.

Long-term vision problems

As noted by, this habit can result to serious long-term side effects. Imagine what would happen if your cornea becomes thin because of rubbing. This means that your vision may never be the same again.

Also, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this is a leading cause of keratoconus. Normally, your cornea is dome-shaped. It is located on the front side of your eyes. Because of scratching, the cornea thins out. Yes, it bulges out to take the shape of a cone.

What is the effect of the changed shape? The changed shape reduces focus of light rays. Consequently, your vision is blurred. One cannot, therefore, see clearly. Daily routines, such as reading and driving, are highly affected.

This, therefore, tells you that eye rubbing isn’t good as it feels. Just resist the temptation to scratch them, even when the itching is too high.

Treat the itching instead of scrubbing your eyes

Are your eyes feeling extremely itchy? Don’t scrub them. You should, instead, seek for treatment that causes the itchiness.

Below are some of the measures that can help you control the itching:

  • Use eye drops– There are numerous brands that work quite well in reducing allergy-related itching.
  • Oral medications– The doctor some oral antihistamines that help in reducing the irritation that is causing the itching.
  • Cold compress – You can massage them with a piece of cloth dipped in cold water. This reduces the irritation.
  • Treat the cause- If the itching is because of conjunctivitis; see a doctor to prescribe the right medication for the condition.


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