Pimple Bumps on Gums Causes and Treatment

Pimple-like bumps on gums

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The mention of the word ‘pimple’ sounds tragic to many of us. Pimples are not only annoying but also painful and embarrassing. Alongside the face, thighs, and chin, you can also have pimples on gums. However, those on your gums are not acne but rather pimple-like bumps.

Following a mouth infection, your gums might develop pimple-like bumps. Given the moist state of your mouth, such bumps can take longer to heal.

Pimple-like bumps on gums

White pimple-like bumps on gums

On appearance, they appear like a reddish or white bump on this area. They can also be large or small, painful or painless depending on what causes them. Some people will often describe them as abscess, boils, lumps, dots, spots, sores or blisters on gums. All these conditions closely related to these pimples.

Can you identify them? Just have a close look at your gums. Do you see big or small red spots or white bumps? These are what we are talking about.

Symptoms of pimples on gums?

Is what you are having on your gums a bump or any other infection? notes that these bumps can be easily identified.

If you are having a mouth infection, just check on the following signs:

  • The primary symptom is the emergence of a white or red bump on the gum
  • The skin around the affected area becomes excessively red.
  • Tenderness and severe pain.
  • You may experience some chills and fever.

Facts you should know

There are many myths surrounding pimple on gums. Many people lack facts about this condition. Understanding facts about this condition are essential in choosing the right medication. Here are a few facts you should know:

  • In most cases, this is not a communicable condition. You can’t get it through oral contact with an infected person.
  • These bumps may indicate an underlying medical condition.
  • Simple home remedies can effectively treat the condition.
  • In extreme cases, you may need a dentist for a further examination.


While covering on Dental Abscesses and Infection in Gums, identifies that these bumps join the many mouth infections that one is likely to have. All these infections are characterized by soreness.

While some of these infections are painless, some may be severely painful. In extreme cases, even eating becomes a problem. Here are some of the causes of pimples on gums:

Gum infection

The bumps you see might be an external symptom of a gum disease. Most of these infections are associated with poor oral hygiene.

Some of the common disease or infections include periodontal disease and gingivitis? These are the two common diseases that might make your gum to develop sores and blisters. Medically, these two conditions are attributed to accumulated bacteria in a dental plaque.

When they area because of these two diseases, they are also accompanied by some of the following symptoms:

  1. Red, swollen gum that is likely to bleed every now and then.
  2. Gums recession where they tend to shrink away from the teeth.
  3. Your teeth become loose
  4. Very strong mouth stench and your mouth has a persistent bad taste
  5. You may also see some pus around the teeth and the affected area

Braces irritation

Braces have become very common today. While some people wear them for medical reasons, others wear them for fun or aesthetics. However, braces are known to trap bacteria in the mouth. Additionally, they prevent thorough cleaning of your mouth well.

Some braces may also react with the gum due to allergy-related issues. Due to these facts, many people wearing braces form the largest group of people with these bumps. However, this can be managed by adopting practices that facilitate thorough cleaning them.


Many people relate smoking with other health complications such as lung cancer. However, did you know that smoking is the leading cause of many gum-related problems? Indeed, it is.

Apart from causing these complications, smoking is known to worsen existing mouth infections. People who smoke are six times more likely to develop sores and bumps than those who don’t. If you are a heavy smoker, you may have gotten a hint on why you end with such sores.

Some of the complications related to smoking that worsen gum sores and bumps include:

  1. The teeth become stained, thus harboring bacteria.
  2. Bad breath and irritations.
  3. One may develop oral thrush
  4. Oral cancer
  5. Tooth decay that produces bacteria components.
  6. A coated tongue that harbors bacteria

Oral cancer

Did you know that sores on gums might be an early symptom of gum cancer? Yes, apart from gingivitis and periodontal disease, cancer has also become a common oral concern.

How do you tell if the sores you are seen are symptoms this type of cancer? Be keen to note some of the following symptoms:

  • Some irregular growths on the gum
  • White and sometimes red leukoplakia.
  • Unusual redness on the affected area.
  • There is no bleeding. This differentiates it from gingivitis.

Effects of root canal procedures

Many people are opting for root canal procedures instead of tooth removal. Therefore, this procedure has gained popularity in the recent times in repairing the infected or badly damaged tooth. This is done by removing the infected portion of the tooth, then sealing or filling it.

However, root canal comes along with numerous complications. Some of these complications include:

  • The emergence of bumps around the affected tooth
  • Extreme pain
  • Cracks in the root
  • Infections on the gums

Canker sores

Canker sores are the common forms of bumps on gums, cheeks or lips and mouth in general. Therefore, the pimple-like sores you see might be canker sores.

What are canker sores? According to Mayo Clinic, these are forms of mouth ulcers. They manifest in the form of raised bumps anywhere inside your mouth.

Canker sores are triggered by the following factors:

  1. Allergy to some foods
  2. Emotional stress
  3. Minor injury during brushing
  4. Allergy to some toothpaste
  5. Bacterial infections
  6. A poor diet that lacks folic acid and zinc.

How to treat and prevent bumps on gums

If you are having small or big, red or white bumps on gums, then here are some facts on treatment and prevention that you should. These bumps or lumps might be painful or painless. However, consider seeking prompt remedies as this might be an abscess on gums.

Most of the practices that heal these pimples are simple and cheap. Most of them are home remedies. These practices and procedures include:

Use some mouthwash

Consider gurgling a mouthwash for a few times in a day. This would provide a relief and heal these bumps fast.

Below are some of the mouthwash types that you can consider:

  1. Fluoride mouthwash
  2. Anti-plague mouthwash
  3. Desensitizing mouthwash

Salty water

This is a simple home remedy in healing these pimples on gums. You just mix some water with salt and gurgle a few times in a day. Salt is a reliable antibacterial element. In fact, salt is known to work better than most of the popular mouthwash drugs.

Eat the right diet

You can heal or prevent gum bumps by adopting the right diet. Some of the foods that strengthen your gums include:

  1. Milk
  2. Water
  3. Tea
  4. Nuts
  5. Dark chocolate
  6. Yogurt
  7. Chewing gum (sugarless)
  8. Apples

Garlic powder

Garlic is one of the best home remedies for you can try. In fact, it is one of the best natural antibiotics ever known. To help heal them, consider it as an important home remedy not only for canker sores but also for other gum infections.

How do you use garlic?

  1. Get some fresh garlic
  2. Clean and dry it.
  3. Crush it to become powder form
  4. Apply that powder on the gums
  5. Repeat the procedure until the pimples disappear.

Prevention is always better

Consider preventing these blisters, bumps or sores from forming. In most cases, their causes are lifestyle-related. In this regard, observe the following prevention practices:

  1. Use the right toothpaste that does not cause any irritation.
  2. Use the right toothbrush that doesn’t injure your gums
  3. Brush your teeth gently
  4. Brush your teeth at least twice daily
  5. Regularly use the right mouthwash to kill bacteria and germs in the mouth.

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