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Itchy armpits

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Have your armpits ever been extremely itchy, red and irritated? If yes, then you know what it means to have itchy armpits. You deserve to know that underarm itchiness is caused by many things including the antiperspirant you use, your shaving techniques, infections, and so on. Let us explore possible causes, treatments, and preventions.


An itchy armpit is one condition that no one would wish to experience. The condition is not only uncomfortable but also irritating. In some instances, this issue may be too much such that you keep on scratching them even while you are in public places.

Itchy armpits

Itchy armpits

Why does this place become itchy? The answer is simple. The nature of your underarms; dark, moist (experience a lot of sweating) and not being exposed to direct sunlight normally makes them prone to several dermatological conditions as well as allergic reactions. In addition, they have numerous lymph nodes, sweat glands and blood vessels which makes this area sensitive.

Itchy underarms can affect both men and women. Luckily, there are several creams for itchy armpits as well as deodorants specially designed for people with sensitive armpits. There are also home remedies that relieve this itchiness fast or overnight.

Let us begin by looking at the causes since without knowing the cause, it will be difficult to deal with this problem.

What causes itchy armpits? notes that our underarms are always dark, warm, and damp, thus the increased risk of infections. The itchiness can be because of many factors ranging from bacterial infections, external irritants to ineffective shaving. Some of the common causes include

Hygiene issues

Our armpits are very sensitive given their location. They often sweat and are damp in most cases. Therefore, you should regularly wash them to avoid things such as itchiness with or without lumps (bumps) or rashes.

People who observe proper armpits’ hygiene experience little irritation compared to those who don’t. Therefore, failure to regularly wash them may make you develop really itchy armpits as poor hygiene will often attract infections and irritations.


Many people experience this issue, or at times itchy armpit rash, after a shave. You can guess why it happens. Obviously, it is related to your shaving. Dermatologists note that itching after a shave comes because of improper shaving.

According to Bel Marra Health, people develop itchy armpits and rashes after using a dry razor, shaving too often or after having dry shaving.

Using the wrong shaving procedures on your underarms makes your skin to develop itch bumps. At times, you may have an itchy armpit with no rash while rashes may develop in other instances. You also risk having ingrown hair on your underarms. 

Detergents and soaps

Some people develop itchy armpits after a shower. What does that mean? Your underarms may be reacting to the soaps and detergents you use in your bath. Most of these soaps and detergents contain chemicals that irritate your skin

Common rash

Going on with causes, your case can be due to various rashes such as miliaria rubra or intertrigo. This area contains a skin fold, thus the probability of developing intertrigo is high. With intertrigo, your armpits become cracked, itchy and red. In most cases, when from intertrigo is too severe and urgent medical attention is necessary.

If you live in very hot and humid places, then you are likely to get miliaria rubra. Miliaria rubra is a common heat rash, especially among people who live in coastal regions. As a result of the extreme heat, your sweat glands get blocked causing extreme itching.

Bacterial and fungal infection

As earlier noted in this article, your armpits are always damp and dark. Therefore, they are likely to be infected by some bacteria and fungus such as Candida. Candida is a form of yeast that leads to the development of rashes in various parts of the body, including the armpits. If you are asking yourself what causes a rash under the armpit, then you now know the answer.

Lymph nodes

Then, here are a few facts about it. In the armpits, there are numerous sweat glands, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. When you have an infection, the lymph nodes swell. This swelling causes irritation and itching.


Many of us will agree with me that many people experience this problem after applying some deodorant. Dermatologists note that most deodorants clog the sweat glands. They also trigger the armpit skin causing irritation. All these effects result in a very itchy armpit.


There has been a widespread debate about why women experience itchy armpits during pregnancy. It is believed that women experience a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. As a result, they experience a lot of rashes and itching. notes that this condition is not a skin disorder. In fact, they are normal changes during pregnancy.

Best treatment options for itchy armpits

Instead of scratching your armpits when they get this problem you should look for the best lotions or deodorants for itchy skin. If there is something that you are using that is causing irritation, then you should avoid it.

Here are some of the key things that you should observe to manage this problem according to New York Times.

  • Please do away with deodorants if they are causing irritations on your armpits.
  • If hot environments are causing rashes on your underarms, then consider cooling them once in a while. You can also move to cooler places.
  • Don’t shave. For many people, shaving causes this problem. If this is your case, then stop shaving completely.
  • Observe Body Hygiene. Take a shower a few times in a day. This may provide a lasting relief.
  • Apply a Soother. Instead of scratching them, just apply some soothers that minimize the itching. You may go for calamine lotion, Aloe Vera, and Epsom salts among others.
  • Use Antifungal Drugs. If it is caused by fungus or yeast, antifungal drug (topical and oral).
  • Antibiotics – In case the cause is a bacterial infection, consider using antibiotics.

Itching in underarms home remedies

Sometimes, opt for home remedies for your itching underarms. Some of the existing home remedies that you can adopt include:

  • Cool them with some ice or cold water when you feel an itching sensation.
  • Apply some coconut oil on the affected area. This relieves you from itching and facilitates healing.
  • Use oatmeal home remedy to normalize the pH. of your skin.
  • For fungal infection, apply some tea tree oil on the infected region.
  • You can also try some neem since its known for its ability to treat skin problems.


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