How to Heal a Wound Faster: Remedies that Work

What are the best natural remedies to heal a wound fast

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We all have had wounds at one point in life. Commonly, people struggle with wounds from cuts, surgery, bruises and even injuries. The big question, however, is how to heal them faster.

Any wound involves a cut on the skin. Whether deep or shallow, no one wishes to have one. The skin plays a major role in protecting the internal body organs from bacteria and other microbial organisms. Therefore, having one means that even internal organs are exposed to the various germs.

What are the best natural remedies to heal a wound fast

Are there natural remedies to heal a wound fast?

This, therefore, explains why everyone should know how to heal wounds faster. Note that they can be in any part of the body, including the face, chest, hands, arms, legs, abdominal region, groin area or even the feet. Besides experiencing pain, they make our bodies weak and uncomfortable.

Think, for example, having a wound on the face. This can make you remain indoors until it heals. How to ensure it is cured faster, in this case, becomes the key issue for anyone having the wound.

What happens when you have a cut or skin damage?

As already mentioned cut, burn, bruise or injury on the skin result to a wound.  For instance, when you experience a cut, the skin is injured. The cellular elements or tissues on the skin are destroyed. These include white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. As a result, one feels pain and the skin become inflamed.

Such a cut involves tissue destruction. This is what we are calling a wound. Therefore, healing it faster involves strategies and remedies that can enhance faster tissue repair.

It is possible to cure wounds fast with home remedies and naturally. You may not even need a prescribed or expensive wound healing cream. All you need is cheap products which we are going to discuss in this post.

How to heal wounds faster

According to wound healing involves repair of torn tissues. This also involves the building up of blood vessels to form new capillaries. In a way that we can’t understand, the skin pulls all sides together, thus closing the wound.

The healing is a very complicated process. Any infection would slow the healing process. Therefore, facilitating faster healing mainly entails fighting any infection that may inhibit the process.

Some of the natural remedies that facilitate faster wound healing include:

Use honey

Many of us are aware of what honey is. In fact, you may also have heard about manuka honey, this is the type of honey that is commonly found in New Zealand.

If you want to cure a wound quickly, manuka honey is the best option. As a traditional remedy, manuka honey is the best antibacterial drug ever known. Generally, it is recommended for treatment of most wounds, even the deep ones.

Note that honey does not only heal wounds but also does it them faster. It also prevents them from worsening. Besides killing microbial organisms, the acidic pH in honey lowers the pH around the damaged tissues, thus faster healing.

Oils and creams

Do you want to heal wounds faster? Then you should consider oils and creams. Which are the best creams? There are numerous oils and creams that you can use to make it get cured faster.

According to, cuts and injuries can be easily managed using oils. For example, lavender oils are known to work quite good in facilitating quicker healing. Additionally, rosemary and myrrh oils are praised for the antibacterial properties they contain.

One can also use natural wound healing ointments to facilitate faster healing. Some of the known creams and ointments include:

  • Curoxen
  • Neosporin
  • Polysporin
  • Bacitraycin plus
  • Vaselincurad silver

Eating the right food

This sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Some people think of drugs and creams but forget about food. Note that, the rate at which a tissue damage is highly dependent on the food eaten.

According to some of the top experts, to help speed up the healing process, ensure you eat foods that encourage faster tissue repair. Note that some foods can slow down the healing speed or rate.

Some foods that make wounds to heal fast include:

  • Eat a lot of greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli – Greens are rich in vitamin K, an essential substance that facilitates blood clotting.
  • Lean protein – Healing is all about repairing tissues, thus the need for proteins. Eating fish, eggs, and beef can best serve this.
  • Fruits – Most fruits are rich in Vitamin C. For your skin to grow and repair, you need a lot of Vitamin C. In this context, eat a lot of fruits.
  • Zinc – repairing torn body tissues also requires zinc. In this context, you should eat a lot of spinach, beef, pumpkin, and milk.

You should, however, avoid taking foods that may slow the rate at which your wound heals. Some of the foods to avoid include:

  • Processed foods – most of them contain chemical substances that may slow the tissue repair
  • Alcohol – Research has shown that people who take alcohol have their wounds take much longer to be cured than the ones who don’t.
  • Too much sugar – Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar.
  • Avoid refined grains- and instead, use unrefined ones

Use herbs

Where conventional drugs have failed, many people turn to herbs to heal chronic diseases. In the same way, herbs can make healing faster.

Use of herbs has been noted to be one of the fastest ways to heal a wound. Some of the herbs that you can use include;

  • Aloe Vera
  • John’s Wort
  • Calendula
  • Comfrey
  • Echinacea
  • Gotu Kola

Adopt healthy lifestyle and practices

There are some things that we do that are likely to irritate wounds. For example, if you are having one on your feet, minimize movement. Movement puts a lot of pressure it, thus slowing healing. Research has shown that movement inhibits the formation of new skin cells.

Should you cover it with a bandage? On one side, the dressing keeps off germs and bacteria from the wound. On the other hand, it prevents it from drying up. So what do you do?

If you must bandage it, use a light bandage. Furthermore, ensure that the bandage is changed daily. Note that covered wounds are known to heal faster than uncovered ones.

Medical treatment

Besides the above ways to heal a wound fast with home remedies. However, there are instances when home remedies can’t help, and medical attention is necessary. When do you see a doctor then?

According to, you should see a doctor in case of the following  wound scenarios:

  • If it is excessively deep
  • If it is located on a sensitive part of your skin
  • If it is infected, or getting infected
  • If there is severe bleeding

Observe general hygiene

It would be useless to apply all the above practices if you can’t keep the wound and its surrounding clean. Use antiseptic to clean the skin around the affected area is encouraged. Furthermore, regularly change the bandages. If you can’t get antiseptic, you can clean it with salty water.

Avoid splashing dirty water on the wound. Moreover, avoid walking in dusty places as some of this dust might be trapped in the bandage. If it is covered with a dressing, you can place a piece of cloth on top of the bandage to keep off dust particles.


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