Ingrown Pubic Hair Meaning, Causes, Removal and Prevention

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Ingrown hairs appear like an inflamed region on one’s neck, chin, cheek, arms, legs, armpits and pubic region. The hairs are common in men and women who shave these regions regularly. In the pubic region, it s are more common among females than males.

Ingrown hair meaning, signs, causes, treatments an remedies

Ingrown hair has gained popularity in the recent days, especially on the chin and the groin region. The going area is one of the regions where you are likely to have a lot of hair. While many people may not cut those on their heads, they tend to do it in their private parts. This shaving of pubic areas gives rise to hair to be ingrown.

The problem is mainly evident in shaved regions of your body. If you are used to shaving your pubic region, then ingrown hairs on this region might be a common vocabulary to you. Like the face, armpits, legs, and arms, it can be disturbing.


If you are used to shaving or waxing your pubic region, then you should be keen to note some of the symptoms that come along with ingrown hair. Some of these symptoms may come in the form cyst or boil. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common symptoms to check include:

  • Persistent pain
  • Extreme itching
  • Small rounded bumps on the affected region.
  • Embedded hairs
  • Your skin might darken on the affected region
  • You may experience some pus-filled blisters that look like pimples.

In most cases, many people ignore these symptoms. However, you don’t need to worry if your pubic region is having one of the above symptoms. This condition is mild and can be managed through simple medical procedures alongside home remedies.

However, this problem can be chronic, especially for people who have hirsutism. According to the, hirsutism comes along with excessive hair growth on the face and other body parts, including the pubic region. If you have this condition, then you might be an occasional victim of ingrown hairs after shaving, especially in the pubic region.


When they occur in male and female have one thing in common, discomfort. The itching causes more trouble than the pain. At times, you have to put your hands in the groin area on to do some scratching. Before looking at ingrown hair removal and home remedies, it is recommended of you to understand the causes

According to the New Health Advisor, this problem can be attributed to various environmental, behavioral and hormonal factors. Some of the renowned causes include:

  • Having coarse or extremely curly hair.
  • Having excessive production of sex hormones.
  • Frequent shaving.
  • Frequent waxing
  • Genetic, especially the African-Americans.

These causes are not fixed as anyone can have this problem. Therefore, you should know it can be prevented. If you already have some,  find out the best method of ingrown pubic hair removal.

Treatments and home remedies

Wikipedia notes that pubic ingrown hair is more common in women than men. If you are a victim, you should spend substantial time researching treatment including those that appear hair after shaving or waxing. How do you naturally treat them? Some of the existing treatment options include:

Use of topical creams.

These creams can be applied to the affected pubic region a few times a day. They help in straightening the hairs, thus preventing them from coiling. The coiled hair also comes out. Long-term use of topical creams can provide a lasting remedy.

Use a sugar scrub.

This solution helps in exfoliating the skin and hair that has grown back to the skin in the pubic region come out. This method is also effective in removing dead skin cells.

Use an anti-allergic drug.

In most cases, since they come along with inflammation characterized by redness. In this context, aspirin can be used to relieve the inflammation and scrub away any dead cells on your skin.

Try some salt

If you are experiencing swelling on the affected region, then consider trying some salt. Dip cotton wool in some salty water and use it to massage the affected region. This is one of the most reliable home remedies as it allows blood circulation and serves as an exfoliating agent.

Use some base

According to, the best base to use in this situation, especially when dealing with pubic ingrown hair, is baking soda. With the extreme itching witnessed when you have this issue, baking soda can provide reliable relief. In this context, baking soda soothes your skin while acting as an exfoliating agent. Just like salt, massaging the affected region with a ball of cotton wool dipped in baking soda solution works it out.

Pubic hair removal can cause ingrown hair


As earlier noted in this article, this problem comes as a result of either shaving or waxing of the pubic region. According to, it can be prevented if the right shaving and waxing practices are adopted. Below are some of the things you should observe before and after shaving:

  1. Soak your skin in hot water before shaving. This can be done by massaging your pubic region with a piece of cloth dipped in hot water.
  2. Make it a routine to exfoliate your skin before shaving or waxing. This helps in straightening your hair such that it doesn’t coil inwards after shaving.
  3. Use the right type of scissors or trimmers during the actual shaving. Using the wrong type of scissors makes your hair to coil inwards after a shave.
  4. Use the waxing products that do not react with your pubic skin region. This reduces any chances of irritation and allergic reaction.
  5. Use some lotion or lubricating oil on your skin before shaving. This reduces friction during shaving. When friction is reduced, chances of developing pubic ingrown hair are reduced.
  6. Use a shaving cream that works well on your skin without causing inflammation.
  7. If shaving or waxing irritates your skin, then you can consider doing away with them. Sometimes, avoidance is the best strategy for avoiding them.
  8. You can also consider removing your pubic hair permanently either through the use of electrolysis or laser hair removal. This offers a permanent solution to the problem.
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