How to Dye Platinum and Silver Blonde Hair Colors

Silver blond hair dye looks

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With each sunrise, it seems like there is always an emerging new hair color trend waiting to showcase all its gloriousness.  With several hues to choose from, you feel lost of choice.

There is something about platinum blonde hair that just screams chic, edgy, sexy, fresh and definitely glam. Silver hair is more of an attitude just as much as it is color, it will for sure turn heads. No wonder, metal-inspired hair color is a huge beauty trend now!

Silver blond hair dye looks

Silver blond looks

Silver blonde hair is basically a blend of the traditional blonde with a silver hue that gives your hair that platinum-esque finish. Its sparkling white-blonde tones or color literally go with whatever outfit-glam or laidback will work with this hair.

What you need to know: tips for going silver blonde

Unfortunately, going platinum blonde isn’t as easy as just looking at your favorite celebrity picture and swoosh! Your hair matches with hers…choosing to dye your hair is about doing relevant research, patience, and commitment! Because achieving the accurate silver blonde color is a long, difficult process that requires professionalism and the mentioned above.

1. Do not add color on top of another color

This applies in cases where you had previously colored dyed it.

To get the best results it’s important to strip off the previous color first before the process of dyeing platinum blond starts.

This means that you will have to grow out the dyed one or cut it off-virgin hair is the most preferred to attain this look.

2. Bleaching is necessary

Dyeing your it involves a lot of processes-depending on the original hair color. Bleaching basically preps it for the new look by getting rid of your old color.

This process involves using a lot of chemicals which can seriously damage, fry, or turn your hair orange or even burn your scalp-so attempting to do it by yourself is a big NO!

3. Go prepared-carry a photo

Go with an inspiration pic to show the colorist exactly what you want you may be surprised at the different shades of white and silver that exist.

While silver blonde hair looks quite self-explanatory, there are different shade variations for this coveted look.

Depending on the look you want- icy, ivory white or bluish-with a picture, its easier for the colorist to determine the best platinum blonde hue that best suits you.

4. Be realistic

This is where patience and commitment come in getting your hair to the perfect shade of silver will take some time, even more than one session.

This especially applies to people who have naturally dark hair or those who’ve dyed theirs before.

The general rule is the darker the starting color, the more work will be put in to get the desired look. So, patience is key!

5. Silver blonde dyed hair=more TLC

The coloring process is not only the in-depth part but taking proper care of the new hairdo requires a lot more of your time to keep it looking and feeling the best.

How to get platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair dye look

Platinum blonde look

Your best bet when it comes to attaining glamorous platinum blonde is to visit a professional colorist to guide you through the process from beginning to end.

And also, make sure you go to a colorist who has had prior experience dyeing hair gray or silver. This is not for beginners.

Be ready to leave the salon with slight blue or lavender tinge after your dyeing process-no, worries though-these shades usually fade into true silver.

And Because there is no silver hair dye, colorists have to mix other colors in order to create your desired shade- hence the need or importance of a reference photo.

How to maintain silver blonde hair

Believe it or not, silver hair is actually the most difficult one to maintain-with blonde it’s all about avoiding brassiness but when it comes to silver, the tiniest hint of brassiness completely spoils the whole look.

Product manipulation is vital to ensure that your silver blonde hair fades in the direction you want. This may not be as simple as it sounds, this color is very sensitive and hence will pick up whatever you put on an it-for instance, constantly using purple shampoo and conditioner will definitely make your hair lavender.

But luckily, there’s a solution- looking for toning products that have been specifically formulated for silvery blondes which include:

Aveda line called Blue Malva-specifically formulated to protect it from brassiness. However, it’s important not to keep the conditioner on for long since it has a slight color depositing tendency.

Mandy Allen, hairstylist at the head Shoppe in Dartmouth, Canada suggests using:

  • Matrix so silver shampoo which contains a purple tint to ensure it remains perfectly ashy.
  • Redken diamond oil conditioner to add shine.
  • Redken Stay high 18 to add volume.
  • Redken pillow proof primer which reduces blow drying time.
  • Redken iron shape 11 for thermal protection and holding loose waves for longer periods.

However, it may be best to alternate sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with a purple or blue toning shampoos as well as the above-mentioned products to achieve the best balance.

Additionally, L’Oréal Paris suggests using: L’Oréal Paris Ever Pure Blonde Shampoo, L’Oréal Paris Ever Pure conditioner and L’Oréal Paris Ever Pure Blonde Shade Reviving treatment.

For the best toning job, go back to the salon for a quick session-it will definitely be cheaper than the initial process. But if you are confident enough with toning your own hair at home-get a white/platinum toner and a low volume developer at the beauty supply shop or Superdrug and you are good to go.

Besides the above, getting the right brand is important in achieving the exact color you desire. Go for professional brands which often cost a little more. 


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